Fire from Heaven

Fire from Heaven

by Greg Sparks


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Ever wonder how life on earth might end? Exciting new novelist Greg Sparks, using Revelation as his blue print, pens a fascinating interpretation of the end-of-times as foretold by scripture using Christian prophecy. This is not your 'robots versus humans' or the latest apocalypse story from Hollywood.
The world is spinning out of control; earthquakes, volcanoes, war, terrorism, darkness, and other unexplained phenomenon are weakening mankind's own foundations through the supernatural power of God. Hope is gone, fear is universal, and faith is dismal. Armageddon emerges on the horizon in this supernatural Christian thriller.
The Bible comes alive! Fire from Heaven is the ultimate 'good versus evil' story where Sparks pits two ordinary men, David Halevi and Andrew Rounds against the anti-Christ, Etana Mohammad, a newly minted 'world leader' who stuns the world by wiping out terrorism and bringing peace to the Middle East. From across the globe, billions admire his accomplishments and fuel his meteoric rise to power. But as the Great Tribulation period begins, Etana's true character begins to unfold and his deception is so well masked that the choice each must make becomes the ultimate challenge for every living person.
Etana Marduk Mohammad's name reflects his greatness; Etana was a great Babylonian king who became a god; Marduk was the most prominent god in all of Babylonian; and Mohammad is praiseworthy. Etana establishes himself as the authoritarian leader, taking over Asia, Africa, South America, and The Middle East. The world bows to his knees and worships him.
A fierce battle between Etana Mohammad and Andrew Rounds and David Halevi rages for three and a half years. The men of God are blamed for all of the worlds' monstrosities. God provides them protection and they cannot die until their appointed time has ended. The Antichrist frustrated with their declaration of him as the Antichrist seeks to kill them. The world watches as the three meet in Jerusalem, Israel. Etana has dramatic plan for their deaths, a sword which was cast centuries before. During the elaborate sword fight Etana Mohammad is killed. The world is left hopeless and in fear as their leader is dead. Three and a half days later, with the assistance of the Prince of Darkness Etana Mohammad rises back to life. He breaks his promise of peace and declares war on all. He is god.
Sparks weaves a complex human drama story in a contemporary setting that becomes a page turner of mystery and intrigue that will have a reader of Christian fiction thriller and end times on the edge of glory. David and Andrew, ordinary men living ordinary lives are thrust into the roles of modern day prophets whose humble mission is to reintroduce Jesus Christ to those who have put him in the background. Fire from Heaven is both an old and bold story ... told in a fresh, dynamic and inspirational way!

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ISBN-13: 9781490566900
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/01/2013
Pages: 494
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.99(d)

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