Fire of the Covenant (Dragon-Called Legend)

Fire of the Covenant (Dragon-Called Legend)

by Peter Cruikshank


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Legend says a Covenant between an ancient race of dragons and a halfling king vanquished a relentless evil. Two thousand years later, the evil has returned, better prepared and hungering for vengeance. When the legacy falls to the twins Willoe and Rowyn, sixteen-year-old descendants of the mythical king, they struggle with the truth they discover behind the Covenant's deadly cost. With the aid of their cousins Aeron and Casandra, the twins must learn to wield the power of the Covenant's Fire to defeat the minions of the great evil, even though success may require the greatest of sacrifices.

In a story with a host of characters and multiple story lines, 'Fire of the Covenant' begins an epic adventure of self-discovery, the passion of love and sacrifice, and the eternal struggle between light and darkness.

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ISBN-13: 9780620583992
Publisher: Wicked Wolf Books
Publication date: 12/14/2013
Pages: 512
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.14(d)

About the Author

Peter Cruikshank's formative years took place in the 60's and 70's; which probably explains his independent, and sometimes rebellious nature. Married with three grown children, he is retired from a career that encompassed the private & public sectors, academia, and even ministry. Though his wife claims he has not retired, just changed careers, once again. This time as an author. He contributes this varied work life to being bored easily.

At an early age, he was introduced to Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land'and has been an avid reader ever since. As a teen, he picked up a copy of Lord of the Rings and expanded his love of reading to include Medieval Fantasy. At 18 years of age, he knew he wanted to be an author, but life got in the way, and his dreams were put on hold - until a few years ago, when he turned his energy to writing.

His diverse work life has provided a wealth of experience that has helped him to understand his characters and how the way they deal with their trials and tribulations, transform their lives. The process of how some characters fail, and others rise above their own expectations mimics his personal life. The passion and fire of a life led without regret is what he hopes to bring to his stories. As the Dragon-Called Legend tells us - Stay True to Your Fire Within!

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