Fire Past The Future

Fire Past The Future

by Charles Eric Maine

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Fire Past The Future by Charles Eric Maine

KALUIKI... an island-name destined to become a household word, along with the names of eight courageous people--Farrant, Strang, Hoevler, Earl, MacClennon, Youd and the two women, Kay Kinley and Hilde Bartok--if "the project" could be brought off successfully. It took three days to warm the reactor up to the critical point of Zero Hour. Meanwhile, some strange insanity had been let loose on the security-bound island. How long would it take to kill eight people? How long before some of them panicked or shut themselves uselessly in the safety of a locked room?

Farrant was a good man--maybe too good, with his easygoing humor and wry acknowledgment that he was something of a dunderhead among a flock of super-experts. Yet Farrant committed at least one particularly bloody killing--and then couldn't remember that his victim was dead. How many others had he killed? What was the secret locked in his mind--the secret that affected the lives of everybody on the island, and which would eventually uncover the secret of AGNES itself?

The tension grew unbearable as the inexorable hours ticked by and the small force of scientists was reduced one by one, until the final explosion revealed an answer not even the scientists had thought of--an answer written in time, and speed, and blood.

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