Fireproof Love: Surviving the Heart-Wrenching Experience of an Industrial Accident

Fireproof Love: Surviving the Heart-Wrenching Experience of an Industrial Accident


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Fireproof Love is a memoir by Gabriel and Precious Alvarado. They share a profound narrative of surviving the heart-wrenching experience of an industrial accident and how it changed their lives. The story introduces us to Gabe Alvarado, a courageous man who lived through an explosion while working at a Texas refinery. He went through a ball of fire and after a hard and painful recovery came back transformed! The accident may have changed his outer shell, but the inner Gabe is now fearless, resilient, and more optimistic than ever. His co-author and wife, Precious Alvarado, testifies to that in this book. Her realization of the risks and uncertainties of making life or death decisions on behalf of Gabe will touch your heart. Precious shares the agony of not having discussed the what-ifs of the unthinkable with her husband. They set the mood for readers to contemplate, just how prepared, one needs to be in case tragedy knocks at the door. Fireproof Love is a story of unconditional love, inspiration, and faith, an eye-opener of how a life-changing event can teach us to:
  • Conquer the unbearable
  • Reach for new heights
  • Turn defeat into triumph
  • Adapt to moving on with a “new normal”

After the accident, Gabe is a sought-after inspirational speaker, bringing messages of safety to new employees in refineries and chemical companies all over the world. Using his experience, emotional and physical pain, plus key learnings, he delivers powerful motivational speeches to improve workplace safety. He also speaks on the topic of conquering hardships and setbacks at work and home. But the impactful effect of his speeches is enticing audiences to live in the now, with passion, purpose and safety consciousness.

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ISBN-13: 9781543921946
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 03/08/2018
Pages: 170
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Gabe Alvarado defied all the odds and survived an industrial explosion that should have taken his life. He lost half of his left arm and both ears. Third-degree burns covered 60% of his body. Gabe’s chances of surviving such an incredible accident where slim to none. Doctors predicted a minimum of two year’s hospital stay. Everyone thought he would never work again, much less come out of this experience alive. The early morning industrial accident at the refinery in Corpus Christie, Texas, where he had been working for over 2 years, was not supposed to happen. He had taken all the proper precautions, dutifully wearing protective gear and attending regularly scheduled safety meetings. Gabe had been doing what he understood were all the right precautionary moves. But the unthinkable happened. He spent six months in the hospital, experiencing unbearable pain in rehabilitation and recovery. Friends, co-workers, neighbors, and his entire family stood by him as he slowly made a comeback and got back on his feet. Together with his wife, Precious Alvarado, he shares a story of determination and triumph. A compelling memoir about the many lessons they learned in faith, patience, physical and emotional pain, while adapting to living a “new normal” life. Today, Gabe is an inspirational safety speaker and a together with Precious, they also own a franchise, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Corpus Christi, Texas. He continues to work at the refinery, promoting a safety conscious environment in the workplace. Precious continues to work at the AT&T job she has held for many years.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 1

2 Life Was Good 7

3 Things Fall Apart 13

4 Growing Together 27

5 The Accident 37

6 Burned Before 47

7 What's Real? 55

8 Dreams 69

9 Decisions 75

10 Fighting in my Sleep 85

11 Eyes Open 93

12 Aftermath 107

13 The New Normal 115

14 Breathing, Living, Loving 127

15 Safety First 135

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