First Breath of Morning: Where God Waits for You Every Day

First Breath of Morning: Where God Waits for You Every Day

by Kathy Cheek
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First Breath of Morning is a multi-themed book of six chapters with multiple devotionals that portray a beautiful picture of our walk with God. Themes include drawing near, growing our relationship, leaning into His love, strengthening our faith, trusting Him through every circumstance, and exalting Him in worship. The messages in First Breath of Morning will refresh your faith and renew your trust in God.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781948888523
Publisher: Elk Lake Publishing Inc
Publication date: 09/26/2018
Pages: 174
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.37(d)

About the Author

Kathy Cheek has more than ten years' experience as a freelancer writing for the Christian market including LifeWay, Walk Thru the Bible, David C Cook, and Group Publishing, as well as online at Thoughts About God, Christian Devotions, and In Courage.
Kathy lives what she writes, and she writes from the heart. She loves Jesus who saved her and draws her near every day, and she wants you to know more deeply this foundational love and relationship. Kathy writes Bible-based, faith-filled devotions that will encourage you to develop a strong and lasting trust in the Lord. You can read more of her devotions at her website Devotions from the Heart at
When she isn't writing, Kathy thrives on quiet walks on the trail along the creek and woods near her home. She and her husband enjoy long country drives where they love exploring small Texas towns.
She and her husband of thirty-four years live in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. They have two daughters, one son-in-law, and a grandson who also reside in the Dallas area.

Table of Contents

Chapter One 1

Morning Invitation 1

First Breath of Morning 2

The Beauty of Morning 3

A Quiet Lesson 4

More 6

New Day, New Slate 7

Morning Invitation 8

Before I Pray 9

Getting to Know Him 10

Sanctuary 11

The Most Important Thing 12

A Thousand to One 14

Near 16

Savor 17

What If 18

The Quiet Place 19

Chapter Two 21

The Seeker 21

A Walk of the Heart 22

Abba Father 23

Two Places 25

A Masterpiece in the Mirror 27

Outward Appearance 29

Thirst and Living Water 31

The Trouble with Circumstances 33

By The Rivers of Water 35

The Lord Reigns 37

I Am Clay 39

First, Not Finally 41

Imperfect 42

Yielded Heart 43

Changes 45

Surrendered 46

Chapter Three 47

Deep Abiding Love 47

Tenderly 48

Defining Moment: Part One 50

Defining Moment Part Two: Love Defined 52

Love Your Neighbor 53

Everlasting Love 54

The Juror’s Story 55

Poured Out Love 57

Loved Like This 58

The Prodigal’s Return 59

Never Unworthy 61

The Note Card 63

Always Loved 65

In the Checkout Line 67

The Same Amazing Love 69

Will They See You in Me? 70

Chapter Four 71

Faith’s Journey 71

In God I Trust 72

What Faith Looks Like—A Choice to Trust 74

Can’t Explain It 76

Just a Jar of Oil 78

The Fabric of My Faith 80

Manna Faith 82

Let the Winds Blow 83

Faith Sees Me Through 85

A Door for Hope 87

The Waiting Side of Faith 88

Pray Before You Leap 90

Faith That Grows 92

God Moves for Us 93

Unshaken 95

Always Keep the Faith 97

Chapter Five 99

Never Alone 99

Answers Aren’t Everything 100

Across Our Path 101

Hold Your Peace 103

Prayer Requests 105

Fear Not 107

Walking Away and Coming Home Again 108

Tears of Regret 110

Renew My Strength 112

Light Inside My Heart 114

A Path to Healing 116

Forgive as We’ve Been Forgiven 118

Lunch with a Friend 120

Not Always a Storm 121

See Him Now 123

In The Valley 125

Chapter Six 127

Worship 127

Richly Blessed 128

Battles and Praise: Reflections on David 130

Heartbeat 132

Before Our God 134

A Heart to Worship 136

Inadequate Words 137

Satisfaction 138

Moments of Wonder 140

The Deep Mystery 141

Our Strength Comes From Joy 143

Prayer and Praise 144

Early 146

Delight in the Ways of the Lord 148

When I Breathe 150

Hand in Hand 152

About the Author 155

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