First Corinthians: Building Up the Church

First Corinthians: Building Up the Church

by Vincent P. Branick


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ISBN-13: 9781565481626
Publisher: New City Press NY
Publication date: 02/28/2003
Pages: 151
Product dimensions: 5.42(w) x 8.55(h) x 0.43(d)

Table of Contents

The Church of Corinth11
Paul's Presuppositions12
Paul's Theological Vocabulary14
Paul's Way of Expository Writing15
The Literary Form of First Corinthians17
Paul's Letter Writing19
Actualizing First Corinthians21
I.Letter Opening (1:1-9)23
The Greeting (1:1-3)23
The Letter Prayer (1:4-9)25
II.Issues of Church Unity and Order (1:10-4:21)27
Disunity in the Church of Corinth (1:10-17)27
The Wisdom of the Spirit--God's Folly in the Cross (1:18-25)29
The Wisdom of the Spirit--The Example of the Christians Themselves (1:26-31)31
The Wisdom of the Spirit--The Example of Paul (2:1-5)33
The Wisdom of the Spirit--Wisdom for the Mature (2:6-9)34
The Wisdom of the Spirit--Revelation through the Spirit (2:10-16)35
Application to the Corinthian Church (3:1-4)38
Ministry in the Church (3:5-17)39
The Wisdom of the Spirit--Conclusion (3:18-23)42
More on Paul's Ministry (4:1-21)43
III.Major Moral Disorders (5:1-6:14)48
A Case of Incest (5:1-12)48
Lawsuits before Unbelievers (6:1-11)51
Sexual Immorality (6:12-20)54
IV.Questions about Marriage and Celibacy (7:1-40)58
Sex in Marriage (7:1-7)58
Advice to the Unmarried and the Married (7:8-11)60
Mixed Marriages (7:12-16)61
Staying in One's Social State (7:17-24)63
Staying in One's Marital State (7:25-35)64
Domestic Virgins and Widows (7:36-40)67
V.Warnings Against Idolatry and Other Matters (8:1-11:1)70
Meat Sacrificed to Idols (8:1-13)70
Paul's Rights as an Apostle (9:1-27)75
Warning against Overconfidence (10:1-13)80
The Lord's Supper and Avoiding Idolatry (10:14-22)85
Meat Offered to Idols, Continued (10:23-11:1)88
VI.Problems at Church--Decorum and Unity (11:2-34)91
Men and Women at Church (11:2-16)91
The Lord's Supper--Problems (11:17-22)96
The Recall of the Gospel Tradition (11:23-26)98
The Lord's Supper--Problems Continued (11:27-33)102
VII.The Spiritual Gifts (12:1-14:40)105
Unity and Variety among the Gifts (12:1-11)105
The Church as the Body of Christ (12:12-31)109
The Way of Love (12:31b-13:13)114
Prophecy Greater than Tongues (14:1-25)118
Rules of Order (14:26-40)123
VIII.The Resurrection of the Dead (15:1-58)127
The Resurrection of Christ (15:1-11)127
Jesus' Resurrection and Ours (15:12-34)132
The Manner of the Resurrection (15:35-49)136
The Great Transformation (15:50-58)140
IX.Letter Conclusion (16:1-21)145
The Collection (16:1-4)145
Paul's Travel Plans (16:5-12)146
Final Exhortations and Greetings (16:13-24)147
Further Readings151

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