First Love: Samantha's Love & Romance Series: Young adult and teen romance

First Love: Samantha's Love & Romance Series: Young adult and teen romance

by Denise Daniella Darcy

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BN ID: 2940046220780
Publisher: Durango Publishing Corp.
Publication date: 10/03/2014
Series: Samantha's Love and Romance
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 45,106
File size: 483 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Denise Daniella Darcy, or Triple D as she is affectionately called by family, friends and fans, started life as a mortician’s helper. Faced with the daily task of making the dead appear happy, she decided to switch careers and apply her talents to making the living happy instead. She achieves that through her Love & Romance novels. She writes from the heart, with a viewpoint that to grow you need to push your boundaries and you find happiness wherever it may appear and in any shape that it comes.

Triple D writes stimulating contemporary romances with passion, humor and a down to earth feel that resonates with her readers. She creates the ‘I can’t put the book down, just 1 more page before I turn out the lights’ stories that keep you interested, engaged and involved.

Denise lives a vibrant and enthusiastic life on the west coast with a full house, including her children, cats and dogs, assorted critters, and her own personal hunk of a husband. The coffee is always on, the table always full of family and friends, and a spirited discussion is underway. And when evening rolls around, often enough a party is sent out to raid the wine cellar. Lively, fun and full of life.

Her novels include FIRST LOVE, REBOUND LOVE, COWBOY LOVE and CASUAL LOVE. This fall Triple D is releasing a new series in the young adult and teen romance genre.

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First Love: Samantha's Love & Romance Series: Young adult and teen romance 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
AlexisHargraves More than 1 year ago
Just finished reading First Love and Risky Love and I love Denise Daniella Darcy’s books.  One of the best parts that she does in all of her books is provide an alternate ending, which I really like. It keeps you guessing not only to the end, but past that to the second ending as well. A unique and stylish way of writing. I also like the length. Some readers prefer super long novels, but I like the ones that you can read without having to keep checking back because you can’t remember someones name, a date or an important detail. Getting lost in the complexities isn’t for me. But keeping me interested and absorbed, that is what DDD does. A winner. 5 stars.
NancyAndrews More than 1 year ago
Exciting, interesting, and best of all I could really feel the emotions that Samantha was experiencing. You sorta know in the back of your mind that this novel is fiction. But the characters are so 'real' that you like get inside them and before you know it you are there with them, feeling sad, or happy, or both at the same time. And the endings are always great. Really satisfying, not some phony baloney ending just thrown in to finish. They make sense, what real people would likely try to do. And for another pleasure, Denise has created 2 additional endings for each book, so every reader should be satisfied. These additional endings are offered to readers free. What a bonus! First Love is love and romance at its best.
SusanPontleroy More than 1 year ago
It is hard to find a good romance story that isn’t just straight sex without a plot. Well, Denise Daniella Darcy writes a great story, one that is of the ‘I can’t put it down until I’m finished’ kind. To me, a strong plot is a big part of what makes one novel stand out over others. It seems nowadays that too many writers just think that a bunch of sex scenes thrown in one after another are what makes a book 'interesting'. Well, not for me. I want a novel that tells me a story about characters that I can understand and maybe even believe in. Then, when appropriate to the story, sex is of course a vital part of the story, just as it is in life. But for me, and most of my friends, one without the other doesn't cut it. Denise Darcy really cuts it in this Love series. In fact, Denise's novels remind me of a couple of my fav authors: Catherine Bybee, and Debbie Macomber. First Love is a great story! I highly recommend it.
BiancaTipton More than 1 year ago
Classic love and romance, with a twist. I've already started Book 2 in this Series. Keep on writing, Triple D. My group of younger female friends may not have a lot of experience, not even a lot of years, but we're not stupid, and we're not gullible. Some of the so-called romance novels are apparently aimed at readers with an IQ almost as low as their years. But Denise writes for readers who are reasonably intelligent, and who really enjoy modern love stories that could happen, maybe even did to someone Denise knew. But in any case they feel true, and that makes her stuff a lot more interesting than many of the other 'romance' novels out there. I have several close friends who like romance stories also, and they all agree with me that DDD does a great job of telling a real story about 'real' people, whether or not they actually have a street address somewhere. My limited entertainment budget already has all of Denise's novels slotted in. 5 Stars.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can shy Samantha come out of her shell long enough and deal with her conflicting emotions to find love and romance? And if she does, is there such a thing as true love in today’s hectic and complicated world? Those are the questions posed in Denise Daniella Darcy's First Love book, the first in a Series of 4 novels already created, according to the publisher's info. I think that questions like those two biggies, and the way they're answered, are the reason Denise is attracting readers who want more than bedroom gymnastics. Young women today are faced with the same types of problems that Denise's characters are, and they want to read possible answers to their questions. But too many authors are not paying attention, they're just throwing out the sex stuff along with a plot that should be too embarrassed to be seen in public. Speaking of embarrassed, I came home from an early evening extra-credit class and found my mother—my mother!--reading First Love. Oh yeah, I thought, here it comes: shocking, too much sex, too mature subject matter for you to be reading. She finished the paragraph she was reading and looked up at me. 'This is a good book. Can I borrow it to finish reading after you're done?' To me there is no higher praise for the novels of Denise Daniella Darcy.  5 Stars.
JulieShelbry More than 1 year ago
Like multiple endings? In the first book of her new series, Denise Daniella Darcy offers a real twist: Each novel in this Romance & Love series has 2 additional totally unique and different endings that dramatically change the outcome. The story itself is really good. The plot is about is there such a thing as true love in today’s hectic and complicated world? And to me that's a good start for any series. A tough question, and the story winds its way through an interesting plot, with real-life characters playing their parts intelligently. And the ending is sound and clever. But for readers who want more, Denise offers you 2 additional alternate endings to the story. So no matter what your interests are, one of these 3 endings should really suit you. Actually, they all worked, in diff ways, for me. And the best part? All 3 endings are absolutely free for readers. To me that combo is a real winner. 5 Stars.
WayneGood More than 1 year ago
“A modern love story. Just loved it! It's not easy to find real love stories any more. All too often they are just sex romps disguised with a bit of so-called love interest. But Denise's novels are the opposite: real love stories with some sex content because that is part of real love. It's so refreshing to read her work. And it is authentic, based on real situations in which real people could find themselves. I literally get lost in her books, her writing transports me to her world. Wonderful! And to put a cherry on the cake, each story in this series by DDD has 2 additional totally unique and different endings that dramatically change the outcome of the story. And both different but satisfying endings are absolutely free for readers.