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First Team Dad: Your Playbook for a Winning Family

First Team Dad: Your Playbook for a Winning Family

by J. Drew Pittman, Tony Dungy
First Team Dad: Your Playbook for a Winning Family

First Team Dad: Your Playbook for a Winning Family

by J. Drew Pittman, Tony Dungy

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Do You Have a Game Plan?

Premier agent Drew Pittman loves sports. Maybe even more than you do. But an experience early in his management career convinced him that a life of significance is about faith, family, and football--and always in that order. So how do you make significance your game plan?

Competitive sports are filled with lessons about motivation, perseverance, hard work, and collaboration--and these lessons are powerfully transferable to everyday life. Yet few men apply them to the most important arena they'll ever play in: their home.

In First Team Dad, Drew Pittman shares the principles that can change the game in your family, straight from a sports insider who has field-tested each and every one with his home team. With heart-pounding stories of unforgettable plays and one-in-a-million players, First Team Dad is your ticket to create a legacy of significance in your family.

"It's my hope that by reading First Team Dad you will be motivated to do a better job of leading your family and that you will reach out to other men you know to help them catch this vision."--Tony Dungy, former NFL head coach and bestselling author

"Knowing Drew, I've been encouraged and challenged by his example and wisdom--read this book so you can get to know this man as well."--John Schneider, executive vice president and general manager, Seattle Seahawks

"To the football fan's delight, Drew shares behind-the-scenes stories about his experiences with famous players and coaches in order to demonstrate practical points about having a strong family. I believe every man who reads this book will walk away inspired and will have a game plan for his own family."--Robert Morris, founding senior pastor, Gateway Church, Dallas Texas; bestselling author, The Blessed Life

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ISBN-13: 9781441266767
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 07/15/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 208
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

J. Drew Pittman is a principal for Domann & Pittman, one of America's premier sports management agencies. More than a hundred players represented by the firm have been drafted into the National Football League, and more than a dozen of Drew's clients have played in Super Bowls and Pro Bowls. Drew resides in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Layne, and two sons, Jake and Eli.

Table of Contents

Foreword Tony Dungy 13

Tony Dungy, former championship NFL coach, NBC football analyst and New York Times bestselling author.

Preface 15

Introduction: That Pivotal Moment 18

Many of the lessons sports teach us are transferable to everyday life with our families.

1 Redefine Success 24

Is your view of success God's view? If not how can you make adjustments? Learn from college football head coach Mike Minter, who was also a safety for the Carolina Panthers.

2 Create a Culture 28

Great parents build an intentional culture by outlining and prioritizing what matters most Learn from Nick Saban, who turned the Alabama program into a dynasty by creating a culture.

3 Construct a Game Plan 32

Learn how to construct a proactive family game plan. Learn from Grant Teaff who crafted a masterful game plan to beat Texas in amazing fashion.

4 Affirm Your Teammates 38

Building a culture of appreciation and motivation can radically change your family. Learn from Coach Warren Belin, a master at mixing toughness and affirmation.

5 Kill the "Big S" 44

Dads must the to self and be a team player. Learn from tight ends Billy Bajema and Jared Cook, who consistently put the good of their teams above the pursuit of personal glory.

6 Act Right Because It's Right 49

Learning to own your own actions and behave rightly is key to a winning family. Learn from a Houston Oilers game in which the coaches did not set a good example.

7 When Injured, Stop the Bleeding 54

Don't ignore a problem in your home once you identify it. Learn from an athlete who struggled with all-too-familiar issues but survived to tell about it.

8 Stay in Step 59

Families are better together than separate. Parents must model this for their kids- Learn about how an NFL offensive line must work in tandem to produce desired results.

9 Check Your Baggage 64

When you leant to deal with your past, you become stronger because of it. Learn from Robin Jones, who faced a major challenge as an NFL rookie.

10 Establish Trust 69

We have to develop trust between each family member. Learn from how Kevin Mathis gained the trust of NFL legend Deion Sanders and was rewarded with an NFL career.

11 Control the Pace 78

Control the pace of your family's life by setting good boundaries at work and at home. Learn from Gus Malzahn, who changed the game of football by controlling the pace.

12 Watch Your Words 83

Our words have the power to build up or tear down. Learn from a football player whose coach's negative approach affected both the player and the coach.

13 Give Respect to Get It 91

Humble yourself and give respect first. Learn about respect from Tony Dungy.

14 Embrace Failure 96

Failure can be a great catalyst for growth. Learn about the benefits of failure from former Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner and receiver and kick return specialist Reggie Swinton.

15 Huddle Up 102

Overcome one of the biggest stumbling blocks to any relationship-poor communication. Learn from offensive lineman Nate Garner about bow good communication led to success in a challenging situation.

16 Own Your Actions 108

We need to model accountability for our kids. Learn from the ways NFL teams scout players and bow they find out who they can trust to be accountable.

17 Let Your Faith Be Infectious 113

Infectious faith is being confident in who you are and Whose you are. Learn from Daniel Sepulveda and how he modeled infectious faith on a daily basis.

18 Play to Your Strengths 118

Help your kids see how God has uniquely designed them and the purpose for which He has designed them. Learn from Drew Pittman's personal story and from Jarrod Baxter of the Houston Texans.

19 Learn the Art of Motivation 123

In your home, replace fear and criticism with encouragement and motivation. Learn about the art of motivation legendary college football coach Grant Teaff.

20 Move Away from the Joneses 129

Encourage fiscal responsibility in the home. Learn from players who did and didn't make wise decisions about bow to spend their money and plan for the future.

21 Keep Dreaming 135

Encourage biblically sound dreaming with your family. Learn from players who discover, when their time in the NFL is over, that their dreams are gone.

22 Encourage Creativity 142

Lead your family in creative thinking. Learn from innovative thinkers who became successful and were imitated by others.

23 Clean Out Your Closet 147

Removing sin from your life is necessary to be all God has created you to be. Learn from a player who recognized the need to make life changes upon accepting Christ.

24 Be Balanced 151

Being balanced is a philosophy that needs to be practiced. Learn from a team that was unbalanced and willing to do whatever it took to fix it.

25 Surround yourself with Good Teammates 156

Surrounding yourself with good people has great value. Learn from a player who discovered this truth the hard way, but fortunately learned it in time.

26 Practice, Practice, Practice 162

Having a great home takes practice, correction and more practice. Learn from safety Greg Wesley, whose hard work resulted in achieving his goal of playing professional football.

27 Always Move Forward 167

Don't live in the past-the good of it or the bad. Learn from Ron Rivers, who moved forward to have a successful NFL career, and from a linebacker who didn't recover from being blamed unfairly for an unfortunate outcome.

28 Commit, Don't Quit 172

Commitment is required to be successful. Learn from Carlton Mitchell, who is an encouragement to every person who has had the thought: I can't do this anymore.

29 Learn How to Win 178

Learn how to win one small victory at a time. Learn from the Baylor University football team, who went from winning to losing and back to being winners.

30 Create a Champion-Level Legacy 184

The greatest victory a husband and father can have is to teach his family how to perpetuate a strong healthy home. Learn from Tom Landry's larger-than-life legacy.

Appendix A Bonus Ideas 189

Appendix B What Every Team Member Should Know 195

Acknowledgments 201

About the Author 203

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