The Fisherman's Son

The Fisherman's Son

by Marilyn Peake


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ISBN-13: 9781554042005
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing
Publication date: 12/28/2004
Pages: 124
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.29(d)
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

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For the next two weeks, Wiley swam with Elden every day. Every morning Wiley awoke with the excitement of butterflies in his stomach, wondering if Elden would return, and if he would be able to swim with the dolphin once again. Every day was better than the previous day. Elden introduced Wiley to his world beneath the water, and Wiley saw amazing things.

On the second day, Elden pointed out a large group of jellyfish. Like gossamer, pulsating moons, they moved through the water by closing and opening their bowl-shaped bodies. Sunlight poured beneath the waves and lit the jellies from behind, painting them purple, blue and green. That same day, Wiley saw crabs, lobsters and blood red starfish crawling across the ocean floor.

During the second week, Wiley saw a shark surrounded on every side by a wall of small, glittering, silver fish. Wiley looked at Elden, as his heart pounded in his chest. Elden responded, "Don’t worry. He’s not interested in us."

That same day, a white whale with a large smile approached Elden. They appeared to engage in wordless conversation, although Wiley couldn’t understand what they were saying.

Along the sandy bottom, Wiley found creatures that looked like brilliant, perfectly formed flowers in red and pink and yellow.

On the fifteenth day of peaceful swimming and diving, Elden informed Wiley that he would like to take him deeper. "I have something to show you. I think you’re ready."

They swam through the water, going farther and farther out to sea. Then Elden said to Wiley, "Hold tightly onto my back. We’re going deeper." As they descended, the light became less visible, although it never completely disappeared.

When they reached the bottom, Wiley noticed shadows spilled across the ocean floor. Creatures with claws and tentacles stirred throughout the sandy shadows.

Then, off at a distance, Wiley saw a large, dark rectangular object. Before Wiley could formulate a question, Elden said, "We’re going over there. Come on."

Wiley held tighter to Elden’s back fin, as Elden swam swiftly through the ocean. When they reached the object, Wiley saw that it was a huge, rectangular box made out of light brown rock. The lid was made out of the same type of rock. On every surface, pictures had been carved of the sun, the moon and stars. From the lid, hung a closed, heavy lock made out of some type of polished black rock.

Wiley climbed off Elden’s back to inspect the chest. He jiggled and pulled at the lock, but it wouldn’t open.

Elden said simply, "You need the key."

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The City of the Golden Sun is the sequel to the well-received children's fantasy adventure novel, The Fisherman's Son. In the first book, the main character, Wiley O'Mara, rescued six boys trapped in an ancient city submerged beneath the ocean. Now he and the other boys return to "The City of the Golden Sun." Once there, Wiley takes a backseat to Keegan, the son of King Reginauld, and to the magnificence of the ancient city itself. Wiley and his friends immerse themselves in the daily life of the city, so that both Wiley and the reader can truly experience "The City of the Golden Sun." In the third book, it will be up to Wiley and the boys to bring news of this ancient culture to the now impoverished island.

The fictional city is based on extensive research into ancient Greece and Rome, theories about a possible Atlantis, and Ireland. The City of the Golden Sun includes elements of all these places, and much more.

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Fisherman's Son 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Marilyn Peake skillfully takes her readers along with her on a boy's journey of self discovery, a tale that harkens sweetly back to our childhood stories of forests and bears, dolphins and fairy godmothers. Wiley is a brave boy who faces his sorrows and opportunities with determination and grit. He is the 'every boy' who is left alone to his own devices, a child much wiser than the adults who inhabit his world. His adventure with Elden the dolphin bespeaks of our primeval instincts - a landscape of land and water, bridging time to eventually heal the hurt and disappointment brought about by his absent and troubled father. The Fisherman's Son beautifully breathes life into a child's hope for a better tomorrow.
Guest More than 1 year ago