Fisher's Contact Dermatitis

Fisher's Contact Dermatitis



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Fisher's Contact Dermatitis by Robert L. Rietschel, Joseph F. Fowler

Since its introduction in 1967 Alexander Fisher's Contact Dermatitis has been the essential text for dermatologists who see patients with contact dermatitis.

The sixth edition of this classic work is an encyclopedic reference that discusses all aspects of contact dermatitis with updates on the following sections:

  • Statistics and sources of rubber allergy
  • Allergy to plastic chemicals, especially epoxies and acrylics
  • Textile dyes and permanent press allergy
  • Photo dermatitis
  • Allergic reaction to ingredients in skin and hair care products
  • Metal allergy, especially gold, nickel, and rare metals
  • Allergy to dental materials, cardiovascular and orthopedic implants
  • Oral lichen planus caused by metals and acrylics
Special Features:
  • Includes a 16-page color atlas
  • Special consideration is given to children, the elderly, and atopic individuals
  • Delineates the difference between allergic and irritant contact dermatitis
  • Outlines the pros and cons of different testing methods
  • Discusses dermatitis as related to "natural" herbs, oils, and supplements
  • Features an 80-page Appendix with author commentary

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780781722520
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Publication date: 12/28/2000
Edition description: REV
Pages: 880
Product dimensions: 8.66(w) x 11.02(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Preface to the Fifth Editionix
Chapter 1The Pathogenesis of Allergic Contact Hypersensitivity1
Chapter 2Practical Aspects of Patch Testing9
Chapter 3Predictive Testing for Human Contact Dermatitis27
Chapter 4Histology of Contact Dermatitis31
Chapter 5The Role of Age, Sex, and Color of Skin in Contact Dermatitis33
Chapter 6Regional Contact Dermatitis51
Chapter 7Noneczematous Contact Dermatitis71
Chapter 8Systemic Contact-Type Dermatitis89
Chapter 9Contact Dermatitis in Atopic Persons101
Chapter 10Reactions to Selected Medications and Medical Care109
Chapter 11Medications from Plants137
Chapter 12Antiseptics and Disinfectants149
Chapter 13Reactions to Topical Antimicrobials167
Chapter 14Antihistamine Dermatitis185
Chapter 15Local Anesthetics and Topical Analgesics193
Chapter 16Reactions to Topical Corticosteroids203
Chapter 17Allergy to Preservatives and Vehicles in Cosmetics and Toiletries211
Chapter 18Hand Dermatitis Due to Contactants: Special Considerations261
Chapter 19Textile and Shoe Dermatitis279
Chapter 20Dermatitis from Medical Devices, Implants, and Equipment321
Chapter 21Fragrance Allergy343
Chapter 22Allergic Sensitization to Plants351
Chapter 23Photocontact Dermatitis397
Chapter 24Paresthesia Due to Contactants413
Chapter 25Occupational Dermatitis419
Chapter 26Contact Dermatitis in Health Personnel451
Chapter 27Dermatitis Due to Cutting Oils, Solvents, Petrolatum, and Coal-Tar Products467
Chapter 28Dermatitis Due to Gases and Propellants481
Chapter 29Plastic (Synthetic Resin) Dermatitis489
Chapter 30Contact Dermatitis from Food Additives and Dyes519
Chapter 31Allergy to Rubber533
Chapter 32Allergy to Gums, Rosin, and Natural Resins561
Chapter 33Contact Leukoderma (Vitiligo) Hyperpigmentation and Discolorations from Contactants571
Chapter 34Contact Urticaria581
Chapter 35Contact Dermatitis and Other Reactions to Metals605
Chapter 36Contact Stomatitis and Cheilitis663
Chapter 37Aquatic Dermatoses687
Chapter 38Treatment of Contact Dermatitis715
Chapter 39Specific Instructions for Patients with Common Contact Allergens723
Subject Index819

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