Five Bold Choices: Rise above Your Circumstances and Redefine Your Life

Five Bold Choices: Rise above Your Circumstances and Redefine Your Life


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Five Bold Choices: Rise above Your Circumstances and Redefine Your Life by Jay Coughlan, Larry Julian

There are times in our life when we feel stuck. Our noble desires for a successful career and family life get bogged down or derailed by the challenges before us. Whether it be a difficult circumstance or our own limiting beliefs and fears, we can’t seem to get past what holds us back.

Jay Coughlan was confronted with a personal hell that started with making a terrible choice to drive home after drinking with his father. This decision resulted in a horrific car crash that killed his dad. Jay provides a remarkable story of perseverance from convicted felon to successful CEO.

Five Bold Choices helps you break free from the barriers that prevent you from realizing your untapped potential. What if the things you fear and avoid are portals to your success and significance as a leader at work and at home? No one seeks trials, but they can put us on a pathway toward realizing our true purpose and potential.

In this book, Jay Coughlan and best-selling author Larry Julian map out five bold choices that can get you unstuck and enjoying the journey God intended for your life. This book will not only inspire you to triumph over your most challenging issues, it will provide a practical plan to persevere and realize the true potential that lies within you.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781424553143
Publisher: BroadStreet Publishing Group, LLC
Publication date: 01/01/2017
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

JAY COUGHLAN is a confident and inspiring leader who fosters a culture of high-integrity and openness, having served as CEO of such industry leaders as Lawson Software and XRS Corporation. During his tenure as CEO of Lawson Software, the company completed a $200 million initial public offering (IPO), while growing revenue from $200 million to $430 million. Jay’s story is about hope, motivation, personal growth, faith and forgiveness. He shares with you how not to have circumstances define your life, but puts you on a journey to have your choices define your life.
Jay has built a national reputation as a keynote speaker, a CEO, and a mentor to aspiring business leaders. And he also is a convicted felon, having spent time in prison. During this dark part of his life, Jay began developing a framework for dealing with the troubles that life inevitably brings. Jay uses lessons from his own missteps to help change the paths of individuals and organizations. Jay is an active regional business advocate and has served on the board of directors for several business and currently Board Chairman of non-profit organization Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. Jay has been married to his wife, Jule, since 1987. They have three kids and currently reside in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

LARRY JULIAN is a best-selling author, speaker, and executive coach with over two decades of experience helping CEOs, entrepreneurs, and small business owners successfully lead with their faith and values. As a business coach, he helps leaders transcend challenging situations and succeed in the midst of difficulty. His passion is to help business people overcome the dilemmas that keep them from experiencing the success God intended.
Larry is founder of The Leadership Roundtable, a group of senior executives who meet monthly to discuss issues relevant to work, faith, and family. He’s recently created the Emerging Leader Roundtable for aspiring next generation leaders. By transforming God’s timeless wisdom into daily practical application, Roundtable members are growing and impacting their immediate spheres of influence in a wide range of industries. Larry’s work has been featured in numerous publications, including The Wall StreetJournal, Inc. Magazine,, and FORTUNE. He’s also appeared on The 700 Club and The Tavis Smiley Show. In addition to God Is My CEO, Larry’s business leadership books include God Is My Coach: A Business Leader’s Guide to Finding Clarity in an Uncertain World and God Is My Success: Transforming Adversity into Your Destiny. Larry lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Sherri and their two children.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Overcoming Failure-The Portal to Your Success

1 Reclaiming the Life You've Been Called to Lead 11

2 Forgiven by God but Not the State 18

3 The Ugly Truth versus the Beautiful Lie 25

4 Channeling Your Inner Rocky: Choosing the Harder Right over the Easier Wrong 28

Bold Choice 1 Clarity

5 The Burden of Busyness 35

6 Getting Laser-Focused on the Things That Matter Most 38

7 It's Not What Happens but What Happens to What Happens 46

8 Finding Clarity in the Chaos 54

Bold Choice 2 Accountability

9 Accountability: From Fear of Failure to Embracing Failure 61

10 Accountability Is Motivational 67

11 Accountability Is an Asset, Not a Liability 76

12 Accountability Is an Essential Part of the Journey 79

Bold Choice 3 Adaptability

13 Death by Denial: Settling for Comfortably Numb 89

14 Convict to CEO 93

15 Transformed by Trials from the Inside Out 103

16 Change Yourself, Change Your Destiny 108

Bold Choice 4 Confidence

17 The Battle Within 113

18 Redefining Confidence by Changing the Lens from Arrogance to Humility 120

19 It's Not the Mountain We Conquer, but Ourselves 126

20 Crossing Your Jordan River 130

Bold Choice 5 Balance

21 Riding the Waves of Imbalance 137

22 Making the Hard Choices to Get Back in Balance: Joel Manby's Story 139

23 Making the Hard Choices to Get Back in Balance: Jay Coughlan's Story 143

24 Making the Hard Choices to Get Back in Balance: Larry Julian's Story 149

25 From Chaos to Calm 155

26 The Rest of the Story 159

Appreciating the Journey

27 Appreciating the Value of Your Journey 165

28 Appreciating the Second Chance at Life 169

29 Appreciation Focuses on What We Have Rather Than What We Don't Have 173

30 Your Bold Choices Determine Your Destiny 179

Notes 183

Acknowledgments 187

About the Authors 189

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