Five Days With A Duke

Five Days With A Duke

by Christi Caldwell


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ISBN-13: 9781657372030
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 01/08/2020
Series: Heart of a Scandal Series , #5
Pages: 212
Sales rank: 139,709
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.45(d)

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Five Days With A Duke (The Heart of a Scandal) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Amanda Watson 11 days ago
“How was it possible to both want a person instantly gone and also be riddled with sorrow over the thought of their leaving?” Five Days with a Duke is book five in the Heart of a Scandal series by Christi Caldwell. This is the last book in the series, but I’m sure we’ll meet these characters again in the future. This book kind of reminded me of Sleepless in Seattle and How to Lose a Guy in 10 days. Connell Wordsworth, the Duke of Renaud, is wallowing in his grief over the departure of his ward Hazel and her daughter Iris. Iris has been like a daughter to him and vows not to love again. Iris has different ideas and writes a letter to her favorite matchmaking column. Lady Constance Brantley has taken over her best friend Emilia’s matchmaking column in hopes of earning desperately needed funds to buy back her beloved cello. She receives Iris’ letter and gets an idea to hopefully help both her and Connell. The thing she doesn’t know is that the letter is referencing the man who jilted her best friend. It’s definitely a war of words when these two meet and they end up liking each other despite their previous prejudices. There’s some pretty funny moments between Connell and Constance. Constance helps Connell realize his privilege, not just in his wealth, but his supposed grief for loved ones he can still see. Connell shows Constance that she can be desirable and be true to herself. There’s some real highs and lows for the characters in this book, but we’re left on a high. I love the epilogue in this book, mostly because we see all the girls together again and there’s a glimpse of what the future will hold with their own daughters. Bookstagram:
clarkws 3 months ago
Five Days With a Duke is the last in the Heart of a Scandal series by Christi Caldwell. What a magical ride! I thoroughly enjoyed this book as well as the entire series. Caldwell has a gift of creating touchable, realistic characters who leap off the page and dare you to join their world. Five Days didn’t disappoint. I loved the heroine Lady Constance Brandley. At thirty, she is decidedly on the shelf - a fixed spinster in her household. Her family is living a secretly impoverished life. So when Constance is given an opportunity to write an advice column to earn some extra coin, she takes it. Only it leads her to an unlikely hero - The Duke of Renaud, Connell Wordsworth. Connell is first briefly introduced in book two: A Lady’s Guide to a Gentleman’s Heart. Though you don’t have to go back and read that book, I highly recommend it. I think I fell a little bit in love with Connell. ‘“I was correct,”he said in quiet tones. “Billiards is surely the way to any duke’s heart.”The air hissed and popped like the earth right before a lightning strike. Her breathing increased. Their fingers twined, wrapping around and between like climbing ivy. Feeling very much like she was ensnared by that tenacious green she could not bring herself to break the contact. She reveled in the forbidden tingles that burned a path up her arm. Then Connell tugged her forward into his arms, and she went. She went gladly and eagerly and with abandon.” Wow! Loved it! You can’t go wrong with a Caldwell romance.
lcdolphin 3 months ago
Amazing, amazing story! It had the tears flowing in the first few pages, laughing throughout, falling in love along with the characters, and feeling anxious that it might actually not work out in the end -everything you want in a romance. Can't recommend enough - read this book!
ECD 4 months ago
I loved this! This moderately paced romance really touched my soul. It was eye-opening, realistic, emotional, honest and loving. Constance and Connell's romance were at times a dreaded lesson of facing the pain and dealing with it. It was also about the moments of longing that turned into a kiss that eventually turned into love. Constance stated she was an eclectic person but as I read the story, she was direct, forthright, open to life. She is a woman walking to the beat of a different drummer and liked it that way. I liked her character very much. Connell was a little more complex. He has known real love and known real loss. He encased his heart in ice and he was feeling the effects of it. Loneliness. When Constance came into his life again, he gained insights into his actions and feelings. He did not like it. It angered him and he tried to block it out. But in the long run realized how precious it was to face the truth. She changed his life. This is a feel-good story; nothing heavy and full of thoughtful meaningful loving moments. I really enjoyed reading this book and I highly recommend it. I received an Advanced Readers Copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Jutzie 4 months ago
Five Days with a Duke by Christi Caldwell Heart of a Scandal Series Book Five Connell Wordsworth, the Duke of Renaud, wanted to be alone. He'd given up the life of a rake when he found the woman he wanted to marry. He gave up the woman when he found he had a ward to take in—along with her baby. Now, ten years later he's lost and alone. Everyone has found happiness. Lady Constance Brandley took on a job from her best friend, Emilia. A secret writing job. When she receives a letter asking to bring happiness to the guardian who had taken her in, Constance can't refuse. Even when she finds out it’s the same man who had broken her friend's heart. Constance is part of the original group that discovered the Heart of a Duke pendant. A wonderful romance and I love the secondary characters. And Connell is a duke like none other...with very unique servants. Another winning series from Christi Caldwell. **Sexual content
Lcwilsom 4 months ago
This is the final book in Christi Caldwell’s fabulous Heart of a Scandal series. The series follows five friends who all hope to find love by winning the heart of a duke. Constance is the last of the ladies, though she has long given up finding love & a happy ever after due to family struggles & heartbreaking loss. Connell is the dastard duke who 10 years ago broke Constance’s best friend Emilia’s heart by severing their betrothal. Now we find he has suffered heartbreak and loss that has left him jaded & lonely. A letter brings about a chance meeting leading to side splitting laughter, mayhem and a bit of chaos. Ultimately two lonely people, scarred by heartbreak find love in each other. This book made me smile, laugh and cry a little. Christi knows how to redeem characters long thought unredeemable, they are flawed and jaded by life but this is what makes her stories so good. No one wants to read about perfect people, they don’t exist. Christi’s stories are gutsy and real. I cannot recommend this book enough, you don’t have to read the previous stories to read this one but guaranteed you will want to after finishing this book.