Five Emus to the King of Siam: Environment and Empire

Five Emus to the King of Siam: Environment and Empire

by Brill


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ISBN-13: 9789042022430
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 09/28/2007
Series: Cross/Cultures Series
Pages: 260
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

HELEN TIFFIN, more recently at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, now teaches at the University of Tasmania.
CONTRIBUTORS: Ruth Blair, Claudia Brandenstein, Leigh Dale, Carrie Dawson, Robert Dixon, Helen Gilbert, Catherine Howell, Anna Johnston, Andrew McCann, Susi O’Brien, Jo Robertson, Meenakshi Sharma, Chris Tiffin, Gillian Whitlock

Table of Contents

Helen TIFFIN: Introduction
Leigh DALE: Empire’s Proxy: Sheep and the Colonial Environment
Claudia BRANDENSTEIN: Representations of Landscape and Nature in Anthony Trollope’s The West Indies and the Spanish Main and James Anthony Froude’s The English in the West Indies
Meenakshi SHARMA: Polluted River or Goddess and Saviour? The Ganga in the Discourses of Modernity and Hinduism
Helen GILBERT: Ecotourism: A Colonial Legacy?
Andrew MCCANN: Colonial Nature-Inscription: On Haunted Landscapes
Ruth BLAIR: “Transported Landscapes”: Reflections on Empire and Environment in the Pacific
Carrie DAWSON: The “I” in Beaver: Sympathetic Identification and Self-Representation in Grey Owl’s Pilgrims of the Wild
Robert DIXON: The Sandline Mercenaries Affair: Postcoloniality, Globalization and the Nation-State
Anna JOHNSTON: Planting the Seeds of Christianity: Ecological Reform in Nineteenth-Century Polynesian London Missionary Society Stations
Chris TIFFIN: Five Emus to the King of Siam: Acclimatization and Colonialism
Susie O’BRIEN: “Back to the World”: Reading Ecocriticism in a Postcolonial Context
Catherine HOWELL: Views from Van Diemen’s Land: Space, Place and the Colonial Settler Subject in John Glover’s Landscapes
Jo ROBERTSON: Colonial Cordon Sanitaire: Fixing the Boundaries of the Disease Environment
Gillian WHITLOCK: “The Animals Are Innocent”: Latter-Day Women Travellers in Africa

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