Five Epic Space Opera Novels: Feral Planet, Dome Of Slavery, Final Battle, In Search Of Kronos, Amira:Warrior Queen Of Crucida (Colonel Landry Space Adventure Series, #6)

Five Epic Space Opera Novels: Feral Planet, Dome Of Slavery, Final Battle, In Search Of Kronos, Amira:Warrior Queen Of Crucida (Colonel Landry Space Adventure Series, #6)

by Bryan Smith

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It is the 25th Century. The space cruiser Beagle, under command of Colonel Kendrick Landry, explores a planet ravaged by war millennia ago, now inhabited by hostile savage humanoids. The Beagle is shot down and grounded by an ancient, mechanized planetary defense network created by an advanced civilization long pre-dating the humanoid savages. The humanoids abduct two women officers: the sexy and sultry Maya Terrazone and the bright but petulant Veronica Winters. Landry leads a rescue party to find and rescue the two women. But even if the Beagle crew makes repairs and regains orbit around the planet, then the ancient planetary defense network may fire upon them a second--and likely fatal--final time.


The starcraft Aurora travels to planet Alpha Centauri B-III where Colonel Landry discovers that descendants of the colonization crew of Green Horizon, Earth's first interstellar starcraft, are living in centuries-old enslavement to a lizard-like race. Head-strong Major Will Adams provokes an attack by the lizard command to justify a retaliatory pre-emptive strike.The lizards attack with surprisingly devastating force. Now the command and crew of the Aurora will be lucky to ensure their own survival--let alone assist in liberation of the lizards' human slaves.


On the far off Earth colonial planet of Sirius V, settled long ago by North Americans and Europeans on a Western continent and by radical religious zealots from Earth's Middle East on an Eastern continent, a final showdown is about to occur. The Eastern continent has been attacking the West. Colonel Landry travels to Sirius V in the starcraft Aurora to locate and destroy a hidden radical base on the planet. As it turns out, the hidden base is on the other side of an dimensional portal in an alternate world. Colonel Landry takes the fight there along with forces led by military leader Colonel Goldstein.


A tight and intricate tale of postwar peoples obsessed with finding an elusive, mythical master entity called "Kronos"-- a hybrid of man and computer which is seen as a solution to life's problems. Colonel Landry travels in the strarcraft Aurora with tycoon Maxwell Rheinhardt offering "seed money" to rebuild worlds defeated in a long ago bloody war. The mission's ulterior motive is to determine once and for all whether Kronos really exists or was only a wartime myth. The reader will go back and forth on that issue in this fast page-turner filled with engaging characters and ample plot twists.


Amira is the beautiful young jungle woman on the planet of Crucida. She is leader to the humanoids fighting cruel opposing tribes led by the humanoid Aku. Stranded on the planet as a child when her parents' spaceship crashed, Amira was abducted and befriended by sentient, telepathic wolf -like creatures. Colonel Landry dispatches military leader Colonel Leonard Goldstein (from "Final Battle") and his soldiers to help. Colonel Goldstein joins forces with Amira in a hopeless quest against all odds to defeat Aku's armies which fight alongside high-tech outworlder soldiers. The final outcome of Amira's struggle with Aku and his forces is both tragic and poignant, but nonetheless embodies a triumph of the human spirit against overwhelming evil.

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Publisher: Phoenixe Press
Publication date: 02/19/2017
Series: Colonel Landry Space Adventure Series , #6
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About the Author


G. (Gerald) Bryan Smith is a Northern California attorney.

Bryan Smith was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated from Georgia State University in 1979 (BA, Journalism). He attended Walter F. George School of Law, Mercer University (Juris Doctorate, 1986) in Macon, Georgia; and later Golden Gate University School of Law, San Francisco (L.L.M., Master of Laws, 1996). He is an active member of the State Bar of California.

After stints as a Judge Advocate General (JAG) in the U.S. Air Force, and association with private law firms in California, Mr. Smith started his own law office in 1999. He has since worked as a solo practitioner attorney specializing in general civil litigation with emphasis on family law, estate planning, probate, and bankruptcy (website

From a teenager Mr. Smith has been an avid fan of science-fiction literature and film. His favorite science-fiction writers, in alphabetical surname order, are the grand masters Poul Anderson, James Blish, Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, Robert A. Heinlein, Richard Matheson, H. Beam Piper, Frank M. Robinson, and Clifford D. Simak. Mr. Smith was a regular childhood fan of the original "Star Trek" and "Outer Limits" television series.

Feral Planet is the first and the "flagship" in the Colonel Kendrick Landry Space Adventure Series. Other novels featuring Colonel Landry will be released in the near future:

--Dome Of Slavery

--Final Battle

--In Search Of Kronos

--Amira: Warrior Queen Of Crucida

Mr. Smith is dedicated to revitalizing the classic science-fiction of the genre's so-called "Golden Age" featuring the original Star Trek and the works of science-fiction literary masters including Robert Heinlein and Poul Anderson. Hopefully, the Colonel Landry Space Adventure Series is a good step in that direction.

Mr. Smith is interested in receiving candid input from his readers. Feel free to leave comments at his Website (



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