Five Minute Fantasies: Volume 2

Five Minute Fantasies: Volume 2

by Cathryn Cooper


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Five Minute Fantasies: Volume 2 by Cathryn Cooper

The Five Minute Fantasies series offers arousing fiction for the discerning reader. Twenty erotic short stories by bestselling authors including Gwen Masters, Jeremy Edwards, Elizabeth Coldwell and Shanna Germain. Indulge, enjoy and come back for more with these five minutes stories that will get you out of day mode and straight into play mode!

Lucy And The Way That It Is by Ralph Greco Jr

Life gets interesting for Private Eye, Ben when the ex he’s never been able to forget walks into his office and offers him a case he can’t refuse. On this job the lady’s the retainer and the fees are paid in regular instalments. 

A Little Bit Of Luxury by Kitti Bernetti

She likes things new and beautiful and the more luxurious the better. This just built, luxury, penthouse flat is the ultimate treat.  The bed is pristine, with a soft fur cover that is too enticing for her to resist, it’s time to enjoy a little luxury

Dancing For Women by Stephen Albrow

There’s a new challenge for stripogram Lucy.  She’s never danced for women before and it’s making her nervous.  But when the music starts and the show begins she quickly finds that’s it’s a lot more satisfying than her normal audience.

Plain Jane by J. Carron

A pill that makes you irresistible to men? Could it possibly be real?  When you’re a Plain Jane who’s been missing out on all the male attention it’s got to be worth a try.  Armed with a pack of the little blue pills and a bit of hope our Plain Jane is hoping to changing her life.

Half Measures by Jeremy Edwards

Stewart’s Saturday night at home takes a pleasant, but unexpected turn when Millicent turns up at his door with no pants on. 

In The Liquor Store by Gwen Masters

A fabulous old liquor store with a wine cellar and tall wooden shelves stocked with all manner of drinks.  But it’s the company of Daniel that’s really intoxicating, not the alcohol on sale.

Call Girl by Landon Dixon

Welcome to the high pressure world of the call centre.  Little cubicles full of stress and way too much work for way too little pay. Of course there are some perks to the job, and when sexy young Vicky starts on the night shift it’s soon more than just the customers who are getting excellent hands-on service.

A Rank Outsider by Phoebe Grafton

Janet is used to being the pretty one and getting all the male attention.  All that‘s about to change when a holiday cruise to the Aegean turns out to be a life changing experience for her not so attractive best friend

A Sculptor’s Touch by Roger Frank Selby

Nude modelling wasn’t new to Angela, but a blind artist was.  She was nervous, but his sculptures really were wonderful and he promised her that in his hands she would be the most beautiful woman on the planet.

Birthday Treat by Alex de Kok

One of the perks of Harry’s gardening job is getting to spend time with Janet, the gorgeous older woman who owns the house.  He realises just how lucky he is when she invites him to celebrate his 19th birthday with dinner and a swim in her private pool.

Backstory by Frances Jones

Two reporters  find that jousting for the best story is a real passion.  The endless city hall meetings are always good for a hot lead, and things are even hotter behind closed doors where their passion  makes the words come alive

Brown Nosing by Richard Terry

When the new boss invites you to dance at the office Christmas party, you’d be a fool to say no.   Especially since she’s hot, powerful and downright scary.  Has she noticed the way you’ve been watching her?  Perhaps tonight everything you’ve dreamed could come true, the only way to find out is to follow your nose and see where  it takes you.

Farmer’s Daughter by Landon Dixon

Its a hot and steamy summer when Allen is sent to the farm for a long day of sorting out the accounts. The job is made far more interesting by the farmers daughter who turns out to be hotter than the summer.

First Time For Everything by Mary Borsellino

They say that you always remember your first kiss, your first love and your first time.  When they all coincide on the eve of a new millenium and with the boy you’ve been wanting for years that‘s definitely the case.

High Heels And Monster Bikes by Kitti Bernetti

We all have things that push our buttons, things that turn us on even when we’re supposed to be working.  For  Matt it’s shoes.  He’s been enjoying daydreaming his life away to the clicketty clack of high heels.  When fate walks up to him wearing killer heel the only thing he can do is to put the dreams on the pillion and ride in to the sunset.

Neighbourhood Watch by Stephen Albrow

What was going on in that house across the street?  Rachel had been watching the endless stream of men coming and going for days.  Now it was time to find out what lay behind the closed door.

Cherry Bottom by Shanna Germain

Some lessons are best left to the experts to teach.  Cate and Andrew definitely think so.  Miss Suzanne’s anal sex class soon helps them gain the confidence they were looking for.

Afterdeath by Susan Placido

They say that true love never dies, and they’re right.  Love didn’t die, but Mike did.  And yet, death is just a door way, and sometimes you can open that door and bring those you love back to you, even if its only for a moment that feels like forever.

Titus Loves Flowers by Jim Baker

Letting the family take turns in deciding where you go on holiday can land you in some interesting places, like behind a horses butt in a cramped caravan.  It’s at times like these that you need a sense of humour and to remind yourself just why you got together in the first place.

Working Conditions by Elizabeth Coldwell

Some law firms can be a law unto themselves as Alison Mills is about to find out.  Wallace and Barker is one of the old school firms, where the men are used to doing whatever they want.  They don’t hire many woman and if the rumours are true it’s because of the harsh rules.  It’s an incredible opportunity though, and Miss Mills will do anything to be a part of that world.

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ISBN-13: 9781905170708
Publisher: Accent Press, Ltd.
Publication date: 03/15/2009
Series: Five Minute Fantasies Series
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 4.90(w) x 7.70(h) x 2.30(d)

About the Author

Editor-in-chief for the international lifestyle latex magazine Von Gutenberg (and its online blog writer/editor), sex columnist/reviewe/interviewerfor (L.A. and NYC), east-coast correspondent for, contributor to,, Cesar’s Way and and internationally published author of short stories, essays, SEO copy, children's songs and one-acts and a Internet radio D.J. Ralph Greco, Jr. rests his ego in the wilds of suburban New Jersey.

Jeremy Edwards, described by the Erotica Readers & Writers Association as “one of the most original and amusing erotic authors around,” is the author of the erotocomedic novels Rock My Socks Off [Xcite Books] and The Pleasure Dial [1001 Nights Press], and the erotic-story collection Spark My Moment [Xcite]. His quirky, sensuous tales have appeared in over fifty anthologies with numerous publishers large and small, including four volumes in the Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica series, and he has contributed scores of short stories to print and online magazines 

As a guest on the Web circuit, Jeremy has been seen or heard at Erotica Readers & Writers Association, Erotica for All, Lust Bites, LoveHoney, 4-Letter Words, LiberatorOoh, How to Write Erotic Fiction, Dr. Dick’s Sex Advice, Sexy Librarian, Vibe Erotic Book Club, Air Atta Ca Talk, Oh Get a Grip! F-Stop, Rachel Kramer Bussel Online Book Club, and Cult of Gracie Radio. In the nonvirtual world, he has appeared at In the Flesh, Essensuality, and Ravenous Nights in New York, the Erotic Literary Salon in Philadelphia, In the Flesh: L.A. (via telephone), the Seattle Erotic Art Festival (showcase display), and Arts Night Out Northampton (Massachusetts); and as the host of Sexy Scribes Speaking (in Turners Falls, Mass.).

Jeremy’s work explores sex in its sunniest form, celebrating joyful sensuality, libidinous urgency, offbeat romanticism, and the pleasures of language and laughter—with the focus on cerebral, sexually self-aware women, and the men and women who adore them. Readers can drop in on him unannounced (and thereby catch him in his underwear) at

Kitti Bernetti lives in London, the city she loves and spends inordinate amounts of time in the coffee shops of Soho and Covent Garden dreaming up stories. She finds writing erotica totally stimulating as it leaves her free to set her tales any time, any place, anywhere.

Kitti has written ghost stories, sci-fi, historicals, crime, paranormals, sheikh tales and richly rewarding romance. Reviewers have said: 'The sex [in Desert Nights] is hot, the story compelling, and the writing well above par. If you're looking for a quick read to excite you, pick this one up!' (ManOhMan), and 'Kitti knows how to pen a full bodied book like a fine wine, and in this case, she has managed it. Regency Nights is just that, it fills the senses with its excellent prose, sensual, and highly erotic sexual scenes.' ( Kitti is delighted to be part of The Secret Library and is already working on another novella this time set in the sultry backstreets of tropical Singapore.

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Shanna Germain claims the titles of Leximaven, Wanderluster, Girl Geek, Vorpal Blonde and Schrodinger's Brat. Her work has appeared in places like Best American Erotica, Best Bondage Erotica, Best Erotic Romance, Best Gay Erotica, Best Lesbian Romance and many more. Visit her wild world of words at




Elizabeth Coldwell joined Xcite Books in 2011. Formerly the editor of the UK edition of Forum magazine and co-founder of the Guild of Erotic Writers, she has been writing erotic fiction for over twenty years and her work has been widely published in the UK and US. She enjoys writing across the spectrum of erotica genres, from m/m space opera to girl/girl messy fun, vanilla to BDSM, paranormal to contemporary.

Read an Excerpt

The old wooden floor creaked and shifted under our feet as we made our way down the narrow aisles. Bottles of every size and fashion stood at attention, their colourful labels touting the brand of the liquor within. A low and sultry guitar rang out through the ancient radio on the counter.

Daniel hummed quietly along with the melody as he lifted a bottle from a rack and examined it. He gently replaced it with the tiny clink of glass on glass. I looked up at the ceiling of the old liquor store, taking in the rough exposed beams from which hung all sorts of artefacts: guitars, fiddles, ancient bottles, even a voodoo doll here and there.

The place smelled of old wood and even older wine. This was a liquor store that had been in business for decades, and it showed in the vintage bottles on the highest shelves. There was a wine cellar in the basement, or so the sign said – it promised to hold only the best wines. Daniel turned a corner at the back of the store and I followed slowly, exploring everything around me but the liquor. The store was a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of history and I was duly fascinated.

‘Honey, come look at this,’ Daniel said. His voice came from the far corner of the store. I made my way around a freezer full of tall bottles of dark, rich lager.

Daniel stood in the back of a darkened aisle. Here the bottles were dusty and old. There was a stepladder to one side. This must be where they kept the overstock merchandise. Even the freezer was dark, but I could hear the motor quietly humming away.

‘Did you notice that no one is here?’ Daniel asked quietly.

I looked up at the counter. There had been an older man there when we came in, but he had tipped his hat toward me and excused himself to take care of a shipment. There was a little truck outside, and he headed for it with an air of purpose. It appeared that he hadn’t returned.

I smiled up into Daniel’s face. His dark hair looked almost black in the dim light. His eyes were no longer their placid shade of brown – they looked just as black as his hair. I shivered, remembering the voodoo doll hanging from the rafters.

Daniel’s eyes searched mine for a moment before he bent his head to kiss me. His hips came up against mine. Something hard stirred against my belly and I giggled into his mouth as his tongue traced my lips.

‘Daniel,’ I lightly scolded.

‘No one is around,’ he whispered back, his lips trailing up my jaw. ‘You know, I’ve been in this liquor store a million times, but I’ve never once fucked in it.’

‘Daniel, for shame!’ I laughed, and he looked around, his eyes on the front door of the old liquor store.

‘No one is here. Just a quickie, honey, come on. Let’s do it,’ he whispered urgently.

I was already getting caught up in the spirit and thrill of possibly being caught. I was always the kind who fantasized about a public kind of encounter, but never had the guts to go through with it. This, though – it wasn’t entirely public, was it? And even if we got caught, what would the punishment be? A scolding, a fury in the eyes, or a barring from the store, perhaps – but what more than that? What did I have to lose, really?

My hand slid down Daniel’s shirt to the brown slacks he wore. I pressed my fingers against his erection. He grew even harder under my hand. I was already wet. My pussy practically hummed with the anticipation.

‘It has to be fast,’ I whispered into his mouth. I found his belt buckle and quickly opened it. Daniel moved back just enough to give me room. I unbuttoned his slacks, then pulled the zipper down.

‘Here on the stepladder,’ he ordered.

‘But it’s old – and rickety…’

‘Where is your sense of adventure?’ Daniel hissed.

I laughed quietly as he picked me up and set me on the old wooden stepladder. He nibbled on my neck. His hands found my long skirt and clenched into the fabric, pulling it up inch by inch as I pushed his slacks open and pulled him free of his boxers. He was long and hard and ready to go. Daniel moaned softly as he throbbed in my hand.

‘Fuck me,’ I whispered. 

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