Five Senses of Perception: Higher Octave Equivalents

Five Senses of Perception: Higher Octave Equivalents

by Aubergean

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Book 2 of 5 Getting It Together Series.
Length 6812 words / 35 pages.

Delightful approaches to extrasensory paranormal insights are taught here. Uses of Spiritual Laws taught in Book 1 are expanded and methods of knowing at Higher Octaves of Perception are explored. This is exactly what is needed to understand life fully and enjoyably.

Learn to think outside the box with this powerful book- so far outside that included are ways to see with extrasensory perception, listen for communications from the beyond, see auras, get messages from Guides and Angels and more. It's a delightful read and builds on Common Sense Doesn't Grow on Trees: the Law Lessons and expands understandings of Ancient Wisdom.

Book 2 offers an inspirational way to enhance your own natural abilities as you progress on your personal development quest to be enlightened. Aubergean says the dimensions beyond are the source of real enlightenment to enhance your spiritual growth as you move toward becoming adept in using Spiritual Laws.

A free Meditation Guide is offered to help develop extrasensory perceptions to enhance personal, work, and family lives.

Book 2 of 5 Getting It together Series Length 6812 words / 35 pages.
This book gave me a context to understand some of the odd things that happened to me over the years. It also put a great spin of fun into my studies. Next time I hear from the other side, I'll know to accept the call as a natural circumstance and an enhancement of my natural abilities. Molly B.
'Each of the five senses and dimensions beyond offer you the potential (and advantage) to experience the circumstances of life by design and by giving you deeper insight into your surroundings, thus providing clearer information from which you make choices in response to life's demands.

Think of these concepts as real dimensions that function constantly beyond the obvious third dimension. (They are really real, you know.) You’ve seen enough scary movies and Sci-Fi to know exactly what I mean, only this isn't Science-Fiction and only ignorance of this fact causes fear. Now go inside and find that secret corner of your mind and recall whether you thought it might be fun to hear instructions from beyond, or to see auras, or to touch someone and know that person's thoughts? So I ask, are you ready to explore your senses beyond those presently available to your Third Dimensional Self? If so, proceed with this course of studies and I guarantee you will see life unfold with greater insight and harmony than you've ever imagined.

Let's begin by exploring the Higher Octaves, the higher Equivalents of the Five Senses. As you gain insight and practice these techniques, know that your new abilities will provide otherwise hidden road signs along the way. Remember to use them to plot and create your life and your Soul Journey. Most adults in your life used the method of walking down the street, falling in the hole – again and again – before they learned to walk around the hole. I am hopeful you will begin to see better ways to create your life.

By the way, when you find talk of God and of Angels and of Guides, it is in the most general sense and unrelated to any particularly dogma or religion.' ...

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BN ID: 2940013458734
Publisher: Mandala Benevolent Trust
Publication date: 11/11/2011
Series: Getting It Together , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

From a one room shack in Canada, without running water or plumbing, Aubergean, age 3, noticed he was different from others. His hard working parents had little time outside work, so Aubergean observed his siblings. At work with his Mother at a fruit cannery for 10 hours a day, he was still mostly alone. His silence served him well over the years.
His first job as a service station attendant was really about sweeping outside. Blisters interfered with his guitar-playing, so he recruited help and split his pay 3-ways – his first venture as an employer.
Early on, he had an innate sense of the mystical world of Spirit. Life has a mysterious way of fitting a man to his destiny, he says, and he moved on.
Eventually many attended his workshops on human behaviour in finance and investment. Many mentors taught him to take responsibility for thoughts, words, and deeds. Mastering life’s lessons didn’t come easy and much was learned at the School of Hard Knocks.
Aubergean earned and lost several fortunes along the way. The illusion and importance of wealth serves the purpose of discovering life's purpose thus causing surrender to the soul and to a better way than chasing wealth.
His spiritual life became his passion. Over 30+ years, Aubergean mastered Meditation – Silence – Wisdom from Source – with 9 collective years invested in silence. The importance of meditation and its rewards remain the fulcrum of the Spiritual lessons he offers.

Be all that you can be, he writes.

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