Fix Me

Fix Me

by Lisa M. Cronkhite


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Penelope Wryter‘s life has been a mess ever since her sister committed suicide a year ago. Now Pen’s hooked on Fix, an illegal drug that makes her feel, think, and see differently. The hallucinations are intense, but there’s one vision that keeps Pen coming back for more—Nate. He’s the only person who cares about her. Too bad he’s just a side effect of the drug.

Pen knows she’s going nowhere fast. She’s desperate to change. But when she tries to say goodbye to Nate, he professes his love for her making her more confused than ever. Then, when a girl from school goes missing during a bad Fix trip, Pen realizes she may be in a lot more danger than she ever imagined. Unless Pen straightens up and faces reality quick, she might be the next missing girl on the list.

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ISBN-13: 9781635830088
Publisher: North Star Editions
Publication date: 11/28/2017
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 1,224,543
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 12 - 18 Years

About the Author

Lisa M. Cronkhite is the author of Dreaming a Reality, Demon Girl, Deep in the Meadows and her most recent release, Disconnected. Her work has also appeared online and in print magazines including Storyteller, Poetry Salzburg Review, and Ruminate Magazine. She lives and writes in a small suburb near Chicago. You can find her online at and on Twitter @lmcronkhite.

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Fix Me 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
xokristim More than 1 year ago
This book kept my entire attention, from beginning to end. It was unlike anything I have ever read before, which is really hard to find. I love how descriptive the book is without being overly descriptive. I also loved that the chapters were concise, and there wasn’t much extra to the book. From what I’ve always heard, people do drugs to escape from something, which Pen is definitely doing, but she is also running to something (Nate). I found that very interesting. Personally I love reading books where I feel like I am jumping into the character’s life. I love when there is a back story and let me tell you this back story really was awesome. I thought the author did a wonderful job of writing about the tough topic of addiction with knowledge and sensitivity. Overtime I felt like I was going to predict a twist or turn, I was very wrong! I was so caught of guard by the way the story ended (in the best possible way) it cemented the fact that this book was definitely my type.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So Fix Me By Lisa M Cronkhite was the first book I have read by this author. I really wasn't sure what to expect of this as wasn't quite sure what it was about from the book blurb. I found this a trifle vague in style if I’m honest. So firstly, Fix Me is a YA novel and it follows Penelope Wryter's life after the suicide of her older sister a year ago. Ever since this tragic event Pen's life has been in a tailspin shes split up from her boyfriend and she's addicted to the illegal drug Fix. While under the influence of this drug Pen makes what she thinks is an imaginary friend "Nate" and he seems to be the only person who cares what happens to her. So I can't really say more than this without giving the plot away, but its safe to say the anticipation is better than the actual conclusion. The whole time I was reading this I kept waiting for the shoe to drop. But it never did. Fix me was very good at building the actual moment, while not delivering on the promise. And though "Fix Me" wrapped itself up nicely it all felt a bit flat. I found it rather predictable with very few surprises. I know this is aimed at a YA audience but the young readers of today are a savvy bunch and as such expect a lot more complexity nowadays in their fiction. This was an easy read and it is well written, so "Fix Me" has these pluses in its favour. It was just I felt lacking in its overall originality. I found this such a shame as the onset held such promise. So, in conclusion, This was just an alright read for me. Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for providing me with an ARC of "Fix Me" of which I have reviewed voluntary. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.
wvteddy More than 1 year ago
I am not sure what made me choose this book. It's the type of book I usually avoid-Young Adult about kids in high school with drug addiction, usually hard for this senior citizen to relate to. However I am glad I was chosen by NetGalley and the publisher to receive a copy. It is an insightful read involving two problems plaguing our youth today, drug addiction and mental health. The character of Pen Wryter is drew me in and kept me reading. Pen's sister committed suicide after taking the drug Phixeedifore for depression. Fix as it is known was a promising new drug for depression and bipolar disorder until people began dying. It was withdrawn from the market but found it;s way into the Black Market to become the latest drug of abuse. Pen should have known better than to start taking it after her sister died but she liked the high she got and the imaginary friend Nate who came to her while she was high on it. Soon she started having serious side effects but talked herself out of quitting because she wants to see Nate one more time. The descriptions of her highs, the side effects and her reasons for not quitting read like something an addict would write. The book has a mystery aspect as two girls go missing and the solution to that mystery left me totally surprised. But I felt Pen's addiction was the major theme of the book and it was very well done. This should be required reading for the youth of today before they try drugs .