Fixing Bunions Without Surgery: How To Avoid Ending Up With Feet Like Your Mother

Fixing Bunions Without Surgery: How To Avoid Ending Up With Feet Like Your Mother

by Daniel Fitzpatrick

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This book is a simple and informative guide to absolutely everything you need to know about fixing your bunions, without surgery. Perhaps you have bunions, but have delayed seeing a podiatrist, or perhaps you have visited your GP, who has told you that surgery is absolutely your only option to treat them.

The great news is that not only can you have your bunions fixed without surgery, but having your bunions fixed without surgery is, by far, the most effective and long-lasting treatment for bunions. It’s true; for so long, doctors, and even some podiatrists, believed that surgery was absolutely the only treatment option for all bunions, irrespective of severity, but in more recent years, my team and I have developed and perfected a treatment that yields impressive and enduring results, even in severe cases.

Better still, opting for non-surgical treatment is by far a cheaper alternative, and you don’t even need to take time out of your busy lifestyle in order to tend to them–in fact, the more active you remain in this treatment, the better the outcome for treating your bunions! No longer do women have to reconcile themselves to wearing unattractive, flat shoes to fit orthotics.

In fact, despite still being used by some practitioners for treating bunions, orthotics are not at all helpful in the treatment of bunions. Instead, using our tried and tested method, you could be wearing your favourite heels in time, without pain or danger of loss of sensation, which can occur with surgery. So, now that there is a solution to expensive and very painful surgeries that require long periods of convalescence and expensive and unsightly orthotics, there is no reason to delay booking an appointment to speak with one of our highly experienced and understanding clinicians. Call our Manly Beaches Surgery on 02 8966 9300, and begin your walk towards a happier and pain-free life.

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About the Author

Daniel Fitzpatrick is a #1 internationally best-selling Australian author, public speaker, and he's a successful, qualified podiatrist. He has written a number of articles, and moreover, he has made guest appearances on TV, including Channel 9's A Current Affair, Channel 7's Today Tonight. He also featured in Good Health Magazine. In addition, Daniel is a popular speaker at industry conferences. As a clinician, Daniel's main work involves directing, consulting and overseeing Alternative Foot Solutions, which is a very successful podiatry practice in Sydney, Australia, which specialises in Foot Mobilisation Therapy; this service is unique in New South Wales, as no other clinic specialises in these treatments. Daniel lives at Sydney Northern Beaches with his wife and son; he loves to surf and is a very active person. One of the main reasons Daniel chose podiatry was because he was treated by an excellent podiatrist when he was younger, and it made such a positive impression that he decided to pursue a career in the field. Daniel qualified as a podiatrist (BappSc (Pod) M.A.Pod A.) in 2002 at the University of Western Sydney. The first year after he graduated university and started practicing podiatry, Daniel had a number of consecutive female patients who presented to him in a short space of time, all in a distressed state. There was one female patient in particular who presented in a very frustrated state after he had fitted her into a pair of orthotics a month earlier. She was quite distraught, because despite spending many hundreds of dollars on a set of orthotics, she could no longer fit into her shoes. The discussion escalated into a disagreement about shoes, and she became quite emotional about it. She expressed frustration about not being able to wear shoes that simultaneously looked good and assuaged her foot pain, because the orthotics didn't fit into her shoes. Daniel thought: “There must be some other option.”. He saw a course on foot mobilisation advertised, so shortly after, he completed one of those courses. On the first day of the course, he thought: "This is quite amazing.". After doing that first set of training, he was extremely impressed with the results, so he started to treat a whole range of people using the methods he had learned in the training. He treated each patient far more extensively than what he needed to, and for the first six months, he actually treated a whole group of people free of charge to ensure it worked. What he soon found was not only was the treatment better, it was far superior to orthotics, and most impressively, compliance levels were through the roof. His patients were extremely happy, and his working existence was rendered much more enjoyable. By that stage, bunions had become an extremely prevalent issue. No-one had an option for treating bunions, so his thinking was that if foot mobilisation could realign the rest of your foot, why couldn't it realign your big toe? Daniel and his team started developing their techniques so they could treat bunions more effectively. With great success, he started treating every bunion that he saw with Foot Mobilisation Therapy. The result was that he had much happier patients and much better outcomes with his treatments, not to mention, a much higher compliance level. He was so busy with Foot Mobilisation that it quickly became clear it was a better use of his time and resources to open his own clinic where he just focused on Foot Mobilisation Therapy. Daniel's core business is foot mobilisation therapy, and he and his team are the only people in New South Wales who currently do it. In fact, there are only four other people within the country who provide this service to the same level that they provide it. The major benefit of their service is that they are able to treat and fix feet to help their clients avoid surgery and orthotics. One of the key advantages of the type of treatment they provide is that it opens up much broader footwear options for females. After visiting their surgery for their initial consultation, it is not unusual for people to cancel their scheduled bunion surgery soon after. They've saved themselves thousands of dollars. It's self-evident then why Daniel and his team are keen to get the word out to people who're currently living with painful, untreated bunions. Nevertheless, Daniel contends that most surgeons are very ethical in terms of discouraging unnecessary and potentially damaging surgery, so they must be given credit. Daniel commented: “Most of the good ones with whom we interact tend not to be proponents of Foot Mobilisation, but by the same token, they will invariably try to talk people out of surgery as much as possible, because most good surgeons have no shortage of patients”. The success of this treatment is explained by the fact that Daniel addresses the underlying cause; he changes the actual alignment of the patients’ joints, and then he also strengthens the muscles around it. This, in turn, stimulates the nervous system to change the neural patterns and gate patterns to reinforce that positive position. Anything else is a band-aid approach when it comes to treating bunions, and this includes orthotics. Unlike Foot Mobilisation Therapy, orthotics fail to address the underlying cause of the bunion.

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