Flash5 Visual Jumpstart

Flash5 Visual Jumpstart

by Patricia A. Hartman, Hartman

Paperback(BOOK & CD)

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ISBN-13: 9780782128925
Publisher: Sybex, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/01/2000
Series: Visual Jumpstart Series
Edition description: BOOK & CD
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 8.03(w) x 9.99(h) x 0.88(d)

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Understanding the Flash Interface

Launching Flash

Recognizing the Stage and Its Content

Creating a Layer

Understanding the Timeline

Working with Frames

Placing an Object on the Stage

Using Keyframes

Moving the Object

Creating a Symbol

Creating an Instance

Viewing the Library

Becoming Familiar with Flash's Tools

The Toolbar

The Toolbox

Working with the Tool Options and Panels

What's Next?

Chapter 2: Mastering Menus and Settings

Understanding Menu Options

Using File Menu Commands

Using Editing Menu Commands

Managing Symbols from the Menu

Modifying Movie Properties

Accessing Tool Options from the Menu

Controlling Your Movie

Customizing Flash

Managing the Interface

Controlling the Tools

Setting Drawing Preferences

Dealing with Objects on the Clipboard

Using Panels

Saving Panel Layouts

What's Next?


Chapter 3: Drawing and Painting in Flash

Drawing with the Line Tools

Setting Up the Drawing

Drawing a House

Modifying Lines

Combining Tools to Enhance your Drawing

Understanding Object Interaction

Grouping Objects

Creating a Lawnmower

Using the Painting Tools

Filling in Areas of the House

Painting Gradient Fills

Redefining the Lines of the House with the Ink Bottle

Using the Lasso to Create a Driveway

Chapter 4: Creating and Using Symbols

Developing a Plan for Your Movie

Creating a Scenario

Planning Functions for Menu Design

Working with Symbols

Using Graphic Symbols

Creating and Using Buttons

Editing the Menu Symbols

Recognizing Instances

Modifying an Instance of a Symbol

Chapter 5: Utilizing Text

Mastering Text Basics

Selecting Fonts

Changing Text Size

Rotating Text

Changing Text Block Attributes

Creating Text Effects

Creating a Drop Shadow

Creating Graphics from Text

Making Text Conform to a Shape

Learning about Text Fields

Chapter 6: Using Layers

Creating and Organizing Layers

Creating a Background Layer

Adding New Layers

Rearranging and Deleting Layers

Creating Objects for the Layers

Completing the Tree

Constructing a Greeting on the Text Layer

Adding Objects on the Decorations Layer

Creating Lights for the Lights Layer


Chapter 7: Learning about Timelines

Understanding Timeline Events

Layers of Space and Units of Time

Integrating the Timeline with Layers

Grasping Frames

Using Keyframes to Identify Events

Organizing the Action

Managing Symbols with the Library

Creating Time Sequences in Layers

Chapter 8: Working with Imported Graphics

Understanding Bitmap and Vector Graphics Files

Using Bitmap Files

Working with Vector Files

Comparing Bitmap and Vector Graphics

Exporting Images

Importing Graphics Files

Importing Bitmaps for Your Movie

Importing the Space Capsule

Populating the Lights Layer

Adding the Passenger Bitmap Files

Chapter 9: Adding Animation and Sound

Animating the Space Capsule Scene

Adding Animation to the Timelines

Adding Sound Effects to the Movie

Adding the Rocket Ship Scene

Creating the Sky, Rocket, and Smoke Layers

Adding the Title Layers

Adding the Blastoff Sound

Chapter 10: Exporting and Publishing Your Movies

Exporting Your Work

Exporting Images

Exporting Movies

Publishing Your Movie

Publishing Settings

Presenting Your Movie on the Web

Incorporating the Published Files into your Web Pages

Enhancing Your Movie's Performance



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