Flat-Pack Philosophy

Flat-Pack Philosophy

by Buzzcocks

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Flat-Pack Philosophy

While many of their first-wave punk peers have reunited only to bring in some filthy lucre, the 'Cocks are one of the few acts that have hung together while continuing to turn out music that's just as vital as their initial incarnation. Here, Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle -- who share the spotlight more effectively now than they did as angry young men -- veer between re-creating the careening, keening sounds of yore (as on the wry consumerism plaint "Credit") and adopting the more muscle-bound stance of latter-day punk. That's the template they adopt on tracks like "Big Brother Wheels," which boasts a swagger that's reminiscent of second-generation Californians like Pennywise. Heck, on the title track, they even dip a toe or two into waters that might be considered grungy -- an undertone that matches Diggle's guitar work nicely but isn't as kind to the generally pristine harmonies the co-leaders usually purvey. Those, however, are in full effect on "Wish I Never Loved You," a ditty so yearning that you'd never guess the guys responsible for making it that way are on the far side of 50. Throughout the disc -- which packs 14 tunes into less than 40 minutes -- the band seem capable of funneling the fountain of youth right down their collective gullet, making Flat-Pack Philosophy one of the most engaging, energizing listens of the season.

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Flat-Pack Philosophy 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Chappa_Larcha More than 1 year ago
An amazing album if you like punk rock! All songs are really catchy and well crafted. One of the best is "Reconciliation"!