Flavors of Entanglement

Flavors of Entanglement

by Alanis Morissette


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Flavors of Entanglement

The first studio album from Alanis Morissette since 2004, Flavors of Entanglement fuses the organic and the techno -- prompted by producer Guy Sigsworth. Incorporating beats, loops and sythesizers, the album was designed, says Morissette, so listeners can "dance your face off." Balancing introspective confession and delirious joy, the global and the personal, Flavors of Entanglement is a tasty new musical feast from one of pop's most intriguing artists.

Product Details

Release Date: 06/10/2008
Label: Maverick
UPC: 0093624993544
catalogNumber: 269308
Rank: 13926

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alanis Morissette   Primary Artist
Peter Freeman   Bass
Guy Sigsworth   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Strings,Celeste,Keyboards,Electric Piano,Tabla,Triangle,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus,E-bow,Tubular Bells,Synthesizer Bass,Prepared Piano,Bass Harmonica
Jess Sutcliffe   Strings
Suzie Katayama   Conductor
Billy Bush   Drums
Andy Page   Synthesizer,Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Electric Guitar,E-bow,Synthesizer Bass
Sean McGhee   Background Vocals
Jared Nugent   Piano
Blair Sinta   Drums
Ben Tolliday   Guitar

Technical Credits

Guy Sigsworth   Arranger,Composer,Sound Effects,Producer,Drum Producer
Alanis Morissette   Composer
Frank Ockenfels   Cover Photo
Andy Page   Engineer,drum programming,Sound Design
Frank Maddocks   Photo Manipulation
Sean McGhee   Engineer
Fiora Cutler   Arranger
Andrei Maberley   Writer

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Flavors of Entanglement 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I first became addicted to Alanis Morissette with "Jagged Little Pill", now her seventh studio album, "Flavors of Entanglement" has me hooked again. Alanis' song writing is superb on this album. I was impressed with the wit that conveyed such conflict. The lyrics weave such a vibrant picture and her voice just resounds the pain/triumphant. I was touched by the song "Moratorium". It is a reflection of what we all struggle with, "do I give up". It's about moving on and accepting it's okay to "die" so you can live again. The song, "Underneath" has the familiar rhythm Alanis' music has had in the past and has us inside looking out with potent lyrics like: "Look at us break our bonds in this kitchen Look at us rallying all our defenses Look at us waging war in our bedroom Look at us jumping ship in our dialogues." Never before has Alanis Morissette created such a tribute to the emotions of humanity, our struggles within ourselves, our homes and our world. The music is a little bit of everything...hip hop to folk and pure Alanis. This album will put Alanis back on the charts with every song having the potential to stand on it's own. It's definately going to be one album you won't replace in your cd player anytime soon!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
First song I heard of hers was the cover for Crazy which she did an awesome job. This album is wonderful and the songs hit the right note like for example Citizens of the Planet and Visions of Violence. Alanis is amazing and this album proves it as well as her other past albums too. Nothing more to say but check out this album when you get a chance.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I'm really excited about this new album. Louder, rockin tracks hang out with pretty ones and they blend to form an outstanding record. Favorite tracks include Citizen of the Planet, Torch, and Versions of Violence. Definitely check them out. It's nice to have an album, however, that I can listen to straight through without skipping tracks. This is one of those albums! It's beautiful and strong. Listening to this album brings me back to the feelings I had for Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie. The lyrics are raw and heartfelt. This is just so so good. You should really be listening to it by now!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Flavors of Entanglement has me listening again and again, as each time I hear these songs I find more to love. Deeply personal and honest as always, Alanis opens her heart to show us a full range of emotions. Fans will be glad to hear that this album flows very well, and is a great one to listen to in its entirety. Take time to savor each song, you just can't go wrong with any of them.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As a long-time Alanis junky I was absolutely thrilled when I heard she was FINALLY coming out with a new album... but I was also a little leery. You see, I like the older Alanis cd's and I thought that her last one was a little too soft. Once I put the cd in my cd player, hit play and heard the intense rumblings in the first track, I was hooked. Flavors of Entanglement is intense, beautiful, dark and humorous the same way her albums used to be. So I'm thrilled with this new album of hers and will be listening to it over and over and recommending it to all of my friends!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Alanis Morissette’s new album “Flavor of Entanglement” has the deeply personal songs and undeniable vocal talent that we have come to expect from Alanis, but this is not the same 20 something Alanis full of rage. This CD is very much about her personal break up with Ryan Reynolds. But this CD is so much more that your average “love gone wrong” songs. Alanis is older, more mature, and more introspective. She sees how the battles of the world are really not that different than the battles we have in our personal life. She is not only trying to find her place in relationships, she is trying to find her place in the world. At first listen, her lyrics are so deeply personal, it gives you that moment of “oh I shouldn’t be hearing this” but at the same time it resonates to the universal, familiar grief we all feel with the death of a relationship. Gone is the in you face rage and it is replaced with longing and grief. Not only are Alanis’ lyrics reflecting her growth as a song writing, the music itself reflects Alanis growing as an artist. She skillfully mixes folk, world beats with techno dance beats. She so skillfully combines the two that you forget to be shocked that the two are combined. There are few artists that can challenge you to consider your own relationships and make you want to dance at the same time. In “Citizen of the Planet”, Alanis sings of seeing herself as more than just an individual. She sings of being unique but yet part of the bigger world. This theme is repeated throughout the CD. “Underneath” considers how our everyday conflicts are just microcosms of conflicts in the world today. “Not As We” is a raw testimony to the grief of losing a relationship and part of your identity as part of a couple. Alanis sings, “Day one start over again. Step one step one. I’m barely making sense for now. I’m faking it ‘till I’m making it. From scratch begin again but this time I as I and not as we”. “Torch” is probably the most personal song about her break up. It is a sensitive laundry list of all the things that she will miss about Ryan. She holds nothing back as she sings, “I miss your neck and your gait and your sharing what you write”. Make no mistake this album is not all morose. “In Praise Of the Vunerable Man” is Alanis’ ode to an emotionally available man. “Moratorium” is her oath to focus on herself for awhile and take a break from her quest to find a soul mate. All of the songs, regardless of topic reflect an artist that has experienced much growth and continues to growth through the good times and the bad. Overall, this is a CD full of the new and of the familiar. Alanis’ unmistakable voice and painfully personal song lyrics are as familiar on this cd as on all of her albums. This album reflects a personal and artistic growth. She has more depth and more understanding of herself and the music reflects it. The music itself has many more dimensions . Like different parts of her personality, Alanis is able to skillfully mix and highlight sounds that seem like complete contradictions, but the end result is pure music to my ears.
Guest More than 1 year ago
"I loved this whole Album, its great to see Alanis back behind the guitar and bringing great music to us. If you check out any song I highly recommend songs 1. - Citizen of the Planet and song 3. - Straitjacket, they are both outstanding songs. The only song I don't care for is the last one called Incomplete, but hey 10 out of 11 songs is rare for an artist. The last song is just a little to dry for me. Hope this review is help and enjoy."
Guest More than 1 year ago
That's how good this album is. Please buy it. You just might start living your life by some of Alanis's philosophies. I was blown away by her idea of &quot faking it til I'm making&quot - wow! And that's just one example of her lyrics I copied down and taped to my refridgerator. Alanis knows that life can suck, but if you buy this album it will help you through all of your hard times.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been a fan since her debut, and missed her while she was out of the scene for a while, but I recently listened to her newest release, Flavors of Entanglement and I am so thrilled. It is now my favorite cd, it's everything I was hoping for and more. If you've always been a fan, you won't be disappointed and if you've never listened to her music, you won't be disappointed. This album gets five stars and two thumbs up. Buy it today, you won't regret it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
"If growing up is the process of creating ideas and dreams about what life should be, then maturity is letting go again." - Mary Beth Danielson This quote really resonates with me when thinking of Alanis Morissette's new cd Flavors of Entanglement. In the mid-1990's, Alanis Morisette's Jagged Little Pill sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. She was a force to be reckoned with, an angry angsty voice that was going to tell it like it was with no apologies. Well, Alanis is back with what I feel is her best cd since then and she's still unafraid to put her heart out there on the sidewalk. Only, this time, I feel we are seeing a more mature artist, an artist who has let go of a lot of her pain and one with a lot more self-realization. All this, and it has a beat you can dance to. Producer Guy Sigsworth has done a great job of balancing Alanis' brilliant poetry with an edgy rock dance vibe. "Citizen of the Planet" which opens the cd rocks. I love the way the song accelerates and appreciate the drivng beat incorporating sitars and tablas giving the song an eastern feel. "Underneath", the first single from the cd, immediately takes me to a quieter place. This song is about changing yourself to eventually help change the world. "Straitjacket" has a jagged feel for me and the techno background seems to accentuate the craziness we feel when someone we care about seems to be doing things just to drive us mad. "Versions of Violence" has a bit of a sensual rock feel. I love the textures of the music and Alanis' voice has never sounded better. "Not as We" is one of my favorites. It talks about starting all over again "as I and not as we", "gunshy and quivering". I love the piano here. This song is elegant in its beauty and simplicity and reminds me of Enya. Sometimes we are strongest in our vulnerability. "In Praise of the Vulnerable Man" is simply that, a song celebrating the sexiness of a man who doesn't need all that armor. "Moratorium" - Alanis actually took a break from relationships to breathe and get her focus back. That is what this song explores. It's a way to let go, stop looking outside, stop searching, and re-find yourself, a "breather from the flavors of entanglement". "Torch" gives me chills. Alanis is so relatable in her description of missing someone. "I miss your smell, and your style and your pure abiding way." The guitar and strings are lovely and simply fit the poignancy of someone who says she "never dreamed I would have to lay down my torch for you." The list of all the little and big things we miss when we lose an important relationship is so evocative and so authentic. This is another of my favorites. "Giggling again for no reason" is a fun light dance tune. "Tapes" is all about the stories other people tell us and the voices we hear inside that aren't our own beliefs. It's actually liberating to realize these are untrue. I really like the song "Incomplete". I love its hopeful melody. It ends the cd on an uplifting note. It speaks of all the dreams we have of being complete, being healed, being enlightened. Still, at the same time, it expresses what I feel is the message of the cd. "I have been running so sweaty my whole life urgent for a finish line/I have been missing the rapture this whole time of being forever incomplete." The joy is in the imperfection, in the journey. At a time when digital track purchases are so common, it is rare for me to find a cd that I love completely but Alanis' new cd is just that. It is a solid collection -- rocking, edgy, authentic, flavorful. Alanis has gone through the seriousness of youth and she seems so much more at peace. Flavors of Entanglement explores where Alanis has been and where she is now. There is introspection, reflection, sadnes
Guest More than 1 year ago
After all the hype surrounding the new release of Flavors, I was ecstatic to get my copy of the cd. A true Alanis fan, I was not let down. She still has it, and then some. Like many others, I was expecting the rage and angst/sadness from her recent breakup, but was surprised &quot in a pleasant way&quot that that was not the case. That being said, it's a superb album with tracks that will have you close to tear with the lyrics and bouncing in your seat, head nodding along, thumb tapping on the steering wheel. I think my fav. track was Torch, followed closely by Citizen of the Planet and Straightjacket.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Overall, I thought this was a very good album. I was hoping for a sound more like Alanis's "Jagged Little Pill" days "I STILL listen to those songs over and over" but this was much different. Different isn't always a bad thing and this album definitely demonstrated that. I felt it was a very emotional, heartfelt album. If you weren't familiar with Alanis Morissette before, you can kind of get a feel for some of her personal conflicts & emotions here. I felt that she really expressed herself well and compiled a very good album! Alanis rocks! :"
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is extremely, exceptionally decent. It's almost as good as Jagger Little Pill, but it's not that good. Jagged Little Pill was very good, no artist could top that because it came out in the 90's. I remember the 90's. The 90's were very good - that was when I fell in love and had my heart broken, exactly like Alanis! These are both great albums.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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