Fleet Purchasing, Maintenance and Reliability

Fleet Purchasing, Maintenance and Reliability

by Diarmaid Murphy


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Fleet Purchasing and Maintenance is a concise, easy to understand guide on vehicle purchasing and fleet maintenance for the benefit of business and maintenance managers at all levels, plus students and academics. Not a textbook full of formulas but a guide containing both detail and insights for the practicing fleet and financial manager.

The book first covers all aspects of the vehicle and fleet purchasing process from the perspective of the purchaser. It then discusses, in detail, the process of how to approach a fleet purchase once the decision is made. The book then leads into the operations of the fleets, their maintenance systems, efficiencies, inefficiencies, their overall evaluation, and finally, a discussion of maintenance backlog.

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ISBN-13: 9780831135041
Publisher: Industrial Press, Inc.
Publication date: 11/15/2014
Pages: 270
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Diarmaid Murphy is an Army Officer in the Irish Defence Forces. Born in Dublin, he grew up in Kildare. Mr. Murphy originally joined the Irish Air Corps, training at Baldonnel Aerodrome. He was then accepted into Army officer training at the Military College and gained a Presidential Commission in the Irish Defence Forces, and a Diploma in International Military Studies.

Having studied Transport Operations and Technology at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), he gained an honours degree with distinction and received the Wincanton Award upon conclusion of the course. The Army then assigned him as Officer in Charge of armoured maintenance in his Brigade. In this role, he managed workshops for the Irish Defense Forces, overseeing maintenance for his Brigade and much of the Irish Defense  Forces vehicle fleet.

In his active career in military transport and engineering, he has served as technical officer on purchasing boards; managed vehicle retrofit and modification programs; and supervised a wide variety of technical projects in telematics, post-accident analysis, fuel contamination and others. With considerable expertise in keeping a fleet of high performance vehicles on the road, Mr. Murphy has participated in projects and conferences with other nations operating a variety of military vehicles. He was also project manager on the restoration project for the Sliabh na mBan armoured Rolls Royce vehicle.

Diarmaid Murphy also served in the Balkans as part of KFOR and in Lebanon with UNIFIL.

Table of Contents

Introduction v

Part 1 Vehicle Purchasing

Chapter 1 General Considerations 3

Chapter 2 Stages in a Vehicle Purchase Project 15

Stage 1 Framing General Requirements and The Evaluation Team 19

Establishing General Requirements

Initial Review Team

Stage 2 Forming A Project Team and Points Allocation 23

Completing a Project

Team Members

Outside Experts

Competing Vehicles and Points Allocation

Stage 3 Requests for Information (RFI) and Solution Assessment 37

Requests for Information

The Compliance Matrix

Working with RFIs

Chapter 3 Project Additions and Modifications (Definition) 49

Chapter 4 Vehicle Component Modifications and Supply 57

Stage 4 Setting a Projects Upper-Limits Definition 64

Creating Your Upper Limits

Stage 5 Setting a Projects Prototype Definition 84

The Prototype Question

Stage 6 Compiling a Compliance Matrix 94

Stage 7 Initial Review of Potential Vehicles 111

Stage 8 Trials of Potential Vehicles 115

Mechanical Evaluation

Mobility Examination

Support Examination

Stage 9 Vehicle Selection 137

Stage 10 Design Phase and Defining Vehicle Baseline Additions 145

Stage 11 Pre-Delivery Inspections 151

Stage 12 Post-Delivery Acceptance 158

Stage 13 Modifications, Upgrades and Life Extensions 160

Warranty Modification

In-Service Modifications

Upgrades and Life Extensions

Chapter 5 Ancillary Requirements 179

Maintenance, Spares, and Support Facilities

Vehicle Housing

Communications and Other Equipment

Part 2 Maintenance System

Chapter 6 Vehicle Reliability 193

Chapter 7 Implementing Reliability Improvements 209

Chapter 8 Efficiency 225

Recovering vehicles to a maintenance facility

Fault finding on the vehicle

Spare parts supply

Movement of vehicles between repair facilities

Movement of vehicles back to operators

Chapter 9 Evaluating the Maintenance System 241


Life Cycle Costs

Chapter 10 Maintenance Backlog 285

Chapter 11 Purchasing Additional Vehicles 295

Chapter 12 Types of Maintenance System 303

In-House Manufacturing

Chapter 13 Personnel 315

Appendix 1 Vehicle Telematics 327

Appendix 2 Key Points 334

Appendix 3 Commonly Required Conversion Factors 337

Glossary 339

References 350

Index 353

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