Flight from Eden

Flight from Eden

by Kathryn A. Graham



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ISBN-13: 9781932133455
Publisher: Writers' Collective, The
Publication date: 01/28/2003
Series: Eden Ser.
Pages: 356

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Kathryn A. Graham needs adventure like most of us need to breathe. At a tiny 5'1" tall, she is a military veteran and holds current aviation licenses as a pilot, an aircraft mechanic, and a ground instructor. She is licensed as owner and manager of her own private investigation firm in South Texas and has made a number of fugitive arrests. She is also certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety as a concealed handgun instructor and teaches classes on the legal and ethical uses of force under Texas Law.

As an experienced aviation consultant and also a security professional, her business has been at the forefront of the events following the terrible tragedies of September 11th of this year. In association with another security company owned by John G. Tarsikes, Jr. (Safetynet Associates), she is currently developing courses for frequent commercial air travelers on various safe and effective ways to counter aircraft hijackings. "Mostly, it's about attitude adjustment," she admits with a grin. "For both passengers and hijackers. I think the next idiot to try it will be in for one hell of a surprise."

Ms. Graham is the Texas Director for Armed Females of America and is becoming known as a political activist, having written a number of recent articles on firearms, self-defense, the use of force, the Second Amendment and many other subjects, including the now famous "10 Principles of Resistance," available for free download from several locations on the Internet.

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Eric flung himself across Kris, ignoring her cry of pain, and held her pressed up tight against the left passenger door just as their bird began a series of wild gyrations that would have thrown her all over the cabin and possibly even overboard without Eric's weight and strength to restrain her. Kris gasped when she looked over Eric's shoulder and saw power lines above them. She struggled a little. "Help me," she croaked furiously. "Help me sit up!"

Eric was surprised, but he helped her struggle into a halfsitting position with her back to him. He wrapped strong arms around her waist and braced his left foot against the pilot's seat to hold them both in the helicopter. One of the pursuing helicopters was intermittently visible, the co-pilot firing at them with an M-16 from the open doorway. Kris lifted her little flechette pistol, looked at it, and growled in disgust. To Eric's shock, she dropped it, then reached back and snatched his Baretta from its holster, thumbing the safety off and holding it in both hands. McDermott, seeing this in a quick glance over his shoulder, slid to the rear side of the passenger door with his AK-47, which gave her a clear field of fire.

The other helicopter bounced up into their field of vision, their gunner firing at them. The muzzle flashes were clear against the darkening sky. One round ricocheted around the interior of the helicopter, bringing a muttered curse from Eric. "You crazy bitch!" he snarled at Kris, literally terrified she would be hit.

Kris did not bother to respond. Instead, she braced hard against Eric, snapped off three rapid shots, and watched the shooter fall to his death. McDermott grinned and gave her a thumb up gesture, then fired again at the rotor assembly of the pursuing aircraft.

"I'll be damned," Eric whispered, trying to deal with his astonishment.

Kris sagged a little in the circle of Eric's arms, breathing heavily and leaning back. Clearly, the effort had cost her something. Their helicopter dipped and swooped. The changing g-forces played hell with Kris' equilibrium, and she lowered the weapon in her hands. Eric could sense that she was just trying to stay conscious for the moment . . .

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Flight from Eden 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Set in the near future, the United States is suffering in the grip of a fanatical and repressive theocracy. The people are blinded to the truth. Freedom is no longer part of the Constitution! ................ A computer expert, a mercenary with admitted sadistic tendencies, a cashiered U.S.A.F. officer, a doctor, and a world-famous astrophysicist have joined forces to create an underground movement. They would give their lives, if need be, to free the nation from the grip of tyranny. If they fail, millions will die. If they succeed, they will die millions of miles from their homes. ................ **** This is an incredible piece of work! The reader is not given all the information up front. However, the action and suspense keeps the reader glued as everything becomes apparent. I am unable to tell much about the story without giving away vital parts of the plot. Therefore, most of what is written in the synopsis above is from the back of the book. But never believe that there is not more going on than meets the eye in this dramatic sci-fi epic. Wonderful story! ****
Guest More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. It has many facets to include intrigue, science and relationships. I very much look forward to the sequel.