Flight of the Outcasts (The Aedyn Chronicles Series)

Flight of the Outcasts (The Aedyn Chronicles Series)

by Alister E. McGrath, Voytek Nowakowski
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Flight of the Outcasts (The Aedyn Chronicles Series) by Alister E. McGrath, Voytek Nowakowski

In the second book, which draws on the biblical story of the Babylonian exile, Alexander hears his name being called once more and he returns to Eden, which is now derelict, deserted, and spoiled. The Lion King tells Alexander how Eden was invaded and its inhabitants deported to a distant city. Alexander is asked to rescue the Lion King’s people from exile. Again, Alexander passes himself off as the ambassador of a great nation, and by a series of shrewd strategies, he persuades the great king of another empire to invade the captors and set the cats free. In triumph, Alexander leads the cats back to Eden, where they rebuild the great castle and walls, culminating in the Lion King returning to Eden.

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ISBN-13: 9780310410171
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication date: 01/24/2011
Series: Aedyn Chronicles
Sold by: Zondervan Publishing
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 709,159
File size: 6 MB
Age Range: 10 - 14 Years

About the Author

Alister E. McGrath is a historian, biochemist, and Christian theologian born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. McGrath, a longtime professor at Oxford University, now holds the Chair in theology, ministry, and education at the University of London. He is the author of several books on theology and history, including Christianity’s Dangerous Idea; In the Beginning, and The Twilight of Atheism. He lives in Oxford, England and lectures regularly in the United States.
Voytek Nowakowski was born in the small city of Leczyca, Poland, an area that had a large impact on his life and work. He used old-world techniques to create enchanting places and an atmosphere of mystery. Nowakowski lived in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Flight of the Outcasts (The Aedyn Chronicles Series) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a great but easy read. I like a lot of fantasy, and this does not let you down. It reminds me of the style of CS Lewis in the Narnia books, and is just as entertaining. Great for all ages!
LAWonder More than 1 year ago
The analogy of this book in comparison to some religious beliefs is paramount. It is a great way to bring fantasy the youth love into a comparison of todays times. Besides the fantasy, Alister included human family relations, intrigue, suspense and action. A good introduction to a scary story without instilling great fear in young minds. It is a good Book Club book for discussion. It is 'cleanly' written for youth to enjoy. The ending left one eager to continue with the next sequel. The illustrations were smeary and too dark to enhance the story. In my opinion, the illustrations largely distracted from the story. They needed to be clearer. I won this in a Goodreads giveaway but I would have eagerly bought it for my grandchildren. I intend to make the following episodes available to them.
RuffMedic More than 1 year ago
Liked the book overall but I kept getting closer and closer to the end of the book and kept wondering how they were going to wrap everything up and they did it in less than one paragraph. It's like the author said "Oh I have no more ideas so I'll just end the book with two or three sentences and be done with it" Plus for 9.99 for the ebook and 6.99 for the paperback I felt cheated that I paid 9.99 for a 100page ebook. I should have gone a purchased the paperback. My son said that this was the worst ending of a book that we've read together in a while. He tells me he hopes that book three is better than this one. I wonder if the authors read these reviews. Probably not. Overall was disapointed in the book's ending but is provided many nights of reading time with my son so it got three stars. Had I have read it myself only, I would have spent about 2 hours reading it and it would have gotten 1 star only for the crappy ending. I mean what kind of ending has no wrap up of any of the plot lines. Unless the next book continues on the story of this book then this book is just a HUGE cliffhanger and empty cup. and for that I am dropping my rating to 2 stars.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago