Floetry: Flowing Like Poetry

Floetry: Flowing Like Poetry

by Felicia Martin


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ISBN-13: 9781438200262
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/04/2008
Pages: 140
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Felicia Martin began writing in 1981, never really thinking about being published than, she continued to write for years to come. In 1996, with encouragement from her mother, she entered her first of what would be many poetry contests. She has won several entries into numerous anthologies, but has always had the dream of her own book.

Felicia has a favorite statement of truth, and that is,
She knows everything she has accomplished is Thanks to the Lord above, and without him her success would have been impossible.

But writing isn't her only love, cooking makes her happy and also helps with her inspiration. Felicia said "A good meal is fuel for my creativity" so she develops something new just about everyday.
Felicia also owns a small jewelry business she started as a past time. Her work is displayed in a local shop right in her hometown of Salisbury North Carolina.

Message to my readers:

I have often realized that I think, talk and express myself in a way most people don't. Thats why writing has become such a huge outlet for me. I can be me, and not be criticized for my differences.
Besides I find that when Im in one of my serious, quiet moods, at least one or two poems come to mind, then there are times when I see something that speaks to me, and I feel the need to write about it.
I never really know if its going to be a poem or a story until its finished, and its never finished until I can leave it alone.

Thats an excerpt from my book.

To tell you a little bit about me:
Im a mother of 3 lovely children, 2 grand children, I have 3 beautiful nieces, 1 great-niece, and 1 supportive sister.

I live in a small but growing town in North Carolina called Salisbury, where I work as a customer service representative at a local store.
I attend Church as often as possible, because I know where my Blessings come from.
I have many hobbies, reading, writing, photography, jewelry making, but cooking is a passion of mine.

My second love is Beaded Treasures, a small jewelry business I started about 3 years ago.
I design every thing to be an original, one of a kind piece. Then I take it to a local shop here in Salisbury to be displayed and sold. Making jewelry is just as relaxing as writing, but writing is like cleansing the soul.

My one regret is that my mother didnt get to see my book.

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