by Ainslie Paton
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Floored 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
I loved the book. Exactly my cup of tea.
BJsBookBlog More than 1 year ago
MY THOUGHTS Caitlyn is a 27-year old girl who has finally gotten away from her old life - we don't really find out what that life was like at the beginning of the book, but it wasn't good. And her ex is still 'phone-stalking' her. She has a new job as a chauffeur now and that's how she meets Fetch! He hires her to drive him around after he had an accident with his bike. That's not his real name of course - but we don't know that yet. Fetch is a very hairy, tattoed, pierced Biker-Dude. He's the errand boy for a criminal motorcylce gang. But of course he's not really a bad guy - he's an undercover cop!!! But now his cover seems to be blown and he needs to get out of town for a little while. That's how he ends up hiring Caitlyn to drive him to Perth. Because he endangered her by hiring her, he needs to make sure she's safe. And the safest place for her is to be with him! And that's how we start this road-movie kind of book! ¿ Caitlyn tries to be very cool and unimpressed by Fetch/Sean. They're both attracted to each other, but they both don't really want to start something. But the long time in the car and the talking brings them closer with every mile driven. And just as the book could stop with a very happy ending, the suspense part is only getting started. Will Sean & Cait end up together??? Or are her lies, his job and all the bad guys too much? I can't tell you that of course.... GO READ IT YOURSELF ¿ I really enjoyed reading the book! The problem was that, after reading Ainslie's last book DETAINED, I had too high hopes for this one :( I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEDDD Detained, so I shouldn't have expected too much, but I did. It wasn't bad - not at all. But it just felt a bit boring. I really loved the characters: Sean & Cait and even Stud ¿ But the whole road-trip part of the book was too long and too Australian and too uneventful. It's not that nothing happens on their drive from Sydney to Perth, but it's just a bit... hm... slow and long. I wanted them to have some more sexy moments - and when they DO have sexy moments they're are too un-explicit for my tastes... I liked the suspense part, but the suspense only happens at the very beginning and the very end.... in the middle of the book we're just driving and arguing and fighting and running - lots of running in this book, I felt all sweaty just reading it ¿ And I think I need to get out my australian dictionary again ;) But - all in all I really enjoyed reading it - I REALLY LOVED SEAN - I would SOOOO watch the movie! I even cried a little bit here and there ¿ Please go and buy this book....It's a really great ROAD MOVIE!