Flora Australiensis 7 Volume Set: A Description of the Plants of the Australian Territory

Flora Australiensis 7 Volume Set: A Description of the Plants of the Australian Territory

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George Bentham (1800–84) was one of Britain's most influential botanists, whose own collection of plant specimens numbered more than 100,000. Although he donated his herbarium to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in 1854, he continued to make significant contributions to the field, including this exhaustive, seven-volume work detailing the plant life of Australia, which was published from 1863 to 1878. It was part of a series of works commissioned by the British government to document the flora in its colonies. Using the extensive numbers of specimens at Kew – and with the help of Ferdinand Mueller (1825–96), a German botanist in Australia – Bentham was able to compile descriptions of more than 8,000 species of Australian plants, making these volumes the first completed compendium of the flora of any large continental area.

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ISBN-13: 9781108037457
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 12/08/2011
Series: Cambridge Library Collection - Botany and Horticulture
Edition description: Reissue
Pages: 4334
Product dimensions: 9.84(w) x 12.80(h) x 6.18(d)

Table of Contents

Volume 1: Preface; Introduction: Outlines of Botany, with Special Reference to Local Floras: 1. Definitions and descriptive botany; 2. Classification, or systematic botany; 3. Vegetable anatomy and physiology; 4. Collection, preservation, and determination of plants; Index of terms, or glossary; Flora Australiensis: Class I. Dicotyledons. Subclass I. Polypetalae: Order I. Ranunculaceae; Order II. Dilleniaceae; Order III. Magnoliaceae; Order IV. Anonaceae; Order V. Menispermaceae; Order VI. Nymphaeaceae; Order VII. Papaveraceae; Order VIII. Cruciferae; Order IX. Capparideae; Order X. Violarieae; Order XI. Bixineae; Order XII. Pittosporeae; Order XIII. Tremandreae; Order XIV. Polygaleae; Order XV. Frankeniaceae; Order XVI. Caryophylleae; Order XVII. Portulaceae; Order XVIII. Elatineae; Order XIX. Hypericineae; Order XX. Guttiferae; Order XXI. Malvaceae; Order XXII. Sterculiaceae; Order XXIII. Tiliaceae; Order XXIV. Lineae; Order XXV. Malpighiaceae; Order XXVI. Zygophylleae; Order XXVII. Geraniaceae; Order XXVIII. Rutaceae; Order XXIX. Simarubeae; Order XXX. Burseraceae; Order XXXI. Meliaceae; Order XXXII. Olacineae; Order XXXIII. Ilicineae; Order XXXIV. Celastrineae; Order XXXV. Stackhousieae; Order XXXVI. Rhamneae; Order XXXVII. Ampelideae; Order XXXVIII. Sapindaceae; Order XXXIX. Anacardiaceae; Index. Volume 2: Conspectus of the orders; Order XL. Leguminosae: Suborder I. Papilionaceae; Suborder 2. Caesalpinieae; Suborder 3. Mimoseae; Order XLI. Rosaceae; Order XLII. Saxifrageae; Order XLIII. Crassulaceae; Order XLIV. Droseraceae; Order XLV. Halorageae; Order XLVI. Rhizophoreae; Order XLVII. Combretaceae; Index. Volume 3: Conspectus of the orders; Order XLVIII. Myrtaceae; Order XLIX. Melastomaceae; Order L. Lythrarieae; Order LI. Onagrarieae; Order LII. Samydaceae; Order LIII. Passifloreae; Order LIV. Cucurbitaceae; Order LV. Ficoideae; Order LVI. Umbelliferae; Order LVII. Araliaceae; Order LVIII. Cornaceae; Order LIX. Loranthaceae; Order LX. Caprifoliaceae; Order LXI. Rubiaceae; Order LXII. Compositae; Index. Volume 4: Conspectus of the orders. Order LXIII. Stylidieae; Order LXIV. Goodenovieae; Order LXV. Campanulaceae; Order LXVI. Ericaceae; Order LXVII. Epacrideae; Order LXVIII. Plumbagineae; Order LXIX. Primulaceae; Order LXX. Myrsineae; Order LXXI. Sapotaceae; Order LXXII. Ebenaceae; Order LXXIII. Styracaceae; Order LXXIV. Jasmineae; Order LXXV. Apocyneae; Order LXXVI. Asclepiadeae; Order LXXVII. Loganiaceae; Order LXXVIII. Gentianeae; Order LXXIX. Hydrophyllaceae; Order LXXX. Boragineae; Order LXXXI. Convolvulaceae; Order LXXXII. Solaneae; Order LXXXIII. Schrophularineae; Order LXXXIV. Lentibularieae; Order LXXXV. Orobanchaceae; Order LXXXVI. Gesneriaeceae; Order LXXXVII. Bignoniaceae; Order LXXXVIII. Acanthaceae; Order LXXXIX. Pedalineae; Index. Volume 5: Conspectus of the orders; Order XC. Myoporineae; Order XCI. Selagineae; Order XCII. Verbenaceae; Order XCIII. Labiatae; Order XCIV. Plantagineae; Order XCV. Phytolaccaceae; Order XCVI. Chenopodiaceae; Order XCVII. Amarantaceae; Order XCVIII. Paronychiaceae; Order XCIX. Polygonaceae; Order C. Nyctagineae; Order CI. Myristiceae; Order CII. Monimiaceae; Order CIII. Laurineae; Order CIV. Proteaceae; Index. Volume 6: Conspectus of the orders. Order CV. Thymeleae; Order CVI. Elaeagnaceae; Order CVII. Nepenthaceae; Order CVIII. Euphorbiaceae; Order CIX. Urticeae; Order CX. Casuarineae; Order CXI. Piperaceae; Order CXII. Aristolochiaceae; Order CXIII. Cupuliferae; Order CXIV. Santalaceae; Order CXV. Balanophoreae; Order CXVI. Coniferae; Order CXVII. Cycadeae; Monocotyledons. Order CXVIII. Hydrocharideae; Order CXIX. Scitamineae; Order CXX. Orchideae; Order CXXI. Burmanniaceae; Order CXXII. Irideae; Order CXXIII. Amaryllideae; Order CXXIV. Taccaceae; Order CXXV. Dioscorideae; Index. Volume 7: Concluding preface; Conspectus of the orders; Order CXXVI. Roxburghiaceae; Orde

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