Florida Keys Dive Guide, 2nd Edition

Florida Keys Dive Guide, 2nd Edition

Paperback(Revised Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9780789207920
Publisher: Abbeville Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/28/2003
Series: Abbeville's Dive Guides to the World's Best Sites Series
Edition description: Revised Edition
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 8.28(w) x 11.44(h) x 0.43(d)

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I made my first dive in the Florida Keys in 1971, on Elbow Reef. I still remember the dive vividly--there was so much life and the bright sun made the colors so intense. Memorable images filled the dive. On top of a ridge I saw a green moray eel slither by a closely packed school of iridescent blue-and-yellow grunts beneath a towering tree of golden brown elkhorn coral. In the clear blue water overhead a dozen silver barracuda hovered, motionless, perfectly lined up and reminiscent of arrows in a target.

From 1984 to 1987 I managed the Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary. I became very familiar with the reefs in the Upper Keys and learned to revere the diversity of their underwater life. Every day held the promise of learning something new about the ocean. I discovered that there are few ecological communities on earth with the beauty, resilience, and fragility of these coral reefs.

I have made hundreds of dives here since then, and the reefs have had a special gift for me each time. Schools of surgeonfish, picking at the algae on the base of the elkhorn branches, enveloped me on Carysfort Reef. Green sea turtles looked right into my mask on Sombrero Reef. A helmet conch crawled slowly over my hand on the sand at Key Largo Dry Rocks. A great hammerhead shark gave me goose bumps at Looe Key. Four silver tarpon swam circles around me at Pickles Reef. A family of spotted eagle rays glided by me on Molasses Reef. Once a pod of 5 bottlenose dolphins swam right up to me in 4 feet (1.2 meters) of water in Florida Bay. Not every dive has offered such dramatic images, but they have all been a delight.

The Florida Keys are waiting to give their gifts to you, too. Come andsee the magic of life beneath the water here. Take some time before you come to learn about the corals, fish, and marine invertebrates you will see. Spend some time poking around the sea grass and patch reefs, and paddle a canoe through the mangroves. Find out how all these creatures rely on each other. You will go home with the gift of memories you couldn't get anywhere else. You can return the gift by diving the reefs with care--you will earn the respect of everyone who loves the Florida Keys.

Table of Contents

Carysfort Reef34
South Carysfort Reef38
Elbow Reef42
The City of Washington46
Horseshoe Reef50
North North Dry Rocks54
Key Largo Dry Rocks (The Christ of the Abyss)58
Grecian Rocks62
The Benwood66
French Reef70
Molasses Reef74
Spiegel Grove78
The Duane82
Pickles Reef86
Conch Reef90
Davis Reef94
The Eagle98
Coffins Patch102
The Thunderbolt106
Sombrero Reef and Delta Shoal110
Looe Key114
Looe Key Intermediate and Deep Reefs118
The Cayman Salvage Master122
Joe's Tug126
Nine Foot Stake130
Lost Reef134
Western Dry Rocks138
The Fish of the Florida Keys142

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Good useful information but inferior photographer,otherwise this would be a good book to have, just cut out the pictures and replace them with any scuba magazine's. Save your money, there are better books out there on the subject of the Fla. Keys.