Flower Power: Redefining the Paradigm of Patient Care

Flower Power: Redefining the Paradigm of Patient Care

by Susan C Dewey RRT


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Health Care systems and facilities are failing across the nation. Their leadership are disconnected from the reality that patient care comes first and patient satisfaction is a byproduct of doing it right. Today is the day our leaders in health care need to listen and understand the key to finding success, or they will continue to fail.

- The leaders of our health care systems have become disconnected from the clinical, front-line staff delivering medical care. As a result our health care systems are failing in the area of patient care and as a result patient satisfaction. This book sheds light on the most basic issues and solutions that continue to be overlooked be hospital and facility leadership. It is vital that we reintroduce care into health care if our healthcare facilities expect to survive and thrive. The time is now to use new innovative ideas, and approaches to solve our health care disaster. Discover how simple fixes make a big difference, and who holds the key to your facilities successes and failuresWhat if we used a new, innovative way to approach the way we deliver health care?

In a health care environment changed drastically by The Affordable Care Act, the author focuses on changing the way we work, to better suit this new legislation, and why it matters. Her stories of genuine compassionate care, patient neglect and caregiver indifference are moving. This book gives a behind the scenes look at why our health care systems seem so cold and indifferent. Then, provides a few simple examples of issues that could be improved, and how these changes are a win for everyone involved.

Would you like to:•Go back to caring about your patients?•Be cared for by a genuinely compassionate & caring health care staff?•Return to doing "work that matters"?•Be part of the solution and share your ideas, but no one is listening to you?

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Publication date: 11/02/2015
Pages: 108
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