Flowers Are for Love: A Bouquet of Inspirational Stories

Flowers Are for Love: A Bouquet of Inspirational Stories

by Kathy Lamancusa

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Whether you are looking for love, building a lasting relationship, or trying to reignite a romantic bond, flowers are powerful messengers of affection. In this wonderful follow-up to Flowers Are Forever, Kathy Lamancusa has collected beautiful true stories that illustrate the very important role flowers play in loving relationships. Whether they are roses or carnations, lilies or lilacs, flowers carry lovers through the beginning steps and sustain passion over the test of time. They sweeten romantic celebrations and soothe broken hearts. Flowers Are for Love is a treasure for the romantic at heart.

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ISBN-13: 9780743212243
Publisher: Touchstone
Publication date: 01/10/2002
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 240
File size: 7 MB

About the Author

Kathy Lamancusa, a nationally known trend strategist, inspirational speaker, and creative lifestyle book author, is the host of At Home with Flowers, which has appeared on several PBS stations, and is a frequent guest on HGTV's decorating shows, as well as on programs on the Learning Channel, the Discovery Channel, Lifetime, and the major networks. She is the founder and editor of the annual magazine Quilts Are Forever, and lives in North Canton, Ohio.

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from Chapter 6

Now he that planteth and he that watereth are one; and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labor.

— 1 Corinthians 3:8

Cheryl Runstrom

As the train sped along the East Coast toward Florida, tears silently slid down my cheeks. The complications of modern family life can seem overwhelming, particularly when it comes to transporting children between parents and states. I was on an arduous thirty-six-hour train trip. I had just delivered my children to their father, my ex-husband, in New Jersey for a long visit and was returning to my home in Florida. As the train made its way along the many miles, I contemplated the lonely months I would now spend without my kids and the lonely evening that lay ahead. I thought my husband was out at sea and I was feeling sad that he wouldn't be there to comfort and reassure me when I arrived home.

It was almost 5:30 A.M. when the train, quiet with sleepy passengers, approached the station in Jacksonville. Suddenly I heard a buzz coming down through the long, dark train car; soft whispers filled with excitement and awe made their way to my ears. I looked out the window and up the tracks to see what had everyone in such a frenzy. As we reached the platform, I saw the profile of a handsome naval officer, suited up in formal dress whites and holding a huge bouquet of yellow roses. His hat was low over his eyes and he stood proud.

Oblivious to the crowd that had eagerly gathered to watch, I ran to that handsome naval officer, my husband, and threw myself into his arms. After a long kiss, I buried my nose in the yellow roses and knew that I was home — and that I was loved by a very special man.


The art of making potpourri dates back to long before the time of the pharaohs. Historically, it was used to mask odors from poor sanitation as well as to ward off insects. In French the word potpourri means "rotten pot." Today potpourri is simply a mixture of dried flowers and other ingredients used to add fragrance to a room.

Copyright © 2001 by Kathy Lamancusa

Table of Contents




Chapter 1 • Romantic Celebrations

The Ten-Cow Wife / Rochelle Beach

Frivolous Necessities / Karen Wingard

Growing Roots / Diane Gunn Hurd

Dried and True / Christina Keating

Sensual Flowers / Kathy G. Wise

A Rose for Daryl / Larry Laney

Chapter 2 • The Gift of Flowers

Love Un-American Style / Hope Mihalap

Two Corsages / Arnold "Nick" Carter

The Most Important Component / Susan E. Warkentin

Message Across the Miles / Poul Einshsj

First Flower / Kathy Peterson

Who Will Send Me Flowers? / Jill Boudreau

Magic / Cynthia Panton

A Lesson in Appreciation / Elisabeth Charles

Chapter 3 • Beginning Steps

Window Shopping / Craig Sole

Mystery at Storm Lake / Barbara Glanz

Flight of Fancy / Nada Rutka

The Flight of the Helicopter / Shirley Sluis

Playing My Part / Alice-Lynne Olson

Twelve Days of Christmas / Janice Stucky

Trading for Memories of Love / Lynn Downing

The Promise of Roses / Carolina Fernandez

Chapter 4 • Withstanding the Test of Time

Throughout Our Garden / Tim Farrell

Lilacs: To Have and to Hold / Kathy Baker

Picture Perfect / Alice E. Heim

The Legacy of the Wedding Corsage / Alan Parkhurst

Petals of Respect / Paula Westbrook

Corresponding with Tulips / Lynne Moss

Fifty Years / Russ Barley

Healing Rose / Linda Wyszynski

A Garden of Roses / JoAnn C. Schleis

The Presence of Roses / Liz Bernstein

Chapter 5 • The Language of Love

The Circle of the Flame / Terrilynn Quillen

Love, Speaks the Heart / Donna Herrin

Unexpected / Andrew Pike

Rare Beauty / Lillian Sibila

Roses Mean.../ Kathleen Bretherick

The Rosebud / Lillian Zarzar

Free Love in the Garden / Charles Goodwin

The Odd Couple / Angela Ronemark

Floral Rituals / Elaine Schmidt

Flowering Together / Rosemarie Rossetti

The Hug Tree / Julie Woodell

Chapter 6 • Unexpected Surprises

The Twelfth Rose / Nori Gartner-Baca

An Officer and a Gentleman / Cheryl Runstrom

A Rose by Any Other Name...Is Still an Allergy / Elaine Gartner

The Do-It-Yourself Corsage / Joe Lamancusa

Finish Line / Steve Moroski

Wednesday's Flowers / Karen R. Peters

Surprise, Surprise! / Shirley M. Albertson

Birthday Mix-Up / Bernice Peitzer

Less Is More / Kirby Holt



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