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Still clinging to the post-punk snarl that made them cult favorites during the '80s, Echo and the Bunnymen's Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant maintain a stunning inventiveness as they enter into the third decade of the band. They're older, but an ignited passion remains central. What Are You Going to Do With Your Life? was more or less a lackluster Ian McCulloch effort, but the mediocrity of that album was twisted into a clear beauty for Echo's ninth album, Flowers. After contractual battles with London Records, a deal with SpinArt contributed to the redefined structure of the band, and Flowers solidified McCulloch's and Sergeant's brotherly musical jaunt, reaching a respectable status. McCulloch isn't an angst-ridden punk -- he's aged with class -- and Sergeant's typically moody guitar work has mellowed. The alluring rawness of the band is intact, and songs such as "King of Kings" and "Hide & Seek" are playful cuts with reminiscent production work of 1983's musical prize, Ocean Rain. "It's Alright" rolls with layered guitars, and McCulloch experiments vocally for a rough-edged spiral of psychedelics and '60s pop flair. "Everybody Knows" and "An Eternity Turns" get back to basics, circa Crocodiles, and they are the most consistent set of songs on the new album. Ian McCulloch is at his finest with a lyrical clarity that is typically dark, intelligent and swaggering. Sergeant's rippling accompaniment is rightfully complimentary to define that Echo and the Bunnymen have stayed in tune to what makes them an effective unit. Flowers doesn't possess the initial fiery power of the band's first four albums, but the underlying concept that brought McCulloch and Sergeant together in 1978 is what matters, and this album holds true to such a bond.

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Release Date: 05/22/2001
Label: Imports
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  1. King of Kings
  2. SuperMellowMan
  3. Hide & Seek
  4. Make Me Shine
  5. It's Alright
  6. Buried Alive
  7. Flowers
  8. Everybody Knows
  9. Life Goes On
  10. An Eternity Turns
  11. Burn for Me

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Flowers 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Yes the bunnymen are older. Yes Les and Pete are gone. No this is not Ocean Rain. But it is an interesting (both lyrically and musically) CD. Unlike 1999's What Are You Going To Do With Your Life, this is not an introspective CD about looking backwards... this has it's eyes poised right on the future. The Heavy orchestration and laid back style of the comeback CD's are gone, replaced by Will Sergeant's jingly, psychedelic guitars. In fact Will is featured on this CD more than any other since Crocodiles. It's a refreshing sound. As an added bonus, these songs should go over VERY well live (and if you haven't seen the Bunnymen live, do not miss it).
Guest More than 1 year ago
Been a fan since their early 80's work and although they've mellowed much in the years how can you not love Ian's voice and Will Sergeant's guitar work really shines with all its diversity, they really have cooked up a great cd this time. I liked many of the songs from last two ''comeback'' cds, Evergreen and What do you want to do with your life? but this one really comes together and has great lyrics. It will grow on you with repeated listens. My favorites Flowers, King of Kings, Everybody knows, Its alright and Burn for you, just to name some highlights for me. Enjoy Interesting cover as well