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Flowers Shown to the Children

Flowers Shown to the Children

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Flowers Shown to the Children by Janet Harvey Kelman; described by C. E. Smith; Forty-Eight Coloured Full Page Pictures from the ‘Shown to the Children’ Series Edited by Louey Chisholm

Yellow Flowers
Lesser Celandine
Bulbous Buttercup
Meadow Buttercup
Marsh Marigold
Wild Mustard
Hedge Mustard
Yellow Horned Poppy
Rock Rose
Opposite-Leaved Golden Saxifrage
Common Whin or Gorse
Needle Whin
St. John’s Wort
Common Avens
Birdsfoot Trefoil
Hop Trefoil
Lady’s Fingers
Meadow Vetchling
Creeping Cinquefoil
Silver Weed
Common Agrimony
Common Nipplewort
Autumnal Hawkbit
Yellow Goatsbeard
Common Groundsel
Common Ragwort
Biting Stonecrop
Yellow Bedstraw
Wild Mignonette
Common Dandelion
Bog Asphodel
Yellow Water Iris
White Flowers
Sneezewort Yarrow
Mountain Everlasting
Common Comfrey
Traveller’s Joy
Wood Anemone
Water Crowfoot
Shepherd’s Purse
Common Scurvy Grass
Hairy Rock Cress
Common Chickweed
Mouse-Eared Chickweed
Greater Stitchwort
Wild Angelica
Upright Hedge Parsley
Hemlock Water Dropwort
Cow Parsnip
Wild Chervil
Sea Carrot
Common Hemlock
Meadow Sweet
Wild Strawberry
Wood Sorrel
Goosegrass or Cleavers
Yarrow or Millfoil
Ox-Eye Daisy
Scentless Mayweed
Common Star of Bethlehem
Mossy Saxifrage
Marsh Pennywort
Intermediate Wintergreen
Grass of Parnassus
Common Bladder Campion
Sea Campion
Common Eyebright
White Dead Nettle
Spotted Orchis
Green Flowers
Red-Berried Bryony
Chickweed Wintergreen
Cuckoopint or Wake Robin
Common Mare’s Tail
Common Butterbur
Greater Burdock
Ribwort Plantain
Knotty Figwort
Lady’s Mantle
Dog’s Mercury
Common Nettle
Purple Flowers
Purple Sea-Rocket
Cuckoo Flower or Lady’s Smock
Marsh Cinquefoil
Water Avens
Dog Violet
Common Mallow
Scotch Thistle
Marsh Plume Thistle
Field Scabious
Common Ling or Heather
Black Knapweed
Wild Thyme
Early Purple Orchis
Purple Loose-Strife
Common Butterwort
Pink Flowers
Common Bugle
Ground Ivy
Hairy Water Mint
Common Fumitory
Ragged Robin
Red Campion
Dove’s-Foot Crane’s-Bill
Stork’s Bill
Rest Harrow
Red Clover
Dog Rose
Burnet Rose
Lousewort, or Red Rattle
Great Wild Valerian
Small Bindweed
Broad-Leaved Willow Herb
Corn Cockle
Cross-Leaved Pink Heath
Blue Flowers
Blue Meadow Crane’s-Bill
Corn Flower
Tufted Vetch
Wild Succory
Bluebell or Harebell
Sea Holly
Germander Speedwell
Brooklime Speedwell
Great Water Forget-Me-Not
Common Borage
Evergreen Alkanet
Wood Hyacinth
Field Gentian
Sea Aster
Viper’s Bugloss
Red Flowers
Red Poppy
Scarlet Pimpernel
Common Sorrel

Excerpt from the Introduction: Now this new flower-book is written just for the purpose of telling little children about the flowers. And in order to make it easy, the blue flowers have all been put together in one part of the book, the yellow in another, and the white in a third group; so you can at once know in what part of the book you will see a picture of any flower you find.

And I have made the writing which tells about each flower very easy, with as few new words as possible, so I hope you will be able to read it yourself, and find out how many wonderful and beautiful things there are in the flower-world which you might not notice unless you were told what to look for.

There are four new words you must learn to understand before you begin to read this book.

The first word is CALYX, and it means a covering…These SEPALS are very often green, like leaves, but you may have white sepals, or yellow sepals, or blue sepals or pink sepals. The third new word you must know the meaning of, is PETALS. The fourth new word you must try to remember is STAMENS...

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