Fluent Visual Basic

Fluent Visual Basic

by Rebecca M. Riordan
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Fluent Visual Basic by Rebecca M. Riordan

Based on the principles of cognitive science and instructional design, Fluent Visual Basic, part of the Fluent Learning series, is a true tutorial that will help you build effective working models for understanding a large and complex subject: developing .NET Framework applications in Visual Basic.


Most introductory books just talk at you and give you “exercises” that have more to do with taking dictation than actually learning. Fluent Visual Basic is different. It guides you through learning the way your mind likes to learn: by solving puzzles, making connections, and building genuine understanding instead of just memorizing random facts.



  • Write .NET applications in Visual Basic
  • Leverage the incredible power of the .NET Framework Class Library
  • Apply Object-Oriented principles, Design Patterns, and best practices to your code
  • Develop desktop applications using the powerful Windows Presentation Foundation user interface API

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ISBN-13: 9780132900560
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 10/31/2011
Series: Fluent Learning
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 800
File size: 39 MB
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About the Author

Rebecca M. Riordan has an international reputation as an author and application architect. Her ability to make complex technical subjects accessible and understandable has earned her books a devoted following. In 2004, her book, Seeing Data: Designing User Interfaces for Database Systems Using .NET was nominated for the prestigious Jolt award.

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Fluent Visual Basic 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Yes, I'm late in the game, but the .NET Framework is here to stay. I've worked with various C++ compilers, Java, and numerous scripting languages, but my favorite environmemt has always been vb6. When I saw how different Windows was running back when .NET came out, I convinced myself that all I needed was good ol' Win32 and COM and GDI and all that. But at some point, I had to move on. I'm using this book, Fluent Visual Basic, for several reasons. For one, it's very instructional, as opposed to other books that serve as merely reference material, and offer no lessons or example situations. Second, it even states in the intro that it's a good stepping stone for people who have used previous versions of vb. It even will sometimes mention explicitly when a language convention has changed from previous versions, which is helpful. The difficult parts about this book are common with many other programmimg literature. It's easy to get lost in the beginning chapters, before it really gets involved with any actual coding. And one funny anomaly I noticed, a very brief code example was given in C#. Finally, since this is a Nook review, the images and graphics may sometimes be illegible because of their lower resolution, which is unfortunate since about a third of all information in the book is relayed through these graphics. Despite the inconveniences, this is a treasure trove for both someone looking to dive into .NET with VB, or if you're an old VB programmer like me looking to go to the next level.