Flute Tudor and the Secret Order

Flute Tudor and the Secret Order

by J.J. Jones


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Flute Tudor and the Secret Order by J.J. Jones

Flute Tudor is a child of prophecy. The predictions were written in the White Wizard scriptures of prophecy by the English astronomer Royal Wizards during the sixteenth century.

It is now the twenty-first century, and an evil secret society of wizards and witches know that the prophecies speak of a boy wizard who will defeat and destroy them. The passage of evil where black magic comes from has warned the Dark Wizard Order that the child of prophecy has been born, and this sinister order of wizards and witches will stop at nothing to kill Flute Tudor.

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ISBN-13: 9781490749310
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 01/30/2016
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.93(d)

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Flute Tudor and the Secret Order

By J.J. Jones

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2016 J.J. Jones
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-4931-0


A Child Is Born

It was a very beautiful spring morning in Liverpool, England, at the beginning of March, to be exact. In a house of greatness and wealth, there seemed to be a huge disturbance so great that the house shook and rattled as if an earthquake was taking place. But this was no earthquake; this was a warning to the madam of the house that trouble was headed her family's way.

Anna Tudor, the madam of this great house, was no stranger to such warnings from the huge mansion she'd called home for nearly a quarter of a century. Anna was a very powerful witch who knew everything there was to know about the wizardry and witches' spells and curses. And Anna knew when the mansion shook, the house was summoning her to the Hall of Mirrors.

Anna frantically scrambled from under the covers of her bed, placing on her slippers while putting on her robe to cover the thin gown she had been sleeping in. Anna's face held a very worried expression as she hurried out of her bedroom and walked very fast through the great house toward the Hall of Mirrors.

The Hall of Mirrors was actually a room that had many different kinds of mirrors with all sorts of different shapes and materials; each mirror had a style of its own. There were more than one hundred of them. The mirrors came from different countries all over the world. Some of the mirror frames were made of wood, some were of silver, and some were of gold. As Anna went out toward the Hall of Mirrors, the pictures inside the frames seemed as if their eyes were watching and following her.

The life-sized statues Anna passed by seemed to have turned their heads to watch what direction she walked toward. Anna's home had several life-sized statues and many pictures of past family members who belonged to the Tudor family. In fact, the house Anna lived in was called a palace in ancient times because of how huge it was. But in the twenty-first century, the house was simply referred to as a mansion.

Anna was a middle-aged woman in her earlier fifties. Her beauty and youthful looks would deceive anyone who looked at her because she seemed to be in her early thirties.

Anna had a son who lived with her, and his name was Harry. Harry was born to Anna and her husband, Edward Tudor, when Edward and Anna were twenty years old. Harry Tudor was CEO of the Bank of the Common People, which was an empire worth billions in assets, while in his early thirties.

Harry's wife was named Elizabeth, and she was very beautiful in personality and appearance. She also was pregnant in her ninth month, and the child was due any day.

Harry Tudor was a wizard who belonged to the White Wizard Order, a very secretive and powerful order of wizards and witches who lived in countries all over the world. The white order of wizards referred to themselves as the "Brotherhood" and the white order of witches referred to themselves as the "Sisterhood."

Edward Tudor, Harry's father, was said to have been killed when Harry was about ten years old. No one ever explained just how Edward Tudor was murdered and by whom. Some things were better unspoken concerning the death of Edward Tudor whenever the Tudors conversed.

Anna had raised Harry to be the leader of the family-owned bank, and Anna revealed to Harry the long line of wizards and witches that existed in the Tudor family history, the ones who turned to darkness and the ones who stayed on the path of uprightness.

Anna entered the Hall of Mirrors and sat in a chair in the middle of the room. The chair resembled that of a king's throne. The room was dark and gloomy so that the ghostly images and faces that appeared in the mirrors on the walls would not be frightened off . The ghostly images in the mirrors were afraid of complete light. They were afraid of sunlight and light that generated from any kind of lightbulb. The ghostly images appeared to look like ghosts in the mirrors, and they were completely white and beautiful. But if light was to reflect on the mirrors and the ghostly images were seen for how they really looked, these ghostly creatures that were considered beautiful would now be thought to be monsters. The ghostly images also thought that if light were to reveal their actual being, they would be cast into the Abyss of Eternal Gloom.

Wizards and witches knew that the ghostly images believed they would be cast into the Abyss of Eternal Gloom if light was to expose them and reveal their actual being, so the wizards and witches kept the rooms dark with only candles burning to provide a glimpse of light so that they themselves would be able to see their way as they walked through the Hall of Mirrors.

The wizards and witches preferred to call the ghostly images "trickets" because some of the trickets were very crafted and just wanted to lie and trick the wizards whenever they spoke to them. The trickets in the mirrors were very important and of great value to the wizards and witches because trickets showed the future, some showed the past and the present, some revealed what was in the heart of other people who had hidden motives, some revealed when others planned to harm you, some would show you that you have the ability to change a path if the path you were on was leading to destruction, some would show you how to attain great power over others and even nations, and do not ever forget that some wanted to only trick you and make you believe a lie.

Wizards and witches learned about the different characters and the abilities of the trickets when the wizards and witches advanced to certain degrees and higher levels in the secret order of the white wizards. A person could only count on one hand the wizards and witches who passed the test of the mirrors and mastered the trickets on their first try, and encountered the trickets that resided in the mirrors. It even took years for some wizards and witches to master the mirrors and know which trickets were telling the truth and which ones were telling a lie.

Anna could not be deceived by the trickets because she had years of experience with the trickets in the mirrors. She could even call the trickets all by names if she wanted to. Anna commanded three mirrors to detach themselves from the wall and to stand before her where she sat on the chair that remarkably resembled a throne. One mirror at a time came off of the wall and floated toward the chair that she sat in. All three mirrors stood before her chair floating in midair for Anna to look the trickets in their ghostly faces and ask them questions.

Anna asked, "Mirror of truth, is it you who is before me?"

"It is I, Anna, that appears before you," the mirror said.

"And who are the other two mirrors that appear before my seat?" Anna asked.

The mirror replied, "It is the mirror that reveals the future events and the mirror that reveals that destruction is at hand if another path is not taken."

Anna then told the tricket in the mirror of truth, "Back to your rightful place on the wall, mirror of truth."

Then Anna looked intently at the tricket in the mirror of future events and said, "Show me great things to come whether they are pleasant or horrific."

The tricket moved back from the front of the mirror, fading out of the sight of Anna's eyes, and then the visions began to appear in the mirror. Anna's face was gleaming with joy as she saw the visions. As the mirror revealed the visions, it was as if Anna was watching a movie from a television as the light reflected from the mirror onto Anna's face.

"Back to your rightful place on the wall, mirror of future events!" Anna shouted with joy.

Standing on her feet while looking very excited about the visions she saw, Anna was laughing and dancing, clapping her hands, and swirling around.

Anna was bursting with laughter, shouting, "Hear me, you mirrors that are in this hall, I have seen great things! Even now if I am joined to my husband this day, my life has been complete and fulfilled from what I have seen. Surely, it will come to pass!"

After Anna began to calm down from the joy that overtook her, she sat back on the chair that resembled a throne and began to speak to the last mirror that floated before her.

Anna spoke to the last ghostly image that stood inside the mirror that floated before her, "Show me the destruction that would happen if a different path is not taken."

As the tricket in the mirror revealed the vision, Anna's joy turned to horror. Her face was now frowning and an expression of sadness covered it.

Anna began to scream, "No, NO, NOO!"

Anna leapt out of the chair and rushed toward the door of the room while constantly screaming, "N-NO-NO, we can't let this happen!"

The vision had terrified Anna so much that she forgot to tell the mirror that showed the destructions that would take place if another path was not taken to return to its rightful place on the wall.

When Anna opened the door to the room of the Hall of Mirrors, the mirror that was floating in front of the chair that Anna was sitting in went crashing to the ground.

The light entering the room from the open door had scared the tricket inside the mirror, and it fl ed. It didn't want the light to reveal how it really looked, thinking that the light would cause it to be cast into the Abyss of Eternal Gloom.

Anna went running down the corridor of her house yelling for her servant Paul, "Paul, come quickly, quickly, Paul!"

Paul came running out of the kitchen where he was preparing breakfast for Anna, Harry, and Elizabeth in the early hours of this particular morning. Paul suspected that something was terribly wrong, for he knew that the house had trembled earlier that morning and now he could hear Anna yelling for him with great urgency in her voice.

Harry also could hear his mother calling for their servant with great urgency in her voice, so Harry kissed his wife, Elizabeth, on the forehead and got out of their bed quickly. He ran toward the door of the bedroom to find his mother.

When Harry opened up the door to the bedroom, he looked back at his wife as she lay in the bed looking at him with an expression of worry on her face.

Harry whispered while placing his index finger to his lips, "Do not come out of this room until I come back to the door to signal to you that it is safe. Come lock the door. Do not open it up unless it is Mother's voice or my voice calling for you."

Anna and Paul had found each other because Paul had followed the cries of Anna's voice by going toward the section of the house that Anna was calling from. Anna was breathing heavily as she took hold of Paul's arms.

Anna said, "Hurry and find my son and instruct him to meet me in the Hall of Readings!"

Anna then began to move quickly toward the Hall of Readings.

Paul found Harry, and Harry requested, "Where is my mother, Paul? Have you seen her?"

Paul answered, "Your mother has requested for you to meet her in the Hall of Readings, sir!"

The hall of readings was a room with bookshelves standing against every wall in the room. It was as if the room was a public library museum from the look and size of it. This room was so huge and so magnificent that thousands of books filled the shelves. The bookshelves stood at least fifteen feet tall. There were even ladders leaning against bookshelves to climb in order to reach upper shelves if a person wants to read certain books.

In the middle of the room in the Hall of Readings, there stood a table with a cloth covering it. There were stars, crescent moons, and suns designed into the material. On top of the cloth was a crystal ball the size of a basketball. The crystal ball gave out a beautiful brilliant and radiant sky blue light.

Anna was already in the Hall of Readings waiting for Harry to enter into the room. Harry entered and saw his mother standing by the table in the middle of the room.

When Harry saw his mother, Harry exclaimed, "Mother, are you all right?"

Anna placed her index finger to her lips while signaling her son to be very quiet. From her expression, Harry thought that someone or something was in the room. Anna signaled with her hand for Harry to come to her.

When Harry got to his mother, Anna took him by the hand and began to speak, "As the oceans have expanded toward the lands and as the sky has expanded over the head of man, crystal ball before my eyes, you must expand at my command. Now expand!"

The crystal ball on the table began to grow and expand like that of bubble gum blown out of a person's mouth. The crystal ball had become so huge that it had now covered the entire table and sat on the floor while reaching the height of the fifteen-feet bookshelves.

It was wide enough to take at least twenty people inside of it. Anna stepped inside the expanded crystal ball, bringing her son into the crystal ball with her as he held on to Anna's hand tightly. Once they were inside the crystal ball, it was as if they were inside a room that had all its wall, floors, and ceilings covered with sky blue paint. The same brilliant and radiant sky blue light that came out of the crystal ball also gave light to the inside of the crystal ball as well.

Anna began to speak to Harry, "The reason why we are in the crystal ball is because no one, or anything, can eavesdrop on us and hear what I am about to tell you."

The crystal ball had a sound barrier that no one outside of the crystal ball could hear what was being said on the inside.

Wizards and witches used these crystal balls for centuries in order to share secrets with one another because they knew that all things that stood still, walked, or crept had a voice to speak if a spell was used to loosen their tongues to speak in the human languages. Crystal balls were also used to summon wizards and witches who lived in other countries and in the World of Nambia.

Anna said to Harry, "The Hall of Mirrors has shown me great things concerning the child who is in your wife's womb. The child is the chosen one, the one that will bring an end to the dark order; and all spells, curses, and wars that have plagued the human race will come to an end. Then shall this world become one with Nambia [THE WORLD OF PEACE]."

Harry asked, "Mother, are you sure that it is my child and the trickets have not lied to you? Maybe they have deceived you this one time or the astronomer, Royal Wizards of England, during the sixteenth century. What if you are wrong, Mother?"

Anna replied, "Well, if I am wrong, then why have the dark wizards plotted to destroy the child when it is born? Unless another path is taken, you, your wife, and your child will be killed. If the child is born on land, the child will be killed. The dark wizards have been shown that your wife carries the very child that will end their reign of terror and their black magic against humanity."

Harry became very frightened, so he pleaded with his mother, saying, "What magic must I use to defeat these dark wizards that they may fail in this attempt on me and my family's lives?"

Anna replied, "There is no magic that can defeat them in this attempt on you and your child's life. You must change the path in order to save your family."

Harry asked, "What path must I take, Mother?"

Anna said, "Listen to me and do not share it with another. The destruction of you, Elizabeth, and your child happens on land, so the path you must take is to the sea. The dark wizards will not strike until the child is born. They will know where to find you if you stay on land because everything on land speaks and has a voice if a spell is placed on it. The trees will speak; the grass will speak; the stones will speak; the ants and the spiders, the dogs and the cats, the birds and the bats, and even the mice and the rats will speak out against this child to the dark wizards if you remain on land when the child is born."

So Harry did as his mother had instructed him. He took his wife and loaded the family yacht and stockpiled the boat with about three months' worth of food and water. Then Harry took to sail on the Atlantic Ocean, moving far away from land.

On March 21, Harry was sitting on the deck of the yacht staring off into the horizon and the calm sea. The sky had a few clouds scattered across the heavens, and a great peace was surrounding the yacht from the oceans.

From beneath the deck, out of the cabin of the boat, came a screaming voice, "Harry, Harry! It's time! The baby is coming!"

Harry jumped to his feet, not knowing which way to go as if he had forgotten who he was or forgotten how to walk toward the stairs that led down to the cabin. He took two steps in one direction with his hand to his head as if he was trying to think. Elizabeth was still yelling from the cabin below the deck that the baby was on the way.

Harry was a nervous wreck as he yelled out, "I'm coming, honey! I am on the way!"

Harry ran down the stairs going to the cabin that Elizabeth was in. Harry went into the cabin and shut the door.

Moments later, the cry of a baby could be heard coming out of the cabin; and Harry was yelling with great joy, "It's a boy! It's a boy! I have a son!"

Elizabeth looked at Harry as he held his son. She was satisfied with the delightful expression on her husband's face as she looked at him bonding with their child.


Excerpted from Flute Tudor and the Secret Order by J.J. Jones. Copyright © 2016 J.J. Jones. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 A Child Is Born, 1,
Chapter 2 A Basket of Surprises, 19,
Chapter 3 Leadership Qualities, 40,
Chapter 4 New School and New Friends, 62,
Chapter 5 Protector of the Nerds, 80,
Chapter 6 Hall of Readings, 97,
Chapter 7 Mischief and Magic, 117,
Chapter 8 A Secret Chamber, 135,
Chapter 9 I Vow to Uphold Truth, 152,
Chapter 10 A Secret Order, 172,
Chapter 11 Degrees of Wizardry, 189,
Chapter 12 The White, Dark, and Warmonger Wizards, 206,
Chapter 13 Cyrus Visits Flute, 225,
Chapter 14 Darkness Covers Flute, 243,
Chapter 15 Flute Visits Nambia, 262,
Chapter 16 Broomsticks, Wands, and Objects, 282,
Chapter 17 Flute, the White Wizard, 302,
Chapter 18 Victory to the Victor, 321,
Chapter 19 Faith is Stronger Than Words, 341,
Chapter 20 Jealousy Rears Its Ugly Head, 362,
Chapter 21 Consumed with Darkness, 382,

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