Flying Solo: An Unconventional Aviatrix Navigates Turbulence in Life

Flying Solo: An Unconventional Aviatrix Navigates Turbulence in Life

by Jeanette Vaughan


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French Cajun Nora Broussard Greenwood was born with the wanderlust. Her adventurous spirit doesn't fit the sedate expectations of catholic 1960s New Orleans suburbia. On a whim, she takes flying lessons to become a pilot. Experiencing the freedom of flight is liberating. However an illicit affair with her pilot instructor forces action. When she confronts her ruthless husband for a divorce, she is cast out sans her children and threatened with her life. Desperate to get them back and gain liberty, she steals her husband's plane. Trials and tribulations erupt as she navigates the turbulence her life has become. In a bizarre twist of fate, she serves as caregiver to her lover's sickly wife as a means to survive; hoping he will decide she is his soul mate. But is that to be? Nora must make the make the most difficult decision of her life in order to get things back on track.

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ISBN-13: 9780615618883
Publisher: AgeView, Inc.
Publication date: 05/14/2012
Pages: 322
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.72(d)

About the Author

Jeanette Vaughan is well established as a writer and story teller. Not only is she published in the periodicals and professional journals of nursing, but also in the genre of fiction. Out on her sheep farm, she has written several novels and scripts. She is the mother of four children, including two Navy pilots. She lives in a Victorian farmhouse out in the pastures of northeast Texas with her sheep, chickens, donkeys and sheep dogs.

Customer Reviews

Flying Solo: An Unconventional Aviatrix Navigates Turbulence in Life 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
NanaBFK 6 months ago
Unfortunately the story left much to be desired. Liked her other books better.
Jane_V_Blanchard More than 1 year ago
Flying Solo: An Unconventional Aviatrix Navigates Turbulence in Life by Jeanette Vaughan is the story of Nora Broussard Greenwood, married at age 18 to a man incapable of love. Raising four children in the early 1960s in Catholic New Orleans, leaves little choices for women of Nora's social standing. Feeling trapped, Nora decides to take flying lessons, only to fall in love with the instructor. The liaison leads to a pregnancy and the story revolves around how Nora deals with the situation. Lots of social commentary for the times. There are a few anachronisms and grammatical errors. But, if you enjoy a feminist-in-the-making, star-crossed romance, or prevailing over adversity, ignore these, and enjoy Nora Broussard Greenwood's story. I kept turning the pages to see how she resolved issues and the final outcome.
Katherineb More than 1 year ago
Flying Solo by Jeanette Vaughn is a story about Nora Broussard Greenwood, a woman in the 60’s in New Orleans who learns to “fly solo” in more ways than one.  She decides to learn how to fly, something that women did not do in those days.  Married to an affluent man she does not love, she has an affair with her flight instructor.  On another occasion she makes the momentous decision to leave her husband, which goes against all that she had been taught. “Nora would marry way too young.  She was the daughter of New Orleans natives, Nellie Shryock and the late Jack Broussard.  As a young girl, Nora spent many an afternoon riding the streetcars up and down Carrollton Avenue while her mother worked at Hotel Dieu Hospital.  … Her daydreams often were about the adventures she imagined her gypsy-like, Cajun father must have had riding the riverboats up and down the Mississippi.” By making the decision to learn to fly, Nora set in motion a new, independent life just as adventurous as she imagined her father’s life had been.  Her decisions conflicted with the life that she was supposed to be living as a Catholic wife and mother.   Nora had help in her flight from the oppressive life she was leading to a future with promise.  Many of her friends advised her, but after considering their advice, the decisions to do the things she did were hers.   In her quest for independence, she discovers an old family secret that involves her whole life.  To learn this secret and how she dealt with her old and new life, read Jeanette’s well-written, believable book. Jeanette Vaughan is well established as a writer and story teller. She has published in periodicals and professional journals of nursing and also in the genre of fiction. She has written several novels and scripts. She is the mother of four children, including two Navy pilots. She lives in a Victorian farmhouse in northeast Texas with her sheep, chickens, donkeys and sheep dogs.      Flying Solo has won the following awards: Finalist in historical fiction for Beverly Hills Book Awards Finalist in romantic suspense for Reader’s Favorite Awards 4th place in Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards for Southern Fiction
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Congratulations to Flying Solo author, Jeanette Vaughan! I can only think of one thing that would enhance Flying Solo and that is listening to it read in a sultry Southern voice. As an inland Australian who’s not travelled out of the country, it was difficult in the beginning to get my head around the very different locale and society that Nora Broussard lived in. Then, thanks to the evolution of cyber communication, I heard an excerpt read by Jeanette, role playing Nora. I read the rest of the book with that voice resonating in my head and loved it. The story suited the voice suited the story. The early 1960s and Louisiana society did not allow for rebellion, especially by women, and yet she not only defied her husband but she deceived him when she sneaked off and learned to fly. As sexy, headstrong and determined as Nora is, it is difficult in the modern era to imagine why she stayed in her marriage as long as she did and yet obvious that she’d have stayed longer had she not fallen in love with her dreamy flying instructor. Aided and abetted by her best friend Charlene, Nora continued her affair with the equally married and adulterous Steve until she finds herself pregnant and forced to make some life changing decisions. She was an adventurous lady and yet a pragmatist; a spoilt brat and yet a supressed victim. Storyteller Jeanette Vaughan has spun together a narrative that is as complex and as simple as the women she writes about. Thanks to Jeanette’s talent, Nora Broussard is a woman I’d like to have met and her sequel, Solo Vietnam, beckons urgently just on the strength of the vastly entertaining Flying Solo. Annabelle Brayley
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite "Flying Solo" by Jeanette Vaughan begins with a shocking surprise for Nora; she is pregnant. This is not the happy occasion you may expect; her husband is not the father. Nora married Frank Greenwood, the son of a wealthy family and several years older than her. It was not a fulfilling marriage; their intimate life was more marital rape than romantic union. Nora wanted to take flying lessons but Frank forbade it. Her life was to revolve around him. Frank was determined to have a son. After giving birth to three girls they finally had a boy. They lived with his parents where her only friends were the maids. Eventually she met Charlene Hebert and they became close friends. Nora still wanted to learn to fly and answered an ad for lessons. The instructor was Steve Novak; the sexual tension between them was overwhelming and soon they found themselves in bed together. Steve was married and had six children. He had no plan to leave his wife. What would happen to Nora and her baby? "Flying Solo" is a romance filled with twists and turns. The plot will draw the reader deep into its depths. Nora is a delightful character showing resilience, unwavering determination, and a headstrong personality. She lives life her way, not bending to the will of the society. Although this is a romance, it is much more; this is a psychological thriller that will keep the reader up all night reading so that they could learn the answers to all their questions. There is a message too in this book: money cannot buy happiness.
coziecorner More than 1 year ago
'Flying Solo' takes us to New Orleans and Tyler Texas in this novel, although fiction it's based upon true events. An inspirational love story where the characters are strong, believable and come alive on the pages. A real page turner that grips you and doesn't let go. Highly recommended for all readers. This review is based on a complimentary copy from the author which was provided for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read this book on the recommendation of a friend and was very pleasantly surprised. The story is quite compelling and progresses at a fast pace, making it quite the page-turner. It is always great to read stories about strong, smart women and this one did not disappoint. I look forward to the sequel.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AisForAutism More than 1 year ago
INVIGORATING FLIGHT THROUGH NORA'S LIFE! I received this book as a review copy so I wasn't sure if it was going to be my cup of tea. However, when I started reading it, the characters and storyline immediately grabbed my attention to the point I found myself not being able to put it down. This true story made into a novel really kept me on the edge of my seat. I felt like I was part of a movie audience watching all the romance, suspense and character interaction. I wanted to cry. I wanted to laugh. I wanted to scream, but I watched the characters live out the highs and lows of real life. Things in life don't always get wrapped up with pretty bows. People don't always make the choices they should. Hop on board this novel and you will get the ride of your life. I especially found it interesting to see how many things were dealt with back in the early 1960s regarding women rights, options and choices. Nora, our main character, has to face many of life's issues, but with a brave face and a naive heart. I hope you will enjoy this flight journey as much as I did. This is a novel with romance, edge and suspense. I definitely did not guess the ending. Great job Jeannette Vaughan! You definitely took me on an exciting flight!
wiseowl1 More than 1 year ago
Sassy, absolutely sassy. I will state here that this story is written as a novel but in my opinion it is a true story told with name changes only of the real people, of this journey of a young woman taken in by the riches and wealth of a starch crazy family and of course, the misleading of her own mother whom we find out is not her real mother after all. The conduct of the husband reveals no love for his new wife from their beginning to their end. The main character, Nora, is sort of a renegade, wanting a few things for herself out of life, which I admire so she sets out to achieve what few women of her time achieved. She wanted to fly. But this desire led her to another desire in which, as the saying goes, actions and consequences, much like the wiper blades on a windshield, back and forth, back and forth. Sassy I say, with very explicit and explosive details of her romance which she undertook to find true love, but the consequences of her actions led to new adventures, some enjoyable and some not so enjoyable, but she persisted in her quest. She is catholic, as is her family—and her new lover and his family. Twist and turns presents problems for Nora, things like divorce is disallowed by her church, presuming of course that one should suffer rather than feel free and loved. For this the church levies consequences but rather than continue to live in hell, Nora accepts those consequences and chooses a different and difficult route but she refuses to give up her religion, with a few exceptions that is. I can almost read her mind as she tried to separate her love of flying for the love of being truly loved. There is some raw language, vulgarity if one wishes, in the first part of this story but without it, the sense of what really took place would be lost. When you see some of these words, take them for what they mean, descriptive to get at the truth. And sometimes truth is horrible but deadly necessary no matter what religious upbringing one has, and if not for these words, the story would be lost. And if lost then there would be no need to live it. I also enjoyed the character of Charlene, Nora’s best and apparently only true friend. Charlene was the wise sounding board needing to know everything in absolute detail that Nora did, on a daily basis and when Nora needed someone, Charlene was there, much like a few others in her life if only just for a moment. Sassy, descriptive, happy, sad, angry and relieved are all here. I was rooting for Nora all through this story however if I were in her shoes for one second, I would have taken an iron skillet to somebody’s crotch and in so doing, maybe teach some quick love making skills in the process. Well, I should not have said that here because in the end the consequences took care of the actions. I highly recommend this book with one exception, and there is no other way to say it other than, the reader has to understand why vulgarity was totally necessary to get to the root of truth. I believe without it in the style written, most readers would not have understood why Nora chose to do what she did. In fact, when I came upon that raw descriptive part I almost said, whoa, wait a minute; I do not need to read this type trash. I am glad I did not put it down because it is truly a fantastic story. A really great book and I recommend it highly. I was not totally enlightened with the ending and I would hope that she would write a sequel. I think this book deserves one
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
THE BOOK WAS FABULOUS!!! I haven’t picked up a book in more than 15 years. I read it in about 5 days. Loved every minute of it and look forward to your next one
PHamilton More than 1 year ago
I am so glad that you are selling this book. I purchased it because a friend recommended it to me. What a great story. I even purchased three extra copies for my friends from out of state because they lived to far to share my copy with them. I have heard rumor the author is writing a sequel. I can't wait to get my hands on it. I found this book to be captivating and inspiring at the same time. It is a MUST read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
On Monday afternoon I read page 1 of Flying Solo within a couple of days I came to the bottom of page 308 only to find myself desperately flipping through those last couple of pages searching for more. Never have I been so disappointed to come to the "end" of a novel. I simply could not put the book down and I want more!! Jeanette Vaughan’s style of writing is amazing. She blew me away by encapsulating life in the 1960s so well, that this reader (who lives in Australia) actually felt she was right there alongside the book’s characters, strolling through the streets of the French Quarter of New Orleans; taking in the smells and tastes of the smoky atmospheres of the nightclubs and cafes. I hope this is the first in a series of books on Nora Broussard Greenwood who was such a trail blazer for women not only of her era, but women today. Who knows, maybe a TV Series!!
MaryCMR More than 1 year ago
I had not been reading for some time but was informed of this compelling story written in the times of my birth and was drawn in by this courageous and inspiring woman who would have been the same age as my mother and reminded me so much of her! This is a gripping story and a MUST read!
jrcclark More than 1 year ago
As a person who has always been around aviation, I have to say that this book makes one feel that you are right there in the cockpit! This is a journey of the driving human spirit that lies within all of us, including the dream to actually take wings and fly. Mix in the unconquerable perseverance of a woman, who seeks to find her real niche in the scheme of life, and you have a story that is very compelling, fascinating to the last page, and a credit to the writing of true adventure! If you want a gripping story, than look no further than this page turner that keeps you on the edge of your chair. John R. Clark, M.A, M.Ed, LPC, RPT