by John D Klein

NOOK BookExplanation of the cause, the other side of the Flynn Effect which is the Klein Effect (eBook - Explanation of the cause, the other side of the Flynn Effect which is the Klein Effect)

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The Flynn Effect has been the unexplained anomaly is the behavioral sciences. FLYNN EFFECT CAUSE: A New Psychlology.Com explains newly discovered scientific truths about the Flynn Effect’s other side, which is actually the origin of, the cause of the Effect. The Flynn Effect is the collateral consequence of a much farther-reaching development.

The Flynn Effect is the unique measure of the pattern of Intelligence Quotients over time. An incongruous even bizarre phenomenon, there is a substantial and long-sustained yet inexplicable increase in intelligence test scores.

They have been continuous and almost linear from the earliest years of testing until close to the present time. So far, all the explanations or groups of explanations have fallen short.

Since the Flynn Effect is important to a number of different disciplines, the book is written in a way that will be helpful not just to professionals in the behavioral sciences but also to educators and most assuredly parents.

It is real and exists because we have incorrectly separated our ideas of testable intelligence from what has been classified into an assortment of detached categories of mental health.

There is another side of to the Flynn Effect not conflicting but contrasting, the needed balance. As you will see this other side delivers a whole new set of confrontations. What the book is trying to accomplish is balance

The cause of the Flynn Effect may be even more difficult to recognize than the cause itself. Nevertheless you will find that the cause is also real and true and authentic.  We don't presently suppose things are this way, but we will finally come to realize that in the human psyche there is a need for balance in both the calculable and so-far-immeasurable, unseen kinds of intelligence. We live longer and live within unbridled technological speed, yet at the same time much of our scientific supposition and belief is both bridled and too slow to catch up with shifting reality. For with the increases of the Flynn Effect there are corresponding decreases.

We don’t yet fully accept that it is in part a Zero-sum game; we do not appreciate that in the mind when you win in one area you may correspondingly lose in another.


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Table of Contents

Introduction The Risk Of Newness PREFACE Cause Of The Flynn Effect Part One Who You Really Are Chapter One Astonishment At The Evil Chapter Two Creativity Segregated Chapter Three Dyslexia, Add, Adhd, Autism, Asperger, Hearing Voices Chapter Four The Truth Of Human Nature Chapter Five Lurching To Maturity Part Two A Scientific Psychology Chapter Six Waves Without Shores Chapter Seven Good Vibrations Chapter Eight Piaget's Conundrums Chapter Nine Inner And Outer Chapter Ten The Internal Gyroscopes Chapter Eleven Delta/Theta Chapter Twelve When Normal Is Unnatural Chapter Thirteen Psychological Environmental Disasters Chapter Fourteen Alpha: Your True Home Chapter Fifteen He's Attacking Big Bird! Chapter Sixteen Non-Science Chapter Seventeen Getting What You Need Afterword: About John David Klein

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