The Focus Group Research Handbook

The Focus Group Research Handbook

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The Focus Group Research Handbook by Holly Edmunds, American Marketing Association

The Focus Group Research Handbook is a comprehensive guide to contracting with a market research vendor to create a customized focus group study for your business or organization. Author Holly Edmunds thoroughly explains and simplifies the methodology of focus group studies, and comprehensively outlines the steps you'll need to follow to implement and then analyze focus group research. From designing research vendor questionnaires, to selecting an effective moderator, from analyzing results to turning those results into workplace gains, this book will provide you with all the tools and tips you'll need to simplify the focus group process.

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ISBN-13: 9780071394536
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Publication date: 05/22/2000
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
File size: 475 KB

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1Focus Groups1
Use of Focus Groups2
When to Use and When to Avoid Focus Groups3
Advantages and Disadvantages of Focus Groups7
General Design of a Focus Group Study8
Variations on Focus Groups13
Telefocus Groups14
Mini Focus Groups19
Internet Focus Groups22
Video Focus Groups27
Chapter 2Designing a Focus Group Study29
Sampling for Focus Groups29
Design of the Screener Questionnaire31
Typical Questions31
Invitation to Participate34
Sample Questionnaires36
Recruiting Focus Group Participants38
Case Study: Screener Questionnaire Development40
The Discussion Guide50
Case Study: Discussion Guide Development55
Chapter 3Facility Issues59
Selecting a Research Facility59
Room Availability and Size62
Viewing Room Capacity63
Host(ess) Services64
Moderator Communication System65
Audio- and Videotaping Capabilities66
Audiovisual Equipment67
Chapter 4Focus Group Moderation69
Selecting a Moderator69
Skills of the Moderator70
Other Considerations74
Use of the Discussion Guide75
Moderator's Attention Level77
Introducing Participants to Focus Group Procedures78
Moderator's Role80
Speaking Clearly and One at a Time80
No Right and Wrong Answers80
Need for Active Participation81
Breaking the Ice81
Conducting the Focus Group Discussion82
Maintaining Control of Group Discussions82
Keeping the Conversation on Track82
Moderation Techniques and Approaches83
Polling or Ranking Exercises84
Comparison Games85
Break in the Session86
Chapter 5Focus Group Evaluation87
Writing the Report87
Tools for Analysis89
Moderator's Notes90
Viewers' Notes91
Debriefing Session91
Audio- and/or Videotapes92
Focus Group Transcripts93
Pregroup (or In-Group) Questionnaires93
Techniques in Focus Group Evaluation94
Key Report Deliverables95
Executive Summary Report96
A Detailed Report97
Focus Group Transcripts97
Presentation of Results98
Chapter 6Pros and Cons of Doing It Yourself99
Budgetary Advantages100
Knowledge Base of Moderator100
The Cost of Poor Research101
Chapter 7Other Focus Group Situations103
International Focus Groups104
Sampling and Recruiting Requirements104
Facilities: Differences and Distances105
Language Barriers106
Cultural Differences108
Focus Groups with Children or Teens109
Recruiting Minors110
Scheduling and Preparing for the Groups111
Conducting Focus Groups with Children112
Focus Groups with Senior Citizens115
Testing Prototypes/Concepts Prior to Focus Groups117
Ad Hoc Problem Solving118
Too Few Participants119
Recruiting Behind Schedule120
Participants Accompanied by Family Members120
Arrogant and Disruptive Participant121
Recording Equipment Failure122
Moderator Unavailable122
No Prototypes on Hand123
Chapter 8Ethics in Focus Group Research125
Expectations of the Client125
Expectations of the Vendor126
Expectations of Participants127
Appendix ASample Focus Group Screener Questionnaires135
Community Recycling Study: Focus Group Screener137
Water Quality Study: Focus Group Screener144
Credit Union Senior Program Study: Focus Group Screener148
Communications Focus Group: Focus Group Screener152
Software Study: Focus Group Screener156
Appendix BSample Focus Group Discussion Guides161
Water Quality: Focus Group Discussion Guide162
Acme Credit Union Senior Package Account: Focus Group Discussion Guide165
Communications: Focus Group Discussion Guide169
Appendix CSample Executive Summary Reports175
Water Quality Focus Group Study: Executive Summary Report177
Acme Credit Union Senior Program Focus Groups: Executive Summary Report205
Communications Focus Group Study: Executive Summary Report229
Software Focus Group: Executive Summary Report247

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