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Focusing Telescopes in Nuclear Astrophysics

Focusing Telescopes in Nuclear Astrophysics

by Peter Ballmoos (Editor)


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This volume is the first of its kind on focusing gamma-ray telescopes. Forty-eight refereed papers provide a comprehensive overview of the scientific potential and technical challenges of this nascent tool for nuclear astrophysics. The book features articles dealing with pivotal technologies such as grazing incident mirrors, multilayer coatings, Laue-and Fresnel-lenses-and even an optic using the curvature of space-time.

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ISBN-13: 9789401783132
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 11/28/2014
Edition description: 2006
Pages: 503
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

About the Author

Peter von Ballmoos est né en 1956 à Zürich. Après des études de physique à l'Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Zürich, un doctorat à l'Université Technique de Munich, et des post-docs outre Atlantique, il a été élu professeur d'astrophysique à l'Université de Toulouse en 1991.
Au sein du Centre d'Etudes Spatiales des Rayonnements de Toulouse, il mène des recherches en astrophysique nucléaire - en particulier l'instrumentation, l'observation et l'interprétation des raies gamma nucléaires. L’observation des raies gamma nucléaires est une des clés aux questions fondamentales sur la structure et l'évolution de l'Univers, et particulièrement sur les cycles de vie de la matière et du comportement de la matière dans des conditions extrêmes. Peter von Ballmoos est co-responsable du projet Spectromètre INTEGRAL de l'ESA et responsable des projets "lentille gamma" du CNES (CLAIRE, MAX).

Table of Contents

Preface P. von Ballmoos 1

Section I Scientific Requirements and Prospects

Prospects in space-based gamma-ray astronomy J. Knöet;dlseder 3

Annihilation of positrons in the Galaxy S. Sazonov E. Churazov R. Sunyaev M. Revnivtsev 15

Prospects and requirements for measurements of extragalactic &ygamma;-ray lines Richard E. Griffiths 23

Non-thermal cosmic backgrounds and prospects for future high-energy observations of blazars P. Giommi S. Colafrancesco 31

Rolling down from the 30 ke V peak: Modelling the hard X-ray and &ygamma;-ray backgrounds Andrea Comastri Roberto Gilli Güet;nther Hasinger 41

Focusing supernova gamma rays: Questions for a high sensitivity gamma-ray telescope M. D. Leising 49

Nucleosynthesis in nova explosions: Prospects for its observation with focusing telescopes M. Hernanz J. José 57

Puzzles and potential for gamma-ray line observations of solar flare ion acceleration David M. Smith 65

Section II Gamma-ray Optics

The Integral-Hess/Magic connection: A new class of cosmic high energy accelerators from ke V to Te V P. Ubertini 75

Replicated nickel optics for the hard-x-ray region Brian D. Ramsey 85

Small d-spacing WC/SiC multilayers for future hard X-ray telescope designs Carsten P. Jensen Kristin K. Madsen Finn E. Christensen 93

Design aspects of grazing angle multilayer mirrors for soft &ygamma;-rays Ernst-Jan Buis Marco Beijersbergen Giuseppe Vacanti Marcos Bavdaz David Lumb 105

Progress toward light weight high angular resolution multilayer coated optics M. P. Ulmer M. E. Graham S. Vaynman J. Echt M. Farber S. Ehlert S. Varlese 115

InFOC&umu;S hard X-ray imaging telescope J. Tueller H. A. Krimm T. Okajima S.D. Barthelmy S. M. Owens P. J. Serlemitsos Y. Soong K. -W. Chan Y. Ogasaka R. Shibata K. Tamura A. Furuzawa Y. Tawara H. Kunieda K. Yamashita 121

Development of the HEFT and NuSTAR focusing telescopes Fiona A. Harrison Finn E. Christensen William Craig Charles Hailey Wayne Baumgartner C. M. H. Chen James Chonko W. Rick Cook Jason Koglin Kristin-Kruse Madsen Michael Pivavoroff Steven Boggs David Smith 131

The SIMBOL-X hard X-ray mission Giovanni Pareschi Philippe Ferrando 139

Laue diffraction lenses for astrophysics: Theoretical concepts Hubert Halloin Pierre Bastie 151

Laue diffraction lenses for astrophysics: From theory to experiments Hubert Halloin 171

Mosaic and gradient SiGe single crystals for gamma ray Laue lenses N. V. Abrosimov 185

Copper mosaic crystals for Laue lenses P. Courtois K. H. Anderson P. Bastie 195

High diffraction efficiency, broadband, diffraction crystals for use in crystal diffraction lenses Robert K. Smither Khaliefeh Abu Saleem Dante E. Roa Mark A. Beno Peter Von Ballmoos Gerry K. Skinner 201

An "ESA-affordable" Laue-lens Niels Lund 211

Optical properties of Laue lenses for hard X-ray (>60 ke V) Alessandro Pisa Filippo Frontera Gianluca Loffredo Damiano Pellicciotta Natalia Auricchio 219

Development of a new photon diffraction imaging system for diagnostic nuclear medicine D.E. Roa R. K. Smither X. Zhang K. Nie Y. Y. Shieh N. S. Ramsinghani N. Milne J. V. Kuo J. L. Redpath M. S. A. L. Al-Ghazi P. Caligiuri 229

HAXTEL: A Laue lens telescope development project for a deep exploration of the hard X-ray sky (>60 ke V) F. Frontera A. Pisa G. Loffredo D. Pellicciotta V. Carassiti F. Evangelisti K. Andersen P. Courtois L. Amati E. Caroli T. Franceschini G. Landini S. Silvestri J. Stephen 241

CLAIRE: First light for a gamma-ray lens Peter von Ballmoos Hubert Halloin Jean Evrard Gerry Skinner Nikolai Abrosimov Jose Alvarez Pierre Bastie Bernard Hamelin Margarida Hernanz Pierre Jean Jüet;gen Knöet;dlseder Bob Smither 253

MAX, a Laue diffraction lens for nuclear astrophysics N. Barrière P. von Ballmoos H. Halloin N. Abrosimov J. M. Alvarez K. Andersen P. Bastie S. Boggs P. Courtois T. Courvoisier M. Harris M. Hernanz J. Isern P. Jean J. Knöet;dlseder G. Skinner B. Smither P. Ubertini G. Vedrenne G. Weidenspointner C. Wunderer 269

The gamma ray lens-an ESA Technology reference study Craig Brown Nicola Rando Alexander Short Aleksander Lyngvi Tone Peacock 279

Gamma ray Fresnel lenses - why not? G. K. Skinner 289

Development of ground-testable phase fresnel lenses in silicon John Krizmanic Brian Morgan Robert Streitmatter Neil Gehrels Keith Gendreau Zaven Arzoumanian Reza Ghodssi Gerry Skinner 299

Multiwavelength focusing with the Sun as gravitational lens Laurent Koechlin Denis Serre Gerald K. Skinner Peter Von Ballmoos Thomas Crouzil 307

Section III Focal Plane Instrumentation

A Si/CdTe Compton Camera for gamma-ray lens experiment Tadayuki Takahashi 319

New scintillators for focal plane detectors in gamma-ray missions Ernst-Jan Buis Marco Beijersbergen Stefan Kraft Alan Owens Francesco Quarati Sytze Brandenburg Reint Ostendorf 335

A focal plane detector design for a wide-band Laue-lens telescope Ezio Caroli Natalia Auricchio Lorenzo Amati Yuriy Bezsmolnyy Carl Budtz-J&ophi;rgensen Rui M. Curado da Silva Filippo Frontera Alessandro Pisa Stefano Del Sordo John B. Stephen Giulio Ventura 343

Polarisation measurements with a CdTe pixel array detector for Laue hard X-ray focusing telescopes Ezio Caroli Rui M. Curado da Silva Alessandro Pisa John B. Stephen Filippo Frontera Matilde T. D. Castanheira Stefano del Sordo 355

Simulated performance of dedicated Ge-strip Compton telescopes as &ygamma;-lens focal plane instrumentation C. B. Wunderer P. von Ballmoos N. Barrière S. E. Boggs G. Weidenspointner A. Zoglauer 367

Monte Carlo study of detector concepts for the Max Laue lens gamma-ray telescope G. Weidenspointner C. B. Wunderer N. Barrière A. Zoglauer P. von Ballmoos 377

Performance of the Nuclear Compton Telescope Steven Boggs Mark Bandstra Jason Bowen Wayne Coburn Robert Lin Cornelia Wunderer Andreas Zoglauer Mark Amman Paul Luke Pierre Jean Peter von Ballmoos 389

The Compton and pair creation telescope Mega Robert Andritschke Andreas Zoglauer Gottfried Kanbach Peter F. Bloser Florian Schopper 397

Section IV Ground Facilities and Flight Systems for Focusing Telescopes

The MPE X-ray test facility Panter: Calibration of hard X-ray (15-50 kev) optics M. J. Freyberg H. Bräet;uninger W. Burkert G. D. Hartner O. Citterio F. Mazzoleni G. Pareschi D. Spiga S. Romaine P. Gorenstein B. D. Ramsey 407

The Ferrara hard X-ray facility for testing/calibrating hard X-ray focusing telescopes Gianluca Loffredo Filippo Frontera Damiano Pellicciotta Alessandro Pisa Vito Carassiti Stefano Chiozzi Federico Evangelisti Luca Landi Michele Melchiorri|cStefano Squerzanti 415

Simbol-X: An hard X-ray formation flying mission Rodolphe Clédassou Philippe Ferrando 423

Distributed space segment for high energy astrophysics: Similarities and specificites Emmanuel Hinglais (CNES) 437

The Claire gondola: Testing the first gamma-ray lens on a stratospheric balloon Ph. Laporte J. Evrard A. Laurens 449

Recent advances and low cost concept for the gamma-ray lens project Max Xavier Leyre Michel Sghedoni Francis Arbusti Primo Attina Peter von Ballmoos 457

Small-sat platforms and formation flying: An opportunity for the gamma ray telescope Max J. Borde P. von Ballmoos R. Soumagne 467

MAX: Formation flying for nuclear astrophysics Paul Duchon 485

Formation flying for a Fresnel lens observatory mission John Krizmanic Gerry Skinner Neil Gehrels 499

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