Fodor's Cityguide Boston

Fodor's Cityguide Boston

by Fodor's Travel Publications


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Written by local experts and critics, Fodor's CITYGUIDE is the ultimate resident's guide to the city. For newcomers and suburbanites, it's a shortcut to knowing the city like a native. And, for urban know-it-alls, it's the perfect desktop reference and may even point out a few secrets you haven't uncovered yet! Everyone will appreciate the comprehensive coverage, dead-on reviews, and the atlas of full-color maps.


All the places and pleasures. From favorite sights to offbeat attractions, from day spas to bike rentals, from walking tours to unusual views, Fodor's CITYGUIDE BOSTON is loaded with bright ideas.

Top restaurant picks. Boston magazine restaurant critic Lisa Amand gives you the lowdown on landmarks, trendsetters, and cozy neighborhood finds in all price categories.

Shops galore. Stephanie Schorow, Boston Herald lifestyles editor, is your personal shopper. Fodor's CITYGUIDE BOSTON covers more shops than most shopping guides!

Basics and beyond. Entertainment hot lines and lost & found offices, cooking schools and health clubs, tobacconists and toy stores--they're all inside.

Color maps of every neighborhood. They're spectacular--and every shop, restaurant, and sight is keyed to the maps. Plus, you'll find maps of the MBTA, the MFA, and more.

No Boston bookshelf is complete without Fodor's CITYGUIDE BOSTON!

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ISBN-13: 9780679032311
Publisher: Fodor's Travel Publications, Inc.
Publication date: 04/28/1998
Series: Fodor's Cityguides Series
Pages: 283
Product dimensions: 4.61(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.83(d)

Read an Excerpt

Metropolitan Life

On a bad day in a big city, the little things that go with living shoulder-to-shoulder with a few million people wear us all down. But the special pleasures of urban life have a way of keeping us enthralled — and thankful, even, for every second of stress. The field of daffodils in the park on a fine spring day. The perfect little black dress that you find for half price. The markets — so fabulously well stocked that you can cook any recipe without resorting to mail-order catalogs. The way you can sometimes turn a corner and discover a whole new world, so foreign you can hardly believe you're less than a mile  from home. The never-ending wealth of possibilities and opportunities.

If you know where to find it all, the city cannot defeat you. With knowledge comes power. That's why Fodor's has prepared this book. It will put phone numbers at your fingertips. It'll take you to new places and remind you of those you've forgotten. It's the ultimate urban companion — and, we hope, your new best friend in the city.

It's the citywise shopaholic, who always knows where to find something, no matter how obscure. We've made a concerted effort to bring hundreds of great shops to your attention, so that you'll never be at a loss, whether you need a special birthday present for a great friend or some obscure craft items to make Halloween costumes for your kids.

It's the restaurant know-it-all, who's full of ideas for every occasion — you know, the one who would never send you to Café de la Snub, because he knows it's always overbooked, the food is boring, and the staff is rude. In this book we'll steer you around the corner, to a perfect little place with five tables, a fireplace, and a chef on her way up.

It's a hip barfly buddy, who can give you advice when you need a charming nook, not too noisy, to take a friend after work. Among the dozens of bars and nightspots in this book, you're bound to find something that fits your mood.

It's the sagest arts maven you know, the one who always has the scoop on what's on that's worthwhile on any given night. In these pages, you'll find dozens of concert venues and arts organizations.

It's also the city whiz, who knows how to get you where you're going, wherever you are.

It's the best map guide on the shelves, and it puts all the city in your briefcase or on your bookshelf.

Stick with us. We lay out all the options for your leisure time — and gently nudge you away from the duds — so that you can truly enjoy metropolitan living.

Table of Contents

Boston Color Map Atlas


Boston Area

Driving and Parking



Commuter Rail

Metropolitan Life

A pean to the joys and hassles of urban living.

Basics: Essential Information

Atlas, Banks, Currency Exchange, Entertainment Information, Gas Stations, Holidays, Liquor Laws, No Smoking, Parking, Parks Information, Personal Security, Publications, Radio Stations, Sightseeing Information, Taxes & Gratuities, Television, Transportation, Weather.

Zip Codes Map

The Emerald Necklace Map

Logan International Airport Map

Places to Explore: Galleries, Gargoyles, Museums, and More

Where to Go, Art Museums, Bridges, Churches & Houses of Worship, Galleries, Graveyards, Historic Buildings & Areas, History museums, libraries, modern architecture, outdoor art, science museums, Statues & Monuments, Viewpoints, Guided Tours, Boat Tours, Bus & Trolley Tours, Specialized Tours, Walking Tours, Whale-Watch Cruises, Events, Art Events, Day Trips Out of Town.

Museum of Fine Arts Floor Plan

Harvard University and Radcliffe College Map

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Map

Boston University Map


American, American Casual, Breakfast/Brunch, Cafes and Pubs, Caribbean, Chinese, Contemporary, Cuban, Delicatessen, Fish and Seafood, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mediterranean, Mexican, Southwestern and Tex-Mex, Middle Eastern, Museum Munches, Portuguese, Rooms with a View, Soul/Southern, Spanish, Steak, Swiss, Tea, Thai, Vegetarian, Vietnamese and Southeast Asian, Wine and Tapas Bars.


Antiques, Art Supplies, Baskets, Beauty, Books, Clothing for Children, Clothing for Women/General, Clothing for Women/Specialty, Clothing for Men/General, Clothing for Men/Specialty, Coins, Computers & Software, Costume Rental, Crafts, Electronics & Stereos, Ethnic Items & Clothing, Fabric, Flowers & Plants, Food, Framing, Gifts, Hobbies, Home Furnishings, Housewares & Kitchen Essentials, Gadgetry, Jewelry, Kites, Leather Goods, Luggage, Maps, Music & Musical Instruments, Needlework, Newspapers & Magazines, Office Supplies, Photo Equipment, Records, Tapes, & CDs, Sewing & Notions, Sporting Goods & Clothing, Stationery, Tobacconists, Toys & Games, Videos, Vitamins, Watches & Clocks, Wine & Spirits.

Arts, Entertainment, & Nightlife

Arts: Concert Halls, Concerts in Churches, Dance, Free Entertainment, Movie Theaters Worth Noting, Opera, Theater, Tickets Nightlife: Bars, Blues, Cabaret, Comedy, Dance Clubs, Dining & Dancing, Jazz, Nightclubs, Piano Bars, Pop/Rock, Pubs.

Parks, Gardens, & Sports

Parks: Beaches, Botanical gardens, Zoos & Animal Preserves, Sports & Outdoor Activities, Baseball & Softball, Basketball, Bicycling, Billiards, Boating, Boccie, Bowling, Boxing, Fencing, Fishing, Flying, Football, Golf, Handball, Hockey, Horseback Riding, Horse Racing, Ice Skating, In-Line Skating, Martial Arts, Racquetball/Squash, Running & Jogging, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Skiing, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Wrestling, Yoga, Fitness Centers & Health Clubs.

Fleetcenter, Fenway Park, and Foxboro Stadium Maps.


Luxury Lodging, Expensive Lodging, Moderate Lodging, Budget Lodging, Hostels, Hotels Near the Airport, Bed & Breakfasts.


Resources for Residents.

Educational Resources, Acting Schools, Adult-Education Programs, Art Schools, Children's Programs, Colleges & Universities, Language Schools, Music Schools. Resources: AIDS Assistance & Advice, Alcoholism Counseling, Baby-Sitting Services, Catering, Child Crisis Services, Coast Guard, Consumer-Protection Information, Crime-Victim Assistance, Doctor & Dentist Referrals, Drug-Abuse Counseling, Emergencies, Gay & Lesbian Concerns, Housecleaning Help, Landlord/Tenant Services, Legal Services, Lost & Found, Mental-Health Information & Referral, On-Line Services, Pets, Pharmacies Open Hours, Phone Company, Postal Services, Rape Crisis, Senior-Citizen Services, Suicide-Prevention Counseling, Television/Cable Companies, Traveler's Aid, Utilities, Zoning and Planning. Travel & Vacation Information: Airlines, Airport, Car Rental, Embassies & Consulates, Inoculations & Vaccinations, Passport, Routing Services for U.S. Trips, Tourist Offices, U.S. Customs, Visa Information & Travel Advisories.


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