Folk Psychology: The Theory of Mind Debate

Folk Psychology: The Theory of Mind Debate


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ISBN-13: 9780631195153
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 11/23/1995
Series: Readings in Mind and Language Series
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 7.87(w) x 9.84(h) x 0.59(d)

About the Author

Martin Davies is Wilde Reader in Mnetal Philosophy in theUniversity of Oxford and a Fellow of Corpus Christi College. He wasformerly a Lecturer and then Reader in Philosophy at BirkbeckCollege, London. He has published widely in the areas of philosophyof language, mind and psychology, and from 1989 to 1995 wasExecutive Editor of the Journal Mind and Langusge (BlackwellPublishers).

Tony Stone is Head of the Psychology Group and Directorof the Modular Programme at King Alfred's College of HigherEducation, Winchester. He has published papers on the philosophy ofpsychology, and is currently working on a book on the philosophicalissues raised by cognitive neuropsychology.

Table of Contents

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Introduction: Martin Davies and Tony Stone.

1. Replication and Functionalism: Jane Heal.

2. Folk Psychology as Simulation: Robert M. Gordon.

3. Interpretation Psychologized: Alvin I. Goldman.

4. The Simulation Theory: Objectives and Misconceptions: RobertM. Gordon.

5. Folk Psychology: Simulation or Tacit Theory?: Stephen Stichand Shaun Nichols.

6. 'He thinks He Knows': And more Development Evidence Againstthe Simulation Role Taking Theory: Josef Perner and DeborahHowes.

7. Reply to Stich and Nichols: Robert M. Gordon.

8. Reply to Perner and Howes: Robert M. Gordon.

9. In Defense of Simulation Theory: Alvin I. Goldman.

10. From Simulation to Folk Pyschology: The Case forDevelopment: Paul L.Harris.

11. Why the Child's Theory of Mind Really is a Theory: AlisonGopnik and Henry M. Wellman.

12. Reading the Eyes: Evidence for the Role of Perception in theDevelopment of a Theory of Mind: Simon Baron-Cohen and PippaCross.

13. Theory, Observation, and Drama: Simon Blackburn.


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