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Folk-Songs of the South: Collected under the Auspices of the West Virginia Folk-Lore Society

Folk-Songs of the South: Collected under the Auspices of the West Virginia Folk-Lore Society

by John Harrington Cox


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ISBN-13: 9780674012615
Publisher: Harvard
Publication date: 01/01/1925
Pages: 588
Product dimensions: 6.12(w) x 9.38(h) x (d)

Table of Contents


List of Abbreviations

Ballads and Songs

Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight (Child, No. 4)

Earl Brand (Child, No. 7)

The Twa Sisters (Child, No. 10)

Lord Randal (Child, No. 12)

The Cruel Mother (Child, No. 20)

The Three Ravens (Child, No. 26)

The Twa Brothers (Child, No. 49)

Young Beichan (Child, No. 53)

Young Hunting (Child, No. 68)

Lord Thomas and Fair Annet (Child, No. 7)

Fair Margaret and Sweet William (Child, No. 74)

Lord Lovel (Child, No. 75)

The Lass of Roch Royal (Child, No. 76)

The Wife of Usher's Well (Child, No. 79)

Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard (Child, No. 81)

Bonny Barbara Allen (Child, No. 84)

Lady Alice (Child, No. 85)

The Maw Freed From Tue Gallows (Child, No. 95)

Sir Hugh, or, the Jew's Daughter (Child, No. 155)

The Bonnie House o' Airlie (Child, No. 199)

The Gypsy Laddie (Child, No. 200)

Bessie Bell and Mary Gray (Child, No. 201)

Geordie (Child, No. 209)

Tide Braes o' Yarrow (Child, No. 214)

James Harris (The Daemon Lover) (Child, No. 243)

Henry Martin (Child, No. 250)

The Suffolk Miracle (Child, No. 272)

Our Good Man (Child, No. 274)

The Wife Wrapped in Wether's Skin (Child, No. 277)

The Farmer's Curst Wife (Child, No. 278)

The Crafty Farmer (Child, No. 283)

The Sweet Trinity (The Golden Vanity) (Child, No. 286)

The Mermaid (Child, No. 289)

Robin Hood

John Hardy

The Ashland Tragedy

Mcafee's Confession

The Jealous Lover (Pearl Bryan; Florella)

A Tolliver-Martin Feud Song

A West Virginia Feud Song

The Vance Song

Logan County Court House

Black Phyllis

Jesse James

Ye Sons of Columbia (Fuller and Warren)

Maggie Was a Lady (Frankie)

The Wreck On the C. & O.

Mack Mcdonald

The Dying Californian

Joe Bowers

The Jam at Gerry's Rock

An Aricansaw Traveller

The Dying Cowboy

The Lone Prairie

The Ocean Burial

The Dying Hobo

A Comical Ditty

The Tucky Ho Crew

Immortal Washington

The Constitution and the Guerriere (Hull's Victory)

The Battle of Bridgewater

James Bird

War Song (Texas Rangers)

The Dying Ranger

The Battle of Mill Springs

The Victory Won at Richmond

The Yankee Retreat

Bull Run

War Song

Jeff Davis (The Southern Wagon)

On Glory

Brother Green

The Soldier's Poor Little Boy

Just Before the Battle, Mother

Mother, Is the Battle Over?

The Rebel Soldier

I'm a Good Old Rebel

Corporal Schnapps

Old Joe Camp

Fair Charlotte

Springfield Mountain

The Drummer Boy of Waterloo

The Sheffield Apprentice

The Boston Burglar

My Parents Reared Me Tenderly

Jackison and Dickison

The Anpord Wright

The Bramble Briar

Come, Pretty Polly (Polly's Love)

The Wexford Girl (The Cruel Miller)

Rose Connoley

A Pretty Fair Maiden (The Single Sailor)

The Broken Ring

The Banks of Claudie

George Reilly

William Hall

Johnny Germany

Jackie Fpaisure

The Silk-Merchant's Daughter

The Orphan Gypsy Girl

William Reilly

Mollie Vaughn

Charming Beauty Bright

The Rich Merchant

Vilikins and his Dinah

Young Edwin in the Lowlands Low

A Poor Stranger Far From Home

The Drowsy Sleeper

The Silver Dagger

Sweet William (The Sailor Boy)

Early in the Spring

Caroline of Edinburgh Town

The Sailor and his Bride

Pretty Sally (Sally and her True Love, Billy)

A Gay Spanish Maid

The Pretty Mohea

The Soldier's Wooing

Lady Leroy

The Banks of Sweet Dundee

William Taylor

Dog and Gun

Pretty Polly

The Jack of Tar

Young Johnny

The Milkmaid

My Pretty Maid (Seventeen Come Sunday)

Kitty Wells

The Yellow Rose of Texas

The Drunkard's Dream

Forward Boys, Hurrah

Temperance Song

When I Was One-and-Twenty


The Little Family

The Twelve Joys

Wicked Polly

The True Lover's Farewell

The Green Willow Tree (The Sprig of Thyme)

The Green Laurels (The Orange and Blue)

Young Ladies (Little Sparrow)

Youth and Folly

Maggie Goddon

A Forsaken Lover

Love Has Brought Me To Despair

The Butcher Boy

Farewell, Sweet Mary

Mary o' the Dee

Mary of the Wild Moor

The Gypsy's Warning

Fair Fanny Moore

Erin's Green Shore

Poor Little Joe

The Orphan Girl

The Blind Man's Regret

The Dishonest Miller

Father Grumble

An Old Woman's Story

The Spanish Lady

Soldier, Soldier, Won't You Marry Me?

A Bachelor's Lament

Little Johnny Green

The Frog and the Mouse

The Fox

The Ranger

The Three Farmers

The Three Rogues

The Skin-and-Bone Lady

Billy Boy

The Old Man Who Came Over the Moor

Old Grimes

The Cobbler's Boy

The Young Man Who Travelled Up and Down

The Young Man Who Would N't Hoe Corn

Old Joe Clog

Old Sam Fanny

Ground Hog Song

Davy Crockett

Creation Song

The Arkansaw Traveller

The Nigger Tune

Old Noah

A Glorious Wedding

Hard Times

Putting on the Style

Get Up and Bar the Door (Child, No. 275)

Six Kings' Daughters

The Miller's Two Daughters

The Greenwood Siding

The Three Crows

Lady Margaret

Sweet William and Lady Margaret

Barbara Allen

The Gypsy Davy

The House Carpenter

Mcafee's Confession

Ye Sons of Columbia

The Wreck on the C. & 0.

Joe Bowers

Young Charlotte

Young Beeham

William Hall

Mollie Vaunders

Charming Beauty Bright

The Squire Young Ladies

The Butcher Boy

The Dishonest Miller

Frog Went A-Courtin'

The Fox

Three Farmers

Billy Boy

Index of Titles

Index of First Lines

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