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Folks Of Lore

Folks Of Lore

by Trinikid, A K Gonzales


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In the late 17th century a group of about 300 African slaves in Trinidad managed to escape from their plantation. They ventured deep into the woods of Trinidad in an attempt to escape their wicked masters but no matter how far they ran they were hunted down. Their masters paid a lot of money for the slaves so they didn't let them get away easily.

The African slaves, aware of the fact that they couldn't outrun their masters decided to use desperate measures. They shrouded themselves in the woods using black magic and obeah. No man could enter into the shroud unless they were let in by someone on the inside.

To ensure their protection the African slaves added one more precaution. They summoned the physical embodiments of spirits and demons and sent them out into the forest to scare off or kill the white slave masters who were chasing after them.

Their plan worked. The slave masters eventually stopped bothering them. But with one problem gone, another one came. The creatures that they summoned to protect them required sacrifices; human sacrifices.

King Lagahoo trapped the African slaves and was about to kill them all as sacrifices but the slaves bargained with King Lagahoo and made a deal with him. The men give up all the women to King Lagahoo and allowed him to sleep with them. The children that they bore were called young lagahoos; the only creatures allowed to move in and out of the shroud. The Young lagahoos' job was to lure humans into the forest as sacrifices to appease King Lagahoo and the rest of the mystical creatures.

This story follows the adventures of 16-year-old Jerry Williams who finds himself in the shroud after his sister Jean falls under the spell of a young lagahoo.

Stuck in the forest with blood thirsty and mystical creatures of folk lore, Jerry must find a way to escape with his life.

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