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Follow the Bouncing Ball

Follow the Bouncing Ball


Product Details

Release Date:
Ba Da Bing


  1. Welfare Song
  2. Gallo
  3. Distance of the Moon
  4. Unwrapped, Ungiven
  5. Berry Stained
  6. Halo
  7. Buffalo Toy
  8. One Eye out the Door
  9. The Animal Planter
  10. Love to Listen
  11. Zero Balancer
  12. Last at Last
  13. I Would Not Try to Break Ties with Me
  14. All the Same
  15. Jungle Tune

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Christopher O'Rourke   Bass,Vocals
Stratotanker   Track Performer
John King   Guitar
Bardo Pond   Track Performer
Jessamine   Track Performer
Spent   Track Performer
Alger Hiss   Track Performer
Holiday Flyer   Track Performer
Joel Phelps   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Poem Rocket   Track Performer
Spatula   Track Performer
Spiny Anteaters   Track Performer
Baby Tooth   Track Performer
Fuck   Track Performer
Joe Culver   Drums
Michael Gibbons   Guitar
Clint Takeda   Bass
Isobel Sollenberger   Flute,Vocals
Simon Joyner   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Hem   Track Performer
Bill Herzog   Bass
Annie Hayden   Guitar
Receptionists   Track Performer
Nicolas Vernhes   Bass
Matt Gocke   Drums
Andy Brown   Organ
Chuck Johnson   Guitar,Vocals
Michael Faeth   Drums
Chris Deden   Drums
John Gibbons   Guitar

Technical Credits

Stratotanker   Producer
Paul DiBenedetto   Engineer
J.Z. Barrell   Engineer
Alger Hiss   Engineer
Poem Rocket   Composer
Baby Tooth   Producer
Sam Turner   Engineer
Bryon Settle   Engineer
Andy Brown   Engineer
Fred Weaver   Engineer
Mike Beard   Engineer

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