Following the Truth, Wherever It Leads: An Investigation of What Is Reality (and How It Affects Our Lives)

Following the Truth, Wherever It Leads: An Investigation of What Is Reality (and How It Affects Our Lives)

by Kenneth G. Reddington


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Following the Truth, Wherever It Leads: An Investigation of What Is Reality (and How It Affects Our Lives) by Kenneth G. Reddington

This book encourages an openness to accept and experience the truth, whatever its source. As philosopher Francis Schaeffer famously asked, "How can we be sure that what we think we know of the world outside ourselves really corresponds to what is there?" Where do we look for an understanding of ourselves, our world, and the meaning of our existence? Is there such a thing as an objective and unchanging truth that applies to all people everywhere, throughout time? Can we discover it in philosophy, in the natural or social sciences, or in religion? This book sets out to explore the answers to these questions, and considers how finding the answers can enrich our lives and daily experience.

Following the Truth Wherever It Leads investigates areas where the authenticated discoveries of natural science and the clear statements of the Bible agree with and support one another and asks whether there really are "irreconcilable differences" between them. It ends by attempting to portray a worldview whose promise may add fresh meaning and purpose to our lives.

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ISBN-13: 9781620327470
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 03/20/2015
Pages: 430
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Kenneth Reddington was Professor of English and Psychology at Kanto Gakuen University and a lecturer in Biblical Psychology at a bible school in Japan. He is also the author of Japanese Education as Character Development (1988) and a behavioral psychology study of adolescent self-esteem.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Following the Truth, Wherever It Leads vii

Part 1 An Openness to Truth, Regardless of the Source

Preface to Part 1 3

Chapter 1 What in Life Is Really Important? 7

Chapter 2 Approaching Science with an Open Mind 14

Chapter 3 Approaching the Bible with an Open Mind 22

Part 2 What Do We Really Know about the World? The Science

Chapter 4 Charles Darwin and His Theory 35

Chapter 5 What Is Modern Darwinism? 49

Chapter 6 What Can We Learn from the Cosmos? 56

Chapter 7 Evolution Is Real but Limited 71

Chapter 8 Biology and the Complexity of the Cell 80

Chapter 9 Geology and an Old Earth 92

Chapter 10 Geology and a Young Earth 103

Chapter 11 The Origin of the Human Race 131

Chapter 12 Is Intelligent Design Science? 146

Chapter 13 The Unwrapping of Evolution: Does Any Theory Satisfy Objective Analysis? 172

Chapter 14 Summary of the Science: When All Is Said and Done What Do We Really Know about the Natural World? 203

Part 3 What Do We Really Know about the World? The Bible

Preface to Part 3 215

Chapter 15 A Philosophy of Science for Harmonizing Science and Scripture 221

Chapter 16 The Traditional View of Creation 229

Chapter 17 Ramm's View of Creation 233

Chapter 18 Young Earth Creationism 239

Chapter 19 Geology and Old Earth Creationism 248

Chapter 20 The Cosmos and Old Earth Creationism 255

Chapter 21 Other Views on Interpreting the Bible 263

Chapter 22 Are Science and Faith Compatible? 279

Chapter 23 An Evaluation of Evolutionism and Creationism 290

Chapter 24 Response 305

Chapter 25 When the Pursuit of Truth Hits a Speed Bump 319

Part 4 How Significant Is This for Our Daily Lives?

Preface to Part 4 337

Chapter 26 Where Does Truth Lead Us? 339

Chapter 27 The Bible as Truth 342

Chapter 28 Life's Questions 345

Chapter 29 Is Truth a Destination or a Process? Experiencing Truth 353

Chapter 30 Living Life to the Fullest: Can Clarifying Ones Worldview Give New Meaning to Life? 355

Appendix 373

Endnotes 390

Bibliography 405


Seeking the Truth by Scientific Discovery 409

Seeking the Truth by Revelation 413

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