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F.O.M. 2012

F.O.M. 2012

by John Purves


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F.O.M. 2012
As previously suspected by many in the scientific circles of interplanetary science, Earth was populated by organic debris captured while in orbit. Or was it? F.O.M.2012- details a storyline of how scientists of another world, realizing in desperation that their own world is rapidly deteriorating send their own genetic seed to Earth during its early formation. Being closest to the epicenter of the Big Bang their sun is extinguishing as is most of their entire region of space. The book details several generations of F.O.M. thru modern day (2012).

Set in a landscape of historical relevance and scientific breakthroughs, it delineates how the F.O.M. assisted humans in their earliest developments to bridge the technological horizons needed to overcome a second Earthly departure in 2012. Sacrificing their own selves, the chosen F.O.M.
undertake the journey via hubs of teleporting way stations through the far regions of space. Comprised of a material made of entangled particles this new science enables different generations of F.O.M. to travel to Earth.

The F.O.M.s mission is clear - to populate Earth with an array of flora and fauna, which is as genetically diverse as is sustainable and co-terminously grow the most robust human genome. The F.O.M. will need the hardiest of life to repopulate the next planet. The galactic alignment of 2012 is real and will rip the Earth apart.

In the genre of Indiana Jones, Dr. Presby (Mayan scholar) with his intern
Megan discover during a trip deep into the jungles near Cancun the actual reason humans exist and must drive their own exodus. In a chance meeting,
the last few F.O.M. who have been stuck in a previously undiscovered Mayan temple deep in the jungle run into Presby, Megan and their team. Joining forces, they work to beat the 2012 deadline.

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ISBN-13: 9781432778262
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Publication date: 12/27/2011
Pages: 316
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