Food and Culture / Edition 3

Food and Culture / Edition 3

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Thomson Wadsworth

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Food and Culture / Edition 3

Packed with important information and strategies, this text and resource offers one-stop coverage of culturally related food and nutrition topics. Authors Pamela Goyan Kittler and Kathryn P. Sucher include comprehensive overviews of key ethnic, religious, and regional groups, including Native Americans, Northern Europeans, Southern Europeans, Central Europeans, Africans, Mexicans, Central Americans, Caribbean Islanders, South Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Southeast Asians, Pacific Islanders, Greeks, Middle Easterners, Asian Indians, and Regional Americans. Each culture-specific chapter explores the highlighted group's perspective -- as well as traditional food habits and contemporary American food habits acquired by the group. These chapters feature discussion of ingredients and common foods, meal composition and cycle, therapeutic uses of foods, nutritional status, counseling suggestions, and more. A valuable chapter on intercultural communication covers such essential topics as intercultural communication skills, intercultural counseling, and culturally relevant program preparation and implementation strategies. A fascinating chapter on traditional health beliefs and practices discusses cultural definitions of health and includes healing practices and botanical remedies employed.

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ISBN-13: 9780534551643
Publisher: Thomson Wadsworth
Publication date: 12/01/2000
Series: Health Sciences Series
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 528
Product dimensions: 8.02(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.74(d)

Table of Contents

1Food and Culture1
Food and Culture2
Factors That Influence Food Habits6
The Study of Cultural Foods11
Nutrition and Food Habits15
2Traditional Health Beliefs and Practices23
What Is Health?28
Disease, Illness, and Sickness31
Pluralistic Health Care Systems39
3Intercultural Communication43
Role of Communication in Health Care43
Intercultural Communication Concepts47
Successful Intercultural Communication54
Intercultural Nutrition Education62
4Food and Religion67
Western Religions68
Eastern Religions82
5Native Americans89
Cultural Perspective89
Traditional Food Habits94
Contemporary Food Habits107
6Northern and Southern Europeans113
Northern Europeans113
Cultural Perspective113
Traditional Food Habits119
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States128
Southern Europeans131
Cultural Perspective132
Traditional Food Habits135
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States143
7Central Europeans, Russians, and Scandinavians145
Central Europeans and Russians145
Cultural Perspective145
Traditional Food Habits156
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States164
Cultural Perspective167
Traditional Food Habits169
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States173
Cultural Perspective175
Traditional Food Habits183
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States192
9Mexicans and Central Americans199
Cultural Perspective199
Traditional Food Habits204
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States212
Central Americans219
Cultural Perspective219
Traditional Food Habits221
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States225
10Caribbean Islanders and South Americans227
Caribbean Islanders227
Cultural Perspective227
Traditional Food Habits233
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States239
South Americans243
Cultural Perspective243
Traditional Food Habits246
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States253
11Chinese, Japanese and Koreans255
Cultural Perspective256
Traditional Food Habits261
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States271
Cultural Perspective275
Traditional Food Habits278
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States284
Cultural Perspective287
Traditional Food Habits290
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States295
12Southeast Asians and Pacific Islanders299
Southeast Asians299
Cultural Perspective299
Traditional Food Habits307
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States320
Pacific Islanders325
Cultural Perspective325
Traditional Food Habits328
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States334
13Greeks and Middle Easterners339
Cultural Perspective339
Traditional Food Habits345
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States357
14Asian Indians361
Cultural Perspective361
Traditional Food Habits366
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States377
15Regional Americans381
American Regional Food Habits381
The Northeast383
The Midwest395
The South406
The West426
Glossary of Ethnic Ingredients443

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