Food and Culture / Edition 5

Food and Culture / Edition 5

by Pamela Goyan Kittler, Kathryn P. Sucher
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Cengage Learning
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Food and Culture / Edition 5

No other text gives you such complete, authoritative information on the health, culture, food, and nutrition habits of the various ethnic, religious, and cultural groups living in the United States. Whether your goal is to work as a health professional, chef, or other food service industry professional, this invaluable resource will help you learn to work with members of different ethnic and religious groups in a culturally sensitive manner. Authors Pamela Goyan Kittler and Kathryn P. Sucher include comprehensive coverage of Americans, Europeans, Africans, Mexicans and Central Americans, Caribbean Islanders, South Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Southeast Asians, Pacific Islanders, People of the Balkans, Middle Easterners, South Asians, and regional Americans.

Inside you'll find: Examples, menus, and expanded coverage of Middle Easterners, Africans, Latinos, and Asians, A new cultural foods timeline of the interrelated history of food and culture in the United States, Updated data on current food habits and nutritional status for all cultural groups, New health data on regional Americans, New interview sections that give you real-world examples of different cultural lifestyles and the relationship to food.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780495115410
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 06/27/2007
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 576
Product dimensions: 8.04(w) x 9.89(h) x 0.84(d)

Table of Contents

Food and Culture     1
What is Food?     1
The Omnivore's Paradox     2
Self-Identity     2
Symbolic Use of Food     3
Cultural Identity     4
What is Culture?     5
The Acculturation Process     6
Acculturation of Food Habits     6
Cultural Food Habits     7
Core and Complementary Foods Model     7
Flavor Principles     8
Meal Patterns and Meal Cycles     9
Developmental Perspective of Food Culture     11
Individual Food Habits     12
Food Availability     12
Edible or Inedible?     13
Consumer Food Choice Model     13
Nutrition and Food Habits     18
The Need for Cultural Competency     18
Intercultural Nutrition     23
The American Paradox     25
Traditional Health Beliefs and Practices     37
Worldview     37
Cultural Outlook     37
Biomedical Worldview     39
What is Health?     41
Cultural Definitions of Health     41
Health Maintenance     43
Disease, Illness, and Sickness     45
Cultural Definitions of Disease, Illness, and Sickness     45
Healing Practices     48
Pluralistic Health Care Systems     52
Medical Pluralism     52
Biomedical Healing     52
Intercultural Communication     57
The Intercultural Challenge     57
Intercultural Communication Concepts     58
Verbal Communication     59
Nonverbal Communication     64
Role of Communication in Health Care     67
Interaction between Provider and Client     67
Responsibilities of the Health Care Provider     69
Successful Intercultural Communication     69
Intercultural Communication Skills     70
Intercultural Counseling     73
Intercultural Nutrition Assessment     75
Intercultural Nutrition Education     77
Culturally Relevant Program Preparation     77
Implementation Strategies     79
Food and Religion     85
Western Religions     86
Judaism     86
Christianity     91
Islam     96
Eastern Religions     100
Hinduism     100
Buddhism      104
Native Americans     109
Cultural Perspective     109
History of Native Americans     109
Worldview     112
Traditional Food Habits     114
Ingredients and Common Foods     114
Meal Composition and Cycle     121
Role of Food in Native American Culture and Etiquette     122
Therapeutic Uses of Food     122
Contemporary Food Habits     123
Adaptation of Food Habits     123
Nutritional Status     126
Northern and Southern Europeans     139
Northern Europeans     139
Cultural Perspective     140
History of Northern Europeans in the United States     140
Worldview     142
Traditional Food Habits     144
Ingredients and Common Foods     144
Meal Composition and Cycle     150
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States     152
Adaptations of Food Habits     152
Nutritional Status     154
Southern Europeans     156
Cultural Perspective     156
History of Southern Europeans in the United States     156
Worldview     158
Traditional Food Habits     159
Ingredients and Common Foods     159
Meal Composition and Cycle     165
Therapeutic Uses of Food     167
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States     168
Adaptations of Food Habits     168
Nutritional Status     168
Central Europeans, People of the Former Soviet Union, and Scandinavians     173
Central Europeans and the People of the FSU     173
Cultural Perspective     174
History of Central Europeans and Russians in the United States     174
Worldview     178
Traditional Food Habits     182
Ingredients and Common Foods: Staples and Regional Variations     182
Meal Composition and Cycle     185
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States     190
Adaptations of Food Habits     190
Nutritional Status     191
Scandinavians     194
Cultural Perspective     194
History of Scandinavians in the United States     194
Worldview     195
Traditional Food Habits     195
Ingredients and Common Foods: Staples and Regional Variations     196
Meal Composition and Cycle     198
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States     199
Adaptations of Food Habits     199
Nutritional Status     199
Africans     205
Cultural Perspective     205
History of Africans in the United States     206
Worldview     209
Traditional Food Habits     211
Ingredients and Common Foods     211
Meal Composition and Cycle     218
Role of Food in African-American Society and Etiquette     220
Therapeutic Uses of Food     220
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States     221
Adaptations of Food Habits     221
Nutritional Status     222
Mexicans and Central Americans     235
Mexicans     235
Cultural Perspective     235
History of Mexicans in the United States     235
Worldview     237
Traditional Food Habits     240
Ingredients and Common Foods     240
Meal Composition and Cycle     247
Role of Food and Etiquette in Mexican Society     248
Therapeutic Uses of Food     249
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States     249
Adaptations of Food Habits     251
Nutritional Status     252
Central Americans     258
Cultural Perspective     258
History of Central Americans in the United States     258
Worldview     259
Traditional Food Habits     261
Ingredients and Common Foods     261
Meal Composition and Cycle     263
Etiquette     264
Therapeutic Uses of Foods     264
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States     265
Adaptations of Food Habits     265
Nutritional Status     265
Caribbean Islanders and South Americans     175
Caribbean Islanders     275
Cultural Perspective     275
History of Caribbean Islanders in the United States     275
Worldview     279
Traditional Food Habits     282
Ingredients and Common Foods     282
Meal Composition and Cycle     287
Therapeutic Uses of Food     290
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States     291
Adaptations of Food Habits     291
Nutritional Status     292
South Americans     296
Cultural Perspective     297
History of South Americans in the United States      297
Worldview     298
Traditional Food Habits     300
Ingredients and Common Foods     300
Meal Composition and Cycle     306
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States     307
Adaptations of Food Habits     307
Nutritional Status     307
East Asians     315
Chinese     315
Cultural Perspective     316
History of Chinese in the United States     316
Worldview     318
Traditional Food Habits     321
Ingredients and Common Foods     321
Meal Composition and Cycle     327
Therapeutic Uses of Food     329
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States     330
Adaptations of Food Habits     330
Nutritional Status     331
Japanese     334
Cultural Perspective     334
History of Japanese in the United States     334
Worldview     335
Traditional Food Habits     337
Ingredients and Common Foods     337
Meal Composition and Cycle     340
Therapeutic Uses of Food     342
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States      342
Adaptations of Food Habits     342
Nutritional Status     343
Koreans     345
Cultural Perspective     345
History of Koreans in the United States     345
Worldview     346
Traditional Food Habits     348
Ingredients and Common Foods     348
Meal Composition and Cycle     350
Therapeutic Uses of Food     351
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States     352
Adaptations of Food Habits     352
Nutritional Status     353
Southeast Asians and Pacific Islanders     361
Southeast Asians     361
Cultural Perspective     361
History of Southeast Asians in the United States     361
Worldview     365
Traditional Food Habits     371
Ingredients and Common Foods: Staples and Regional Variations     371
Meal Composition and Cycle     379
Therapeutic Uses of Food     381
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States     382
Adaptations of Food Habits     382
Nutritional Status     384
Pacific Islanders     390
Cultural Perspective     390
History of Pacific Islanders in the United States     390
Worldview     392
Traditional Food Habits     393
Ingredients and Common Foods: Staples     393
Meal Composition and Cycle     395
Role of Food     396
Therapeutic Uses of Foods     396
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States     397
Adaptations of Food Habits     397
Nutritional Status     397
People of the Balkans and the Middle East     407
Cultural Perspective     407
History of People of the Balkans and Middle East in the United States     408
Current Demographics and Socioeconomic Status     410
Worldview     412
Traditional Food Habits     417
Ingredients and Common Foods     417
Meal Composition and Cycle     425
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States     431
Adaptations of Food Habits     431
Nutritional Status     432
South Asians     441
Cultural Perspective     441
History of Asian Indians and Pakistanis in the United States     441
Worldview     444
Traditional Food Habits     447
Ingredients and Common Foods      447
Meal Composition and Cycle     454
Role of Food in Indian Society and Etiquette     457
Therapeutic Uses of Food     458
Contemporary Food Habits in the United States     460
Adaptations of Food Habits     460
Nutritional Status     461
Regional Americans     473
American Regional Food Habits     473
What Is Regional Fare?     473
Regional Divisions     475
The Northeast     475
Regional Profile     475
Traditional Fare     477
Health Concerns     484
The Midwest     484
Regional Profile     484
Traditional Fare     486
Health Concerns     492
The South     492
Regional Profile     492
Traditional Fare     495
Health Concerns     506
The West     508
Regional Profile     508
Traditional Fare     509
Health Concerns     518
Glossary of Ethnic Ingredients     523
Resources     535
Index     539

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