Food and Faith: Justice, joy and daily bread

Food and Faith: Justice, joy and daily bread



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ISBN-13: 9781889108902
Publisher: Living the Good News, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/28/2002
Pages: 296
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.04(h) x 0.81(d)

Table of Contents

Food as Sacramental11
A Celebration of Food
A Thing Shared21
Poor Food23
The Social Sense25
Introduction to Coming Home to Eat28
Your Health, the Western Diet and Politics
Introduction to Food Politics37
Healthy Heart, Healthy Life44
The Politics of Food Choice51
Spirituality and Food
The Interiority of Food63
Sacred Agriculture67
The Work at Hand70
The Enjoyment of God and Creation75
Christianity and Caring for the Land
God's Beloved Creation79
Biblical Views of Nature84
The Family Farm
Where Have All the Farmers Gone?89
There's Farming and Then There's Farming103
Family Farms106
Economics as if Creation Mattered: The Industrialization of Agriculture
Gross Domestic Product112
Introduction to Where Have All the Farmers Gone?119
French Fries123
The Idea of a Local Economy125
The Great Hunter-Gatherer Continuum136
The Pleasures of Eating142
Worker Rights, Animal Rights
On the Range149
The Most Dangerous Job157
Farm Factories163
Animals and People168
Swinger Goes to Town172
Genetically Modified Organisms
Experimenting with Life183
Worldview of Abundance185
Against the Grain: An Interview with Tewolde Egziabher192
GM Food Is the Best Option We Have199
Addressing Hunger--Political and Economic Perspectives
On the True Cause of World Hunger: An Interview with Anuradha Mittal207
Hunger Is a Political Condition216
Stories of Hope: Promising Directions
Taking Action: Voting with Forks221
Hungry for Change223
Houses of Worship Sing Praises of Coffee for a Cause227
Heart Benefits of Shade Grown Coffee229
What Is Community Supported Agriculture?232
Zen, Wheelbarrows233
Study Guide
How to Use This Material241
Course Overview244
1Celebrating Food and Community247
2Your Health, the Western Diet and Politics252
3Creation Theology and Food As Sacrament256
4Industrial Agriculture and the Family Farm262
5Global Markets to Backyard Gardens267
6The Voiceless272
7Genetically Modified Organisms--Addressing Hunger276
8Promising Directions281
Appendix AAbout Earth Ministry284
Appendix BOrganization and Resource Guide286

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