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FOOD AND MARKETS: Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food 2014

FOOD AND MARKETS: Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food 2014

by Mark McWilliams (Editor)


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Market rules connect both local farmers and cooks, whether in rural Ireland or downtown Los Angeles, and enable widespread distribution, whether through twelfth-century Mediterranean trade in dried pasta or the now global trade in fresh fish. No wonder people have worked so hard to save markets under threat – in Athens, in Dublin, in Nazareth – indeed, worldwide.

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ISBN-13: 9781909248441
Publisher: Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd
Publication date: 07/08/2015
Series: Oxford Symposium on Food
Pages: 408
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About the Author

This book is the collected papers from the Oxford Symposium on Food 2014. Edited by Mark McWilliams, it includes the following contributors:

Ballymaloe’s Darina Allen on farmer’s markets in Ireland
Mastering the art of Soviet cooking by Anya von Bremzen
Janet Beizer on royal table leftovers in eighteenth-century France
Garritt Van Dyk on the origins of champagne
Food and the Female Body by Mary Gray - paralells between the food market and the prostitution market in Fanny Hill
Gillian Riley on food from Southern Italy which jouneyed North to be painted by Dutch artists
Andrew Coe on the kosher poultry racket in early twentieth-century New York
Doug Duda on why markets grow while cooking crashes.
Dan Strehl on the Hollwood market at the famous Hollywood and Vine intersection.

Table of Contents

Mark McWilliams

Plenary Papers

(Re)creating the Irish Farmers Market
Darina Allen

The Emperor’s Plate: Marketing Leftovers in Nineteenth-Century Paris
Janet Beizer

Symposium Papers

Markets for Mercenaries: Supplying Armies in Sixteenth-Century Germany
Volker Bach

Are Free Markets Bad for Good Food?
Julian Baggini

The Merchants of Genoa and the Diffusion of Southern Italian Pasta
Culture in Europe
Anthony F. Buccini

Powerful Scent: The Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul
Nihal Bursa

From Nihonbashi to Tsukiji: The Early Years of the World’s Biggest Fish Market
Voltaire Cang

Blood and Sawdust: The Kosher Poultry Racket of New York
Andrew Coe

Maniva Ecochefs: Forging a New Link between Producers and
Consumers in an Organic Street Market in Rio de Janeiro
Daniel Coelho, Fátima Portilho and Maria Teresa Corção

Catalan Markets: Constructing National Cuisine and Space through
the Market Scene
Venetia Congdon

Markets Boom While Cooking Crashes!
Doug Duda

The Fishmongers of London’s Street Markets from the 1840s to the Present
Anastasia Edwards

The Market near Pottery Hill (Testaccio, Rome)
Maureen B. Fant

The Complete History of Food Markets, Abridged
Len Fisher and Janet Clarkson

Food and the Female Body: The Parallel between the Food Market
and the Prostitution Market in John Cleland’s Fanny Hill
Mary J. Gray

The Wroxeter Macellum: A Foodway in Every Sense
Christopher Grocock

Local, Super, Super-Local or Local-Super? The Market for Local Food
in Edinburgh
Andrew Guest

Twenty-First-Century Meat Markets
Peter Hertzmann

Al Ain Suq – An Enduring Culinary Asset
Phil Iddison

Commonalities and Convergences in World Street Market Food
Bruce Kraig and Colleen Taylor Sen

The Municipal Market of Athens and Stoa Athanàton (Immortals’ Alley):
A Brief Account of Its History, Past and Present
Aglaia Kremezi

Ethical Gastronomy: Organic Food, Markets and Marketing
Jane Levi
Feeding Dublin: The City Fruit and Vegetable Market
Samantha Martin-McAuliffe

‘Fresh’ Is Fraught: How Would You Define this Virtuous Word?
Renee Marton

Campo de’ Fiori in Rome and the Survival of the Outdoor Market
Elizabeth Minchilli

Flip Dog in the Shad House: Commercial Fisheries Markets and Tavern
Culture at Hadley Falls 1730–1880
Elyse Moore

‘From Nothing Came Something’: Wild Food and its Markets in
Industrializing England
Jeanette Neeson

The Fall and Rise of the Canadian Public Market
Lenore Newman

The Identity, Characteristics and Vending of Cucurbit Crops in
Israel of Roman Times
Harry S. Paris

Markets in Russia: Back to the Future
Anna Pavlovskaya

Markets, Gender, and Translation in Turn-of-the-Twentieth-Century
San Francisco and Southern Vietnam
Erica J. Peters

Going beyond Sights, Smells and Taste: Shared Responsibility for
Food Safety at Farmers Markets in the UK
Brigit Ramsingh and Carol A. Wallace

Buying or Selling?
Gillian Riley

The Pilgrimage to El Babour – A Functioning Mill in the Nazareth Market
Abbie Rosner

The Marketplace in Soviet and Post-Soviet Painting: Image Transformation
Irina Rutsinskaya and Galina Smirnova

Eating the Inedible: The Colonial Marketplace at the Exposition universelle of 1889
Kylie Sago

Degrees of Freshness: The Contemporary International Market
for Hyperfresh Seafood
Richard W. Shepro

The Hollywood Farmer’s Market: Gorgeous Produce, Beautiful People,
a Remarkable Business Plan
Dan Strehl

Markets Under Attack: Rioters and Regulators in Georgian England
David C. Sutton

Markets in Israel: Tradition and Transformations
Susan Weingarten

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