Food Fight: For Parents of Picky Eaters

Food Fight: For Parents of Picky Eaters

by Chef Gigi Gaggero


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Food Fight: For Parents of Picky Eaters

“Delicious!”—Chef Tony Spatafora, host of “Dish It Out!”

Take mealtimes back! Are you tired of questioning your own parenting techniques? Exhausted from being a short-order cook? Sick of feeding fast foods just to get your child to eat, and at your wit’s end over disruptive family dinners? Then Food Fight: For Parents of Picky Eaters is for you! While it’s easy to see picky eating as a phase, moderate-to-severe picky eating often coincides with serious issues like depression and anxiety that may later require intervention. Chef Gigi exposes the habits that inadvertently reinforce picky eating and helps parents navigate the challenging landscape by showing them the science behind flavor and awakening them to the culinary magic of umami—just like professional chefs have done for years! Included are both simple techniques and more advanced tactics for the battle ahead, as well as over 60 delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes the whole family will love.

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ISBN-13: 9781633936621
Publisher: Koehler Books
Publication date: 08/31/2018
Pages: 298
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.67(d)

About the Author

Chef Gigi is recognized nationally as an expert in culinary education. She specializes in children and families to help increase nutritional awareness and help take some of the stress out of being a busy-aware parent. Co-author of Learning with Little Lulu Lemon, a fun-filled activity book for kids from ages three to ten, Chef Gigi is not only a pioneer in children's culinary education, she is also the former academic director who authored and implemented the famed French culinary school Le Cordon Bleu's Hospitality and Restaurant Management course at the California Culinary Academy. Chef Gigi simultaneously founded Kids Culinary Adventures with her then six and eight-year-old daughters. KCA was a professional culinary school built by kids, for kids, inducting her as a pioneer in children's culinary education. Gigi has appeared in a variety of media outlets, including Radio Disney and local San Francisco Bay Area television broadcasts like NBC's The View from the Bay and CBS's Eye on the Bay. Today, Gigi continues to advocate healthy food and time-saving techniques through writing, public speaking, and coaching families to shop, prep, cook and eat better!

Table of Contents

Author’s note x

introduction xII

Chapter One | Why Are Some Children Picky Eaters? 1

Have I created a picky eater? 3

Will my child starve if I don’t insist he eats? 5

Will my child always be a picky eater? 6

Chapter Two


Food Fight Strategies for Children |

Ages 1-7 8

What happens when we lose the food fight? 15

Chapter Three |

Food Fight Strategies for Children |

Ages 7–10 17

Sample snack time suggestions 18

Chapter Four | Creating Good Eating Habits | Identifying

Food Intolerances 26

Make snacking simple and fun 28

Avoiding food traps 28

Identifying food intolerances 32

Common food intolerances 34

Chapter Five | Healthy Guidelines 35

Sample portions and menus 36

How to be successful with closed-ended choices 38

Chapter Six | Developing Positive Eating Habits Early 43

Chapter Seven | The Liquid Diet 47

Milk, the child’s staple 47

Milk vs. no milk 48

Chapter Eight | Making Mealtimes Fun 52

Interactive ways to change mealtime from

frantic to fun 53

Chapter Nine | The Advanced Battle | Eliciting Science 65

The “umami” home pantry 67

Chapter Ten |

New Foods and Children with

Special Needs 72

Ten steps to introducing new foods 75

Chapter Eleven | New Beginnings | A Healthier Lifestyle 77

Help! What to do if . . . 79

Chapter Twelve | Battle Breakfast 82

Let’s review 87

Chapter Thirteen | Breakfast Recipes 90

Chapter Fourteen | Battle Snack Time | Snack Recipes 153

Chapter Fifteen | Battle Lunch 170

Making this mealtime stress free 171

The Brown Bag Alternative 172

Bento basics 173

Chapter Sixteen | Lunch Recipes 179

Chapter Seventeen | Battle Dinner | Dinner Recipes 195

Chapter eighteen | Alternative Dessert 273

A Final Word 280

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